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  • Dr. Abhijit Thakur

    Medical Gastroenterologist, Mumbai, India

    Consultant, 19 years of experience , MBBS, MS, Fellowship Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai  Highlights
    • Dr. Abhijit Thakur is a gastroenterologist with 19+ years of experience.
    • He is a member of Foundation for Head and Neck Oncology (FHNO), Indian Medical Association (IMA) and AMC.
    • After completing MBBS, he pursued MS in General Surgery from Topiwala National College.
    • Some of the services provided by him are laparoscopic surgery, head and neck surgery, Endocrine, Gastro-Intestinal and Breast Surgery.
    • Dr. Thakur attained his fellowship in Surgical oncology from Tata Memorial and PD Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, in GI and HPD Surgery from TMH, PDH & Jaslok Hospital and Advanced GI Laparoscopy from Clinique Clairval & Hospital Residence, Marseille, France.
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  • Dr. Debottam Bandyopadhyay

    Medical Gastroenterologist, Kolkata, India

    Consultant, 19 years of experience , MBBS, MD, DM AMRI Hospital, Kolkata  Highlights
    • Dr. Debottam Bandyopadhyay is a coveted Gastroenterologist. 
    • He has 19 years of experience as a Specialist.
    • He also specializes in Hepatology and GI Therapeutic Endoscopy.
    • He has several papers and publications to his credit.
    • He has also been invited to health-related TV shows as well. 
    • He is an active member of the Association of Physicians of India (API) and the Indian Society of Gastroenterology. 
    • He has been honored with several awards and recognitions. 
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  • Dr. Sadiq Saleem Sikora

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Bangalore, India

    Director, 28 years of experience , MBBS, MS, FRCS Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore  Highlights
    • Dr. Sadiq Saleem Sikora is an eminent Gastrointestinal Surgeon with an experience of more than 28 years.
    • He is an expert in surgical procedures such as Living related liver transplantation”, complex “Pancreaticobiliary” resections for both benign and malignant disease, “Liver resections, esophageal resections, surgery for portal hypertension and colorectal disorders, bile duct injury repairs, Biliary and Pancreatic cancers, innovative techniques in Esophagus resection, Pancreatic surgery and Hepaticojejunostomy. 
    • His medical interest lies in Hepato-Pancreatic-Biliary (HBP) Surgery, Surgical Gi Oncology,  Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, and  Liver Transplantation.
    • Dr. Sadiq has more than 150 articles published in International and National peer-reviewed journals.
    • He has contributed several notable chapters in books and has written review articles and editorials for various journals.
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  • Dr. Kumara Krishnan

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Chennai, India

    Consultant, 22 years of experience , MBBS, MS, DNB, FRCS Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chennai  Highlights
    • Dr. Kumara Krishnan is a well-known Surgical Gastroenterologist with experience of more than 22 years.
    • He has been awarded the Travelling fellowship by The Royal Society of Medicine, London to attend Coloproctology Overseas Meeting at Grenoble in France (1998) and Northeast Colorectal Update Meeting, (1997) at Gateshead, UK.
    • He is an active member of the Tamil Nadu Medical Council and The Indian Medical Association (IMA).
    • He has expertise in Surgical Gastroenterologist, Laparoscopic Surgery, Intestine Surgery, Endoscopy, Gastritis Treatment, Colonoscopy, Colorectal Surgery, Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic, ERCP, etc.
    • Dr. Krishnan has numerous publications in national and international peer-reviewed journals and presented them at various conferences.
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  • Dr. Rajiv Baijal

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, New Delhi, India

    Senior Consultant, 20 years of experience , MBBS, MD, DNB Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute, New Delhi  Highlights
    • Dr. Rajiv Baijal is a Gastroenterologist with 20+ experience.
    • His expertise lies in diseases of the liver, gall bladder, biliary tract, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, functional bowel diseases, diagnostic and therapeutic GI endoscopic procedures like Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP- CBD stone extraction, CBD stenting for palliation of pancreaticobiliary malignancy, pancreatic duct stone removal as well as stenting, stricture dilation, pseudo-cyst drainage, GI Motility studies-Esophageal and anorectal High-Resolution Manometry, 24-hour ambulatory pH-meter, Endoscopic Ultrasonography, and Single Balloon Enteroscopy.
    • Under his credit, there are 88 scientific publications both in national and international journals.
    • Member of Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG), Indian Association of Study of Liver (INASL), Association of Physicians of India (API), Indian Medical Association (IMA), Delhi Medical Association (DMA) and Asian Neurogastroenterology and Motility Association (ANMA).
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  • Dr. Vikas Singla

    Medical Gastroenterologist, New Delhi, India

    Director, 15 years of experience , MBBS, MD, DM Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi  Highlights
    • Currently associated as consultant with Department of Gastroenterology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi
    • Renowned Gastroenterologist and liver diseases specialist
    • Interests are liver diseases, pancreatic and biliary diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, and advanced endoscopic procedures
    • Attained certification in  super specialization course, in the department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, at AIIMS
    • Trained in the Endoscopicultrosonography
    • To his credit, attained research work in Non alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Ulcerative colitis, and published papers in national and international Journals
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  • Dr. K R Vasudevan

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Noida, India

    Director, 18 years of experience , MBBS, MS, DNB Jaypee Hospital, Noida  Highlights
    • Dr. K R Vasudevan is an eminent Surgical Gastroenterologist with experience of more than 18 years.
    • He has membership association with Association of Surgeons of India, Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterology, Indian chapter, International Hepato Pancreatic Biliary Association, Founder Member, Liver Transplant Society of India, and International Liver Transplant Society (ILTS).
    • He has received several awards for his incredible contribution to the field of medical science.
    • Dr. Vasudevan has expertise over the treatment of Non-Surgical Fat Loss, Endosurgery, Colonoscopy, Endoscopic Surgery, and Minimally Invasive Surgery
    • He worked as key opinion leader by The Transplant Society in 2011.
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  • Dr. Vinay Bhat

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Bangalore, India

    Consultant, 13 years of experience , Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore  Highlights
    • Dr. Vinay Bhat is a reputed Surgical Gastroenterologist, practising successfully for more than 13 years.
    • He is highly skilled in advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Pancreatico- Biliary Diseases, IBD and GI Oncology.
    • He is involved in performing advanced laparoscopy and robotic surgeries, Complex/High risk gallbladder surgeries.
    • He offers treatments to patients suffering from Pancreatic Cancers and Diseases, Biliary Cancer and Diseases, Esophageal Cancers and Diseases, Stomach/Gastric Cancers and Diseases, Colorectal Cancers and Diseases, Complex Anal Fistula and Hemorrhoids.
    • Being a brilliant student, he received several awards. He recieved Dr. Ramamurthy Gold Medal at the national level exit exam while pursuing MS in General Surgery and Dr N Rangabashyam Gold Medal at the national level exit exam at the completion of super specialty training in GI Surgery in the famous Asian Institute of Gastroenterology.
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  • Dr. Ashish kumar

    Medical Gastroenterologist, New Delhi, India

    Director, 16 years of experience , MBBS, MD, DM Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi  Highlights
    • Currently associated as consultant in the Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi
    • Specializes in Gastroenterology & Hepatology
    • To his credit, he has over 70 publications
    • Research Interests are Hepatocellular carcinoma, Portal hypertension, Liver diseases in pregnancy, Acute-on-chronic liver failure and Hepatitis B
    • Member of various renowned organizations such as Member of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), Member of the Indian Association for the Study of the Liver (INASL), Member of Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG), Member of Association of Physicians of India (API) and Member of Indian Medical Association (IMA)
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  • Dr. Rinkesh Kumar Bansal

    Medical Gastroenterologist, Gurgaon, India

    Consultant, 13 years of experience , MBBS, MD, DNB, Fellowship Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Dr. Rinkesh Kumar Bansal is a renowned Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist having experience of 13 years.
    • He possesses expertise in Transplant Hepatology Endoscopic Ultra sound (EUS) and Endoscopy.
    • He is the recipient of several awards for paper presentation at numerous Conferences.
    • His research paper titled as “Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration of Enlarged Adrenals in patients with Pyrexia of unknown origin: A Single Center Experience” has been selected for Presidential Poster presentation at ISGCON 2017 in Bhubaneswar.
    • The paper titled as “Comparison of Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration by Capillary Action, Suction and No Suction Methods: A Randomized Blinded Study” has been selected for best Abstract Award at Endo 2017 in Hyderabad.
    • Another paper with title “Is Treatment of Hepatic Dystrophy with Bisphosphonate Possible” was selected for International Travel Award at International Disease Digestive Week, 2015 in Hongkong.
    • He also got Second Award for Oral Presentation in 2014.
    • He received National Travel Award at The Indian National Association of Liver Diseases, 2013.
    • Dr. Bansal is a member of various prestigious associations .such as American Association of Gastroenterology (ASGE), Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG) and Indian National Association for study of Liver (INASL).
    • The doctor has published around 50 Articles in different National and International Journals.
    • He has graduated with MBBS from Guwahati Medical College in 2005. He then pursued MD in General Medicine in Sawai Mansingh Medical College, Jaipur, in 2011. He completed DNB from Sir Ganga Ram College, New Delhi, in 2014 and this was followed by the Fellowship in Interventional EUS from Kitasato University Hospital, Kanagawa, Japan in 2017.
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What are the diseases treated by a Gastroenterologist?

A gastroenterologist focuses on the disorders related to the digestive system. Therefore, the digestive system disorders are Inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, gallbladder disease, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids as well as liver cancer.

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What are the possible signs or symptoms of a bad digestive system?

If you feel acid reflux, indigestion, nausea, stomach bloating, severe abdominal pain, then you could be the victim of one of the gastrointestinal disorder. In such situations, it is important to seek medical advice as soon as you can.

Everything You Need To Know About Alimentary Canal and its organs.


What foods help in healing your gut?

If you gulp down fiber-rich food such as whole grains, beans, whole fruits, veggies, fermented foods, green vegetables and a lot of fresh fruits as well as vegetables, then your system could be free from such gastric problems that harm your digestive system.

How long does it take to heal your gut?

If once harmed, it usually takes two to three weeks for a normal, healthy gut to create a new lining. Somehow, if one has a food sensitivity, then it normally takes up to 12 weeks.

Why is Delhi for the best Gastroenterologist?

Delhi is best known for many NABH and JCI certified hospitals that are well-equipped with the latest advancements in treatments, nursing staff and above all, well-experienced gastroenterologists with successful outcomes.

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