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A Comprehensive Overview of Polypectomy Surgery in India


Polypectomy is a minimally invasive surgery that is used for extracting polyps. Polyps are a common condition that most people suffer from without even knowing. Around 20-30% of people in the USA suffer from colon polyps. 

The procedure is typically conducted using an endoscope which is a narrow and flexible tube with a camera and light attached to it. The endoscope helps the surgeon visualize the polyps and perform the removal without the need for open surgery. This approach minimizes patient discomfort, promotes quicker recovery, and reduces the risk of complications.

Polypectomy surgeries are commonly performed in India, which has a well-developed healthcare system and outstanding medical facilities. India is home to numerous hospitals and medical centers equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by skilled healthcare professionals. These hospitals and clinics offer a wide range of medical procedures, including polypectomies, with a focus on providing quality care to patients.

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What is Polypectomy Surgery?

A polypectomy is a surgical method of removing polyps from body organs. A polyp is a growth on the inside of the organ that can be cancerous or noncancerous. However, only 1-5% of uterine polyps are cancerous. They can also be precancerous, i.e., they can turn into cancer in the future.

Polypectomy is a relatively safe, fast, and painless procedure carried out using a minimally invasive technique. The surgery is usually performed using biopsy forceps, but a snare is used for large polyps with a diameter of up to two cm. 


Why Do You Need Polypectomy?

A polypectomy is generally performed to remove polyps that are causing symptoms, appearing to be cancerous or precancerous, and are required to be examined in the lab. The surgery is also used as a preventive method.    

Common organs where polyps can develop include the colon, uterus, stomach, gallbladder, and nose. Colon and uterine polypectomies are the most frequently performed surgeries. In India, the prevalence of colon polyps is 10%, and approximately 4% are adenocarcinomas. 

What are the Steps Involved in Polypectomy?

Before undergoing a polypectomy surgery, it is essential to consult with a gastroenterologist or colorectal surgeon. They will evaluate your condition, recommend the most suitable treatment plan, and guide you through the process, including pre-operative preparations, the surgery itself, and postoperative care. Your healthcare provider will ensure you receive personalized care tailored to your specific needs, maximizing the chances of a successful outcome.

  • Preparation for Surgery: Polypectomy is a minor surgery requiring no special preparation. However, if you are having the surgery with a colonoscopy, you'll be given a bowel prep formula that helps clear the bowels. You might also be given a special diet, and the usual time for preparation is up to 24 hours. Some pain medicines and anesthesia are also given before the surgery.
  • During the Surgery: Polypectomy is an endoscopic procedure. The surgeon passes the endoscope through body openings like the anus, cervix, or throat to reach the correct organ. The images are taken by the camera attached to the endoscope, and the surgeon uses these images to get to the polyp. Small instruments like forceps and snare are also inserted along the endoscope to extract the polyp. The wound is then sealed with the help of an electrocautery device that also prevents the bleeding. 
  • Post-Surgery: You may be required to wait in the hospital for a few hours to wear off the anesthesia. Bring someone along with you for the procedure, as it is not advised to drive right after the surgery. It is recommended to be gentle on the digestive tract for a few days and follow a healthy diet. The polyps are sent to diagnostic labs to check if they are benign or cancerous. 


Recovery from Polypectomy Surgery

Recovery from polypectomy is quick, and the patients are allowed to resume their daily activities within a day or two. Pain medicines are prescribed for a few days. If you had polyps removed from the colon or uterus, you might observe blood in the stool or urine, which is nothing to worry about. However, consult your surgeon soon if you observe heavy or persistent bleeding.  

How Much Does Polypectomy Surgery Cost in India?

The cost of polypectomy is relatively less in India compared to other developed nations. On average, the surgery can cost anywhere between INR 25,000 to INR 90,000. The pricing is usually about USD 400 to USD 1100 for international patients.

These are tentative prices, and the surgery cost depends upon various factors like the hospital chosen, room opted, surgeon's fees, size and number of polyps, and complications arising during or after surgery.

What is Included in the Cost of Polypectomy Surgery?

India offers affordable medical treatment for various diseases. A significant reason for the cost-effective procedures is the easy availability of skilled physicians and the low cost of living in the country. Hospitals offer complete medical packages for different surgeries that include various expenses incurred during the treatment. The price of polypectomy is inclusive of –

  • Hospital Stay: The surgery can be performed either in daycare or may require hospital admission for 1 to 2 days. The charges of hospitalization are included in the surgery cost.
  • Surgeon’s Fees: Surgeons' charges vary according to their experience and skills. Their fees are also included in the cost of surgery.
  • Diagnostic Tests: Various tests like blood tests and ultrasound might be required. The cost of a colonoscopy or hysteroscopy is also included in the surgery price.
  • Postoperative care: Postop care includes follow-ups required and medicine prescribed after the operation. The price of surgery mentioned earlier is inclusive of postoperative care costs.

Top Hospitals for Polypectomy Surgery in India

  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi: Established in 1996, it is one of the most esteemed hospitals under the Apollo group. The hospital spreads over 15 acres and has been accredited by NABL, NABH, and JCI. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has some of the best laparoscopic surgeons who are highly skilled in various medical procedures like polypectomy, colonoscopy, endoscopy, and bariatric surgeries. 
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon, is a multi-specialty quaternary care hospital with internationally trained doctors, reputed clinicians, and skilled healthcare staff. The hospital has 1000+ beds and is spread over 111 acres. FMRI has an excellent success rate for surgeries like polypectomy, bariatric surgery, GI surgery, and minimally invasive procedures. 
  • Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai: Established in 2009, it is a super specialty tertiary care hospital in Mumbai. It has received accreditation from JCI, NABH, NABL, ISO, and CAP. The gastroenterology department of the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is known for its expertise in various minimal access surgeries and laparoscopic procedures.  
  • World Infertility and IVF Center, New Delhi: World IVF Center is one of the leading medical centers in Delhi for infertility, laparoscopic surgeries, polypectomies, hysteroscopy, and minimally invasive surgeries. With a legacy of over seven decades, the center has some of the best surgeons and healthcare staff, offering best-in-class medical services with a high success rate.


Polypectomy surgery is a minimally invasive procedure to remove polyps from various parts of the body, primarily the colon and uterus. India is known for its advanced medical facilities and skilled healthcare professionals. The country boasts several renowned hospitals and medical centers specializing in gastrointestinal procedures, making it a popular destination for polypectomy surgeries. By seeking treatment in India, patients can benefit from quality care and a higher likelihood of successful outcomes.

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