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Best Doctors in South Korea

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  • Prof. Se Hwi Ki

    Cosmetic Surgeon, Incheon, South Korea

    Professor, 25 years of experience , , , Inha University Hospital  Highlights
    • Prof. Se Hwi Ki is a leading surgeon with +25 years of experience as a Cosmetic Surgeon and specialising in breast reconstruction and skin-related procedures.
    • Prof. Ki graduated from Chonbuk National University in 1991 and in 1999 completed his Master's from Chungang University. He then did his MD in 2008.
    • Prof. Ki is a leading cosmetic surgeon of breast reconstruction procedures, skin graft and skin cancer.

    Breast reconstruction Skin cancer Skin graft
  • Uhn Lee

    Neurosurgeon, Namdong-gu, South Korea

    Director, 35 years of experience , , Gachon University – Gil Medical Center  Highlights
    • Uhn Lee is a highly experienced Neurosurgeon with +35 years of experience in surgically treating Parkinson's, headache, epilepsy and tremor. 
    • Over his years of practice, Prof. Lee has held professional memberships of several Korean medical societies. Presently, he is the Special Director, Korean Neurosurgery Society for the Elderly and a member of the Korean Society for Degenerative Neurological Diseases. He is also the President of the Korean Neuromodulation Association. 
    • During 1974-80, he obtained his graduation degree in medicine from the Department of Medicine, Hanyang University College of Medicine. From 1981-87, he did his postgraduation and MD from Hanyang University Graduate School of Medicine. 
    • Between 1995-96, he underwent training at the Montreal Neuropathy Center affiliated with McGill University in Canada.
    • Lee possesses expertise in surgically treating Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, headache and tremor. 
    • He has written in-depth articles for reputed journals.

    Parkinson's disease Headache Tremor
  • Prof. Park Kwi Won

    General Surgeon, Seoul, South Korea

    Professor, 40 years of experience , , , Chung-Ang University Hospital, Seoul  Highlights
    • Prof. Park Kwi Won is a senior and highly experienced General Surgeon with +40 years of experience in pediatric surgery.
    • Prof. Won holds professional memberships of the Korean Surgical Society, the Korean Society of Coloproctology, the Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons, the Asian Association of Pediatric Surgeons and the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons. 
    • She is an MD degree (1972) holder from the Seoul National University College of Medicine and an MS degree (1975) holder from the Graduate School Seoul National University. She also did her Ph.D from the same university in 1978. 
    • She also undertook advanced training and a fellowship at the Seoul National University Hospital between 1972-80.
    • Prof. Won has been conferred several awards for her contribution to the field of pediatric surgery.
    • She is an expert pediatric surgeon, specialising in neo-natal surgeries of the congenital anomalies of the GI tract and pediatric tumour surgery. 
    • She has co-authored few papers for reputed journals. 

    Pediatric tumour surgery Pediatric surgery
  • Prof. Yang Jung-Hyun

    General Surgeon, Seoul, South Korea

    Professor, 45 years of experience , , , Konkuk University Medical Centre  Highlights
    • Prof. Yang Jung-Hyun is a highly experienced and senior General surgeon with +45 years of practice in performing surgical procedures of breast and thyroid.
    • Prof. Jung-Hyun is an illustrious figure in the medical field and he has held top positions with leading hospitals during his four decades of practice.
    • He has few awards to his credit. 
    • He is a graduate, PG and MD degree holder from the Seoul National University Graduate School of Medicine.    
    • Prof. Jung-Hyun is a leading surgeon for breast and thyroid-related diseases and disorders. 
    • Prof. Jung-Hyun has co-authored well-researched scholarly articles to several medical journals. 

    Thyroid cancer Thyroidectomy
  • Prof. Seun Ik Ahn

    General Surgeon, Incheon, South Korea

    Professor, 30 years of experience , , , Inha University Hospital  Highlights
    • Prof. Seun Ik Ahn is a leading General Surgeon with +30 years of practice in performing hepato-biliary surgery.
    • Prof. Ahn graduated from the  Seoul National University in 1983, followed by a Master's degree in 1987 and MD in 1993.
    • He briefly worked as a Visiting Professor with the Pittsburgh University in 2009. 
    • Prof. Ahn is a reputed medical professional of hepato-biliary surgery. 
    • He has co-authored several research papers for medical journals on various aspects of the surgical techniques.  

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  • Prof.Myung Koo Kim

    Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Incheon, South Korea

    Knee Surgery Professor, 30 years of experience , , , Inha University Hospital  Highlights
    • Prof.Myung Koo Kim is a highly experienced and reputed Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon with an extensive career span of +30 years.
    • Prof. Kim is a graduate of Yonsei University (1981). He then did his postgraduation in 1994 from Hallym University and MD from Korea University in 1996.
    • Prof. Kim is a specialist of knee joint surgeries, ACL reconstruction and treating osteoarthritis. 
    • For a year between 1999-00, he worked as a clinical instructor at the University Pittsburg Medical Center for Sports Medicine.
    • Prof. Kim, along with fellow orthopedics has authored well-researched and scholarly articles for reputed journals. 

    ACL reconstruction Knee Arthroplasty
  • Prof. Joon Soon Kang

    Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Incheon, South Korea

    Hip Surgery Professor, 30 years of experience , , , Inha University Hospital  Highlights
    • Prof. Joon Soon Kang is a leading and highly experienced Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon with +30 years of practice in the field.
    • After graduating in 1983 from Yonsei University, Prof. Kang then did his postgraduation in 1986 and MD in 1994 from the same university.
    • Prof. Kang is an expert at hip joint arthroplasty. 
    • His contributions to medical journals elucidate analysis and findings of his studies and experiences during his practice.

    Hip joint Fractures Revision of hip arthroplasty
  • Prof. Gun Hwang

    Cosmetic Surgeon, Incheon, South Korea

    Professor, 33 years of experience , , , Inha University Hospital  Highlights
    • Prof. Gun Hwang is a leading Cosmetic Surgeon with an extensive experience of +33 years in the field.
    • Prof. Hwang is a graduate (1983), PG (1989) and MD (1992) degree holder from Seoul National University.
    • He has served as a Visiting Scholar at the Oregon Health Science University between 1997-98.
    • Prof. Hwang is a specialist at treating facial fractures surgically. 

    Facial fractures Fractures of the nose, cheekbones, upper and lower jaws.
  • Prof. Jung Taek Kim

    Cardiac Surgeon, Incheon, South Korea

    Professor, 30 years of experience , , , Inha University Hospital  Highlights
    • Prof. Jung Taek Kim is a leading Cardiac Surgeon with a career spanning +30 years in the field. 
    • Prof. Kim is a professional member of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Network.
    • After completing his graduation from Yonsei University in 1986, Prof. Kim completed his Master's in 1993 and then acquired an MD degree in 1997.
    • He spent a year between 2000-01 at the UBC Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as a Clinic Fellow.
    • Prof. Kim is an expert at performing adult heart surgeries and treating general thoracic diseases.
    • He has co-authored several research papers on his research and findings of cases during his practice.

    General thoracic disease
  • Prof. Park Seung Won

    Spine Surgeon, Seoul, South Korea

    Professor, 31 years of experience , , , Chung-Ang University Hospital, Seoul  Highlights
    • Prof. Park Seung Won is a reputed and highly experienced Spine Surgeon with a practice of +30 years in the field. 
    • He has professional memberships of neurosurgical societies such as, Korean Neurosurgical Society and the Korean Medical Association. He is the  Chief of Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Research Society, is the Executive Committee of the Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Society, Executive Committee of the Korean Neurotraumatology Society, 
    • the Executive Committee of the Korean Pain Society and is on the Review Board for Journal of Korean Neurosurgical Society.
    • Prof. Won, after completing his medical school in 1988 from Chung-Ang University, School of Medicine, did his PG in 1991 from Chung-Ang University, Graduate School and Ph.D in 1998.
    • Between 1996-06, he undertook extensive research as a Fellow and Clinical Instructor at various hospitals in Seoul. Between 2004-06, he worked as Visiting Professor at UW-Madison, USA. Here he undertook research for adult neural stem cell and neuroregeneration. 
    • Prof. Won is a specialised neurosurgeon at performing surgeries for degenerative spinal disorder, spine deformity, spine fracture and spine tumor.
    • He has co-authored several research papers for national and international research papers.

    Spinal deformity Spinal surgery Minimally-invasive spine surgery

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Best Doctors in South Korea


Why is South Korea a popular destination for treatments and surgical procedures in the world?

South Korea is known for its best treatment in the world. People go from all over the world to visit South Korea. Plastic surgery is one of the most sought-after procedures among the numerous therapies. South Korea is home to some of the best cardiology hospitals in South Korea, ensuring that you not only receive the best treatment, but also the best rehabilitation.

Foreign patients go to South Korea because of the variety of therapies available at a moderate cost with excellent results. All of this was accomplished thanks to the combined efforts of doctors and hospital packages.


What is the climate like in South Korea throughout the year?

In Seoul, South Korea, the climate and average weather are the same all year. Summers in Seoul are lengthy, hot, humid, rainy, and partially overcast, while winters are short, cold, snowy, and largely clear. The temperature normally ranges from 21°F to 85°F throughout the year, with temperatures rarely falling below 11°F or rising over 91°F.


Top Best General Surgery hospitals in South Korea

Chonbuk National University Hospital, Gachon University – Gil Medical Center,  Konkuk University Medical Centre, Inje University – Haeundae Paik Hospital are Some of the best general Surgery hospitals in South Korea.


Why should you seek advice from Vaidam Health?

Vaidam Health is an ISO-certified medical travel assistant company that provides you with the best medical tour package options (based on your ailment) so you don't have to worry about your treatment while in South Korea. We can recommend doctors and hospitals, as well as nearby hotel choices. There are physicians' quotes and medical visa assistance offered. You may also use our new cost calculator to get a better sense of how much your medical vacation will cost.

Our patient manager oversees your medical expenses and accompanies you to the hospital. We handle everything for you, from picking you up and dropping you off to showing you around the city's tourist and retail attractions.


Learn more about Best Hospitals in South Korea


Our Knowledge Center section has further information about the Best Hospitals in South Korea. For more information about the finest hospitals and physicians in South Korea, see our website's Doctors and Hospitals sections.

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