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  • Dr. Sorabh Kapoor

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Ahmedabad, India

    Consultant , 22 years of experience , Fellowship,Fellowship,Fellowship,MCh,MS,MBBS Zydus Hospital, Ahmedabad  Highlights
    • Dr. Sorabh Kapoor is a surgical gastroenterologist with 22+ years of experience.
    • He has a special interest in deceased donor liver transplant, Living Donor liver transplantation, Robotic HPB Surgery, Complex Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic surgeries, Hepatocyte transplantation and Pancreas Transplantation.
    • After completing MBBS, Dr. Kapoor pursued MS (in General Surgery) from
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  • Dr. Pandurangan Basumani

    Medical Gastroenterologist, Chennai, India

    Consultant , 20 years of experience , FRCP,MRCP,MD,MBBS Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre, Chennai  Highlights
    • Dr. Pandurangan Basumani is a renowned Medical Gastroenterologist, practicing successfully over 20 years.
    • He is proficient in Therapeutic Endoscopy including ERCP, EUS, Balloon Sphincteroplasty, Biliary and Pancreatic Stent Insertion, Large stone Management with Lithotripsy.
    • He has so far done over 1000 ERCPs.
    • He takes
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  • Dr. Amit Rastogi

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Gurgaon, India

    Senior Consultant , 20 years of experience , Fellowship,DNB,MS,MBBS Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Dr. Amit Rastogi is one of the renowned Surgical Gastroenterologists, practicing successfully for more than 20 years.
    • He is adept in Living Donor Liver Transplantation, Minimal Invasive and Robotic Hepatobiliary Surgery.
    • He is actively involved in Health Awareness Programmes promoting a healthy life style.
    • He is a member of
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  • Dr. Nimesh Shah

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Mumbai, India

    Visiting Consultant , 22 years of experience , MS,MBBS Global Hospitals, Mumbai  Highlights
    • Dr. Nimesh is a well known Surgical Gastroenterologist, practicing successfully for more than 22 years.
    • His area of specialisation covers Laparoscopic Surgery, Intestine Surgery and Laser Surgery.
    • He was the recipient of “Excision of Retroperitoneal Sarcoma-2015” award.
    • He
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  • Dr. Sonali Bhagwat

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Mumbai, India

    Consultant , 24 years of experience Global Hospitals, Mumbai  Highlights
    • Dr. Sonali Bhagwat is a well known Surgical Gastroenterologist with experience of more than 24 years.
    • She offers treatment for diseases of liver, pancreas, Gall Bladder and bile duct, intestine etc.
    • She is skilled in carrying out surgical procedures including Laparoscopic Surgery, and Endoscopic surgery.
    • She is involved in activity to raise
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  • Dr. Atul Sharma

    Medical Gastroenterologist, Gurgaon, India

    Senior Consultant , 14 years of experience , DM,MD,MBBS Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Dr. Atul Sharma is a gastroenterologist with 14+ years of experience.
    • He has been trained in one of the best gastroenterology centers of the country at SGPGIMS, Lucknow.
    • He completed his fellowship in advanced interventional GI Endoscopy at renowned center, Baldota institute of Digestive Sciences (BIDS), Mumbai.
    • Dr. Sharma has published
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  • Dr. Amanjeet Singh

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Gurgaon, India

    Director , 21 years of experience , Fellowship,DNB,MS,MBBS Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Dr. Amanjeet Singh is a well-known Bariatric and Gastrointestinal Surgeon with an experience of 21 years
    • He is well versed with all kinds of general and advanced laparoscopic procedures pertaining to the abdomen, gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary surgeries. He also has expertise in robotic abdominal surgeries and perianal surgeries
    • He pioneered the hand assisted
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  • Dr. Saleem Naik

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Gurgaon, India

    Senior Consultant , 17 years of experience , Fellowship,DNB,MS Millennium Cancer Center, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Dr. Saleem Naik is a Surgical Gastroenterologist of high repute, with experience of more than 17 years.
    • He is proficient in carrying out Laparoscopic GI Oncology Surgery, Surgery for Morbid Obesity and Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery.
    • He is also skilled in managing Post Cholecystectomy Bile Duct Injuries.
    • Besides, he has conducted a
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  • Dr. Azhar Perwaiz

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Gurgaon, India

    Associate Director , 16 years of experience , MNAMS,DNB,MS,MBBS Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Dr. Azhar Perwaiz is a well known Bariatric Surgeon with experience of more than 16 years.
    • He is proficient in performing advanced 3D Laparoscopic Video Assisted Surgeries such as Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Esophagectomy, Laparoscopic Colorectal Cancer Surgery and Bariatric Surgery.
    • He usually carries out 250 Gastrointestinal Surgeries in a month and has established
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  • Dr. Hardik Kotecha

    Medical Gastroenterologist, Ahmedabad, India

    Consultant , 13 years of experience , DNB,MD,MBBS Zydus Hospital, Ahmedabad  Highlights
    • Dr. Hardik Kotecha is a Gastroenterologist with 13+ years of experience.
    • He has expertise in Therapeutic endoscopy including Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy, Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR), Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD) and Chronic liver failure Fatty liver disease.
    • He won Best DNB Student of the Year- The Ravi K. Jerath Award and hold 2nd place in
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is a gastroenterologist?

A. A Gastroenterologist is a doctor specializing in the conditions related to the gastrointestinal tract comprising of the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. This also includes some other digestive system organs such as liver, pancreas, bile ducts and gallbladder. The gastroenterologists provide consultation in the office and also perform endoscopic procedures such as endoscopy or colonoscopy.

Read more about gastroenterology.

Q. What is Whipple surgery and what is its survival rate?

A. The Whipple procedure is the one done for the removal of the head of the pancreas and duodenum (the first part of the small intestine), the gallbladder and the bile duct. The removal of these parts is followed by reattaching the remaining organs for proper digestion of the food after the surgery. It is most commonly used to treat pancreatic cancer confined to the head.

The surgery provides 5 years of survival rate of 20% in people with pancreatic cancer. Patients in which the lymph nodes have not been affected, the 5-year survival rate is around 40 %. It is mostly used to cure patients with low-grade tumors.

Q. What causes oesophagal cancer?

A. Oesophagal cancer can be caused by several factors, alcohol and tobacco consumption is the primary causes. Sometimes the dietary factors may also play an important role in the development of esophageal cancer. For example, Vitamin A, iron and riboflavin deficiency is shown to cause esophageal cancer. Certain medical conditions that may increase the risk of esophageal cancer include tylosis, long-standing untreated achalasia, prior mediastinal irradiation, Barrett’s esophagus, and chronic reflux esophagitis. You may also like to read more about Stomach cancer and stomach cancer treatment cost in India

Q. How is GERD treated?

A. GERD means Gastro -Esophageal Reflux Disorder. It can be treated in several ways. The first line of treatment is dietary and lifestyle changes. This includes the reduction of food that increases the gastric acidity or reduces the pressure of muscle at the lower end of the esophagus. Large means increase the gastric pressure and thus increase the reflux. Beverages like coffee, alcohol, acidic liquids also affect the esophageal peristalsis.

In addition, always elevate the head of the bed at night to prevent the reflux. Smoking should be prevented. Sometimes, medications are also given such as anti-suppressing agents. The last option of treatment is surgical treatment, known as Nissen fundoplication.

To read in detail about GERD, click here.

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