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  • Chonbuk National University Hospital

    Jeonju , South Korea Established in : 1909 Number of Beds : 1150 Multi Specialty, About Chonbuk National University Hospital
    • Chonbuk National University Hospital (CBNU) is a reputed national multi-specialty hospital in the Jeollabuk-do region, South Korea which was founded in 1909 by the government of South Korea. 
    • The hospital delivers specialised and sophisticated treatment options, undertakes creative research and engages in innovative social responsibilities. The hospital has specialised centers for clinical research, geriatrics, cancer, respiratory diseases and pediatrics. 
    • CBNU has over 1,000 beds overall and has the reputation of treating 9,00,000 outpatients and 3,60,000 inpatients and performing 17,000 surgeries. The hospital has a well-trained staff of over 2,000 medical professionals.   
    • CBNU's Biobank is a depository of various types of human bioresources, mostly pertaining to cancer and non-tumourous diseases. Begining 2013, various bioresources have been collected in pairs for conditions such as lung cancer, gastric and colorectal. With this, it aims to further the advancement of biomedical research and discovering human disease by developing new diagnostic and treatment method. 
    • The hospital has successfully conducted 500 organ transplant surgeries of the cornea, kidney and liver.
    • The hospital offers comfortable stay to patients and their relatives. The hospital rooms are spacious and have modern decor.
    • It ranked first in the proper use of antibiotics post-surgery, managing brain-dead patients and in hemodialysis evaluation. 
    • In 2004, CBNU opened its first Advanced Digital Hospital, followed by a PET center in 2005 and a Gamma Knife center and Thyroid clinic in 2006. 
    • The hospital has always focused on being able to treat all patients irrespective of their socio-economic status. 
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  • Gachon University – Gil Medical Center

    Incheon , South Korea Established in : 1958 Number of Beds : 1600 Multi Specialty, About Gachon University – Gil Medical Center
    • Gachon University – Gil Medical Center is a leading 1,600-bed multi-speciality, tertiary-care hospital founded in 1958, initially as a gynecological clinic. 
    • Ever since it was founded, the hospital has added various new-age treatments along with highly sophisticated equipment to offer world-class service to its patients. The hospital has also set up research institutes and implemented ERP and SMS-based appointment services. 
    • It is recognised as the first hospital to focus on scientific research and to have the first air ambulance.
    • The hospital holds the distinction of introducing ''Navio', Korea's first artificial joint robotic surgery system. 
    • In 2016, Gil Medical Center started an AI-based cancer hospital. 
    • In 2014, it ranked among Korea's Top 10 research-focused hospitals. The center is leading research in developing new drugs for metabolic diseases and  new brain imaging devices. 
    • Some of its specialties out of the 33 medical departments are cancer care, cardiology, cerebral center, ophthalmology and otolaryngology, emergency treatment, specialised women's center and dental center. There are also departments for obstetrics and gynecology, family medicine, pediatric cardiology, psychiatry and gastroenterology. 
    • The hospital has +500 expert medical professionals and +1,100 medical staff. Together with modern methods of diagnosis and expert medical staff, the hospital has treated +30,000 outpatients and +2,000 inpatients. 
    • It also has an International Healthcare Center to treat overseas patients. The center provides help with getting visa, pick-up from airport and accommodation. The center has interpreters for Russain, Mongolian, English and Chinese languages.
    • The hospital is also geared to offer 'telemedicine' for immediate medical assistance. 
    • The hospital has modern and comfortable wards for its patients. 






    • JCI Accrediation
  • Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Seoul

    Seoul , South Korea Established in : 1968 Number of Beds : Multi Specialty, About Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Seoul
    • The Kangbuk Samsung Hospital was established in 1968 then known as Koryo Hospital, in Gyeonggyojang, a historical site in Seoul with a vision to improve public health through medical research and public health projects. Since then it has been progressively developing its research and technologies to maintain its vision. 
    • It is a multispeciality hospital specialising in 32 departments.
    • The hospital is known for its focus on patient-centered treatment. In fact, it was awarded the Patient Satisfaction No.1 hospital in 1994 in a hospital survey by the press. 
    • The Kangbuk Samsung Hospital or KBSMC was selected by HIRAS (Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service) in 2012 as the best operational hospital for three kinds of cancer; namely, stomach cancer, colon cancer, and liver cancer. It had the lowest death rate of patients within a 30-day window after the operation. 
    • It is also top-rated in 11 areas of the Treatment Propriety Index, the best in the country, by the Ministry of Health & Welfare and HIRAS.
    • In 2014, KBSMC was chosen as the best diabetes mellitus treatment Centre by the Medical Korea Awards and took 1st place in healthcare centre brand value in the Korea Brand Star for four consecutive years. 
    • In collaboration with Samsung Electronics in 2011, KBSMC has one of the most advanced IT technologies having equipped the medical teams with Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Galaxy Notes in order to communicate and understand patients so as to take a well informed and accurate decision for treatment of patients.
    • KBSMC has created 5 Specialised centres to resolve, treat, and prevent medical diseases with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies. They are - Diabetes and Vascular Centre, Breast and Thyroid Cancer Centre, Gastrointestinal Cancer Centre, Total Health Care Centre, and Natural Birthing Centre.
    • It is furnished with the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), MDCT (Multi-Detector Computed Tomography) and PET-CT (Position Emission Tomography-Computerized Tomography).
    • It is the only Korean hospital that has a contract with the John Hopkins University Hospital, USA, to establish a joint research project since 2009. Moreover, it also established agreements with Banting and Best Diabetes Centre in Canada on diabetes, and with Kuma Hospital in Japan on thyroid cancer.
    • The Hospital extends its kindness by carrying out activities for local residents and in disaster-struck villages or where there are no doctors. It also conducts medical activities outside of Korea every year. 
  • Kosin University – Gospel Hospital

    Busan , South Korea Established in : 1951 Number of Beds : 1000 Super Specialty, About Kosin University – Gospel Hospital
    • Kosin University – Gospel Hospital (KUGH) is a super-specialty tertiary hospital established in 1951 for war-ravaged impoverished civilians with a rich legacy of 65 years. 
    • The hospital has 40 departments and 15 special centers and clinics offering treatments for multiple advanced medical conditions. 
    • Kosin University – Gospel Hospital's infrastructure comprises around 1,000 beds and a highly experienced staff of 1,600 professionals including 250 medical professors. 
    • Some of its latest medical equipments include Oncothermia, PET-CT, X-Knife, 3.0T MRI and Computed Tomography (CT).  
    • The hospital's International Health Center including Health Promotion Center is dedicated towards providing personalised medical care for foreigners. The center especially caters to patients speaking English, Russian and Mongolian. The center has inpatient and outpatient departments. 
    • The hospital also runs a Health Promotion Center to give systematic health management treatments and services. 
    • The hospital offers a comfortable and pleasant stay to all its patients.
  • The Catholic University Of Korea – Incheon St. Marys Hospital

    Incheon , South Korea Established in : 1955 Number of Beds : 846 Multi Specialty, About The Catholic University Of Korea – Incheon St. Marys Hospital
    • Established in June 1955, the Catholic University's Incheon St. Mary's Hospital has progressively evolved and expanded from humble beginnings to an award winning, high grade ranking, and recognised hospital in Korea. 
    • The Hospital is a multispeciality institution consisting of 37 Medical departments, 20 Professional Centres, 16 Clinics, and a Brain Hospital.
    • As an institution certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, it is the first hospital in Korea specialising in brain diseases. It strives to continue its excellence in cerebrovascular treatments research and experiences.
    • It obtained the highest grande ranking as an emergency medical center certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
    • The Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRAS) has awarded the Hospital the prestigious Grade 1 ranking in several categories - gastric cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer adequacy evaluation; acute stroke adequacy evaluation; acute myocardial infarction adequacy evaluation; pneumonia adequacy evaluation; Hemodialysis adequacy evaluation; Coronary artery bypass graft adequacy evaluation; adequacy evaluation of the use of antibiotics to prevent surgery; and dequacy evaluation of the use of antibiotics to prevent surgery.
    • It is an accredited institution certified for cardiovascular intervention  and cerebrovascular surgery by the Korean Cardiology Association and Korean Stroke Society respectively.
    • Moreover, it was awarded the Global Medical Service Grand Prize in the Brain and Neurology Center at National University Hospital for 3 consecutive years.
    • Incheon St. Mary's Hospital is equiped with the latest medical technologies. It has the Meridian Linac, which is the world's first airtificial intelligence cancer treatment device for the first time in Korea. It also has the 640 MDCT, 4th generation robotic surgical Da Vinci System, and Linac, an advanced radiation cancer treatment equipment, PET-CT, Novalis, and the Premium 3T MRI Magnetom Skyra for the first time in Korea. 
  • The Ajou University Hospital, Suwon-si

    Suwon-si , South Korea Established in : 1994 Number of Beds : 1185 Multi Specialty, About The Ajou University Hospital, Suwon-si
    • The Ajou University Hospital was opened in September 1994, dedicated to providing the best medical treatment with sophisticated and modern medical and surgical technologies. 
    • It is a multispeciality hospital consisting of medical centres that are specialised by disease types such as 10 Cancer Centres focusing on different organs, a Cardiovascular Centre, a Comprehensive Care Centre for Osteoarthritis, a Centre for Torticollis, a Children’s Growth & Obesity Centre, an Integrative Care Centre, a GammaKnife Centre, an Organ Transplant Centre, the Ajou Sports Medicine Centre, the Ajou Hearing Centre to mention a few. There are 21 such medical centres. In addition to this, there are 41 Clinical departments and 3 Specialised Clinics, namely, Genetics Clinic, Pain Clinic, and Child Psychiatry Clinic.
    • In the field of Cancer surgery, it was ranked first in the evaluation of medical treatment of stomach cancer, large intestine cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer from the Review & Assessment Service of the National Health Insurance Corporation.
    • It is equipped with the latest innovative medical equipment like the Rapid Arc, the first cancer treatment in Asia, the da Vinci surgical robot, PET-CT, 3.0T MRI, 256Slices CT, SPECT PET, and various Angiography machines. 
    • Additionally, it has MRI units, CT Scans, PET-CT, Robotic Surgical System, Gamma Knife System, Hyperthermia Therapy System, and Digital Cardiac Angiography to mention a few.
    • The Hospital has an International Healthcare Centre specifically for international patients at the Wellbeing centre to provide quality care and treatment. 
    • It received the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation three times since 2011 revalidating its quality and standard of practice.
    • The Ministry of Health and Welfare, South Korea has recognised the Anjou University Hospital as a research-driven hospital in strengthening its infrastructure through business, science, research, and hospital.
    • The Ajou University Hospital is the representative medical centre in the Gyeonggi Province of South Korea. It has an air ambulance in operation since October 2019.
    • It is known as the "mecca" of treatment for serious trauma patients. In fact, it is designated as the South Centre for trauma. 
    • It partners with the U.S. Military Medical Group and overseas hospitals and medical travel agencies to deliver the best medico-surgical care at an international standard.
    • JCI Accrediation
  • Bright Eye Clinic (former BGN Eye Clinic)

    Seoul , South Korea Established in : 1997 Number of Beds : Single Specialty, About Bright Eye Clinic (former BGN Eye Clinic)
    • Bright Eye Clinic, located in Kyobo Tower, is a landmark building in Gangnam.
    • The clinic is equipped with the largest medical examination and surgical facilities in Korea.
    • The clinic is a leading facility in South Korea for cataract surgery, laser vision correction (LASIK, LASEK, SMILE), and ICL implantation.
    • After introducing VisuMax (the first SMILE Lasik equipment in Asia) in 2009, the clinic achieved 100,000 SMILE LASIK cases in 2022 and has been recognized for its leading technology and medical system worldwide. 
    • Based on 400,000 cases in all vision correction fields, including SMILE LASIK, Lens Implantation, and Cataracts, their technology is recognized by world-class ophthalmology associations.
    • Patients from over 40 countries visited Bright Eye Clinic to improve their eyesight.
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  • Chung-Ang University Hospital, Seoul

    Seoul , South Korea Established in : 1968 Number of Beds : 807 Multi Specialty, About Chung-Ang University Hospital, Seoul
    • Chung-Ang University Hospital was established in 1968, formerly known as Sungshim Hospital that was located in Pil-dong. In 2004, it moved to Heukseok-dong. Over the years since its inception, the Hospital has expanded and consolidated enormously in different fields of expertise and finally ushering in a new paradigm for the Korean medical field by setting a new model for medical treatment, industrializing the biomedical field through convergence research, training global leaders, and creating a center of excellence. 
    • It is a multispeciality hospital with 31 clinical departments and 5 Specialised Centres.
    • In 2019, it accomplished Korea's first successful 3D-printed sternum bone implants and replacements.
    • It was ranked no.1 in overall "Patient Evaluation of Medical Service Experience" surveyed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRAS).
    • In 2016, the Hospital was consecutively selected as the "Excellent Medical Tourism Institution" by the Ministry of Justice.
    • It received "the Best International Healthcare Team Award" in the 2015 Medical Korea Awards.
    • Moreover, "The Prime Minister's Award" was given to the Hospital in 2015 during the Medical Korea Global Health Care Merit Awards Ceremony.
    • The "Best Institution in the Medical Tourism Business" and the "Grand Prize of Customer Satisfaction Excellence" by Korea Health Industry Awards were handed to the same.
    • In 2013, it received the Top Emergency Medical Center for 7 consecutive years.
    • The Hospital has many types of cutting-edge equipment like the Da Vinci Surgical Systems Si, Brillance iCT, PET-CT, LINAC etc to accomplish its mission to contributing "wellness and happiness of humanity through our creative healthcare, research, and education."
    • Since Fall 2011, the Hospital has been providing international medical services. In 2014, it formally established an International Health Centre to provide personal and customised treatments for foreign patients. 
  • Chonnam National University Hospital

    Gwangju , South Korea Established in : 1910 Number of Beds : 1085 Multi Specialty, About Chonnam National University Hospital
    • The Chonnam National University Hospital (CNUH) started in 1910 as Jahye Clinic with just 10 employees. After 110 years, it has grown into the largest multi-hospital system having 3000 employees. It has also gained respect as Koreas's top tier general hospital and a global hospital.
    • Being a multispeciality hospital, it has 38 clinical departments and 7 Specialised Centres.
    • CNUH opened a clinic for international patients in 1998. Over the years, with an increase in foreign patients, the clinic gradually expanded to become an International Medical Centre which was created in 2014. It aims to increase convenience and efficacy of service to meet the growing needs of international patients. The International Medical Centre is located in the Children's Hospital on the 1st Floor.
    • In 2017, CNUH is designated as the best hospital for colorectal cancer surgery for 5 consecutive years. In the same year, it was designated as an excellent emergency medical service hospital and an excellent hospital for gastric cancer for 2 consecutive years. It also received the first-rate in the assessment of appropriateness of hemodialysis. Moreover, the Regional Cardio-cerebrovascular Center was designated as the best institution
    • In 2016, CNUH was designated as the first-rate hospital in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft.
    • In 2015, CNUH was designated as the first-rate among 316 hospitals nationwide. It was also designated as the first-rate hospital in the assessment of appropriate treatment of the acute stroke by HIRA for 5 consecutive times. By the end of the year, it received the first-rate for 4 consecutive years in the assessment of appropriate use of antibiotics when acute otitis media occurs in infants and children.
    • CNUH Trauma Center is entitled as Regional Trauma Center in 2013. In fact, in 2010, it was selected as a severe trauma centre by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
    • CNUH has cutting-edge technologies and equipment.
    • To enhance its research studies, CNUH has agreements with many universities in Europe, America, and Asia.
    • It also provides volunteer medical services to countries like Uzbekistan and Malaysia to mention a few.
  • Inha University Hospital

    Incheon , South Korea Established in : 1996 Number of Beds : 906 Multi Specialty, About Inha University Hospital
    • The Inha University Hospital was opened in May 1996, the first university hospital in the greater Incheon area. Being ideally located close to the international airport, sea-port, and teleport, it aims to become the greatest medical port of Northeast Asia.
    • It is a multispeciality hospital with 36 Clinical departments and 19 Specialised Centres including cancer. It also has a Health Promotion Centre specialising in an overall health check-up.
    • The Clinical departments include Allergic Medicine, Cardiology, Clinical Pathology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Gastroenterology, Infection Medicine, Nephrology, Neurosurgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Nuclear Medicine, Opthalmology, ENT, Orthopaedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation Medicine, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, and Urology to mention a few.
    • It has an International Healthcare Centre, an outpatient clinic since 2009. It provides medical services to foreign nationals and Koreas going abroad. The Centre has medical doctors, a registered nurse, and six coordinators who are fluent in English, Russian, and Chinese.
    • The Hospital operates the Incheon International Airport Medical Centre at Terminal 1 and 2. The Centres have received appreciation awards from China and Thailand Embassies.
    • It is equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art medical instruments and technologies.
    • The Hospital was selected as the official hospital for the 2002 World Cup.
    • In 2005, it was certified as the best health promotion centre.
    • In 2008, it was awarded as an outstanding hospital in attracting international patient by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea. In the same year, it acquired the ISO 9001 Quality management system certificate in Health screening. Moreover, it was selected as the National Clinical Trial Research Centre.
    • In 2009, it received a JCI accreditation for their quality services and ensuring safety of patients. It was also designated as the Medical Equipment Clinical Trial Centre by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family.
    • In 2017, it was selected as the best medical device safety information monitoring centre. It was given the 1st grade of coronary artery bypass surgery adequacy evaluation. The Hospital is also ranked highly on the treatment of 4 major cancers (stomach cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer).
    • It received 1st grade for 3 consecutive years for evaluation of COPD adequacy in 2018. Not only this, it also received 1st place in the National Emergency Medical Institution evaluation. It was given the Best KALS TS Award from the Korean Association of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

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