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After Suffering from Meningioma for Several Years, Rokhila Ravshanova from Uzbekistan Finds Relief in India

32-year-old Rokhila Ravshanova from Uzbekistan has been dependent on medications for the past few years. But she along with her family wanted to have a once and for all solution to the endless episodes of seizures, disorientation and imbalance that she suffered from due to meningioma. Here, Rokhila’s sister, Aziza shares the story of their medical trip to India:


Rokhila Ravshanova with her mother


Did Rokhila undergo any treatment before coming to India?

She did not undergo any treatment. Doctors back in Uzbekistan could not provide her with any surgical treatment for the meningioma tumor that she suffered from. She was mostly under medication. But her condition required immediate medical attention and therefore we started looking for further options.


When did you decide to come to India for Rokhila’s treatment?

We consulted a few organizations. Everyone provided us with information about the several brain surgery procedures that are available for a meningioma treatment but somehow I could not rely on them. I came across Vaidam Health at the same time. I was contacted by Dr. Amarroop soon after. She was polite and amiable who not only provided me with all the information and the correct cost of the treatment but also assured me that we don’t have to worry about anything. This was something that I found to be very comforting. After speaking to the doctor, I decided to take Rokhila to India.


What treatment did she undergo here?

The meningioma tumor was removed by a minimally invasive craniotomy surgery by Dr. Arun Saroha at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon.


How has the improvement been since the surgery?   

There has been a stable improvement after the surgery. Due to lack of balance she used to fall down often. But it was like a miracle that post surgery, she could walk without faltering at all. Dr. Saroha even told me that the other symptoms that she suffers from will fade away steadily in time.


Rokhila Ravshanova from Uzbekistan


How has your medical trip been till now?

It’s been a wonderful experience. I am very impressed with the diagnosis and treatment provided by Dr. Saroha, the hospital, its management and administration. I remember how all the doctors and nurses gathered to help Rokhila when she fell down on her way to the X-ray room once. It was as if there is a sudden emergency. Immediately other physical tests were performed to see whether she was doing fine. Everything in the hospital was very organized. The hospital staff and the doctors are always alert and responsible. I really liked it.


Was your travel from Uzbekistan to India comfortable?

There was no problem during the flight. But I had to take a special permission from our government so that my sister is allowed to travel to India for her treatment. Apart from that Vaidam’s case manager guided me throughout in visa application and everything else went smoothly.


Did you like the assistance you got from Vaidam?

Vaidam is a very reliable company who has provided us with all the correct information about brain surgery in India and its cost. My case manager even organized a call with Dr. Saroha. We were thoroughly guided in the application of e-tourist visa. Even after arriving in India for my sister's treatment, we were always supported and guided by the team. It has been a very pleasant experience altogether.


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