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Medical Treatment in India

When US citizen Michele J. McCoy (29) didn’t get relief from back pain after receiving many treatments provided by the US doctors, she found herself in a bind. However, she found best solution - Double Discectomy for this 10-year old back pain in India. “The doctor in India treated the root cause and I am grateful to him. Now I am able to bend over to the waist and touch the floor,” words by McCoy.

Kazakhstan citizen Anatoly Oleinikov (70) had two heart attacks which resulted in heart failure. He needed a donor heart transplant. The family tried other countries and hospitals but were denied because of the age. At last, the family found affordable solution thousands of miles away in India. Aicha Aghoura from Algeria flew out to Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute, Mumbai, where she had a successful stem cell therapy just for USD 7000.

“I was bed-ridden from since 2013. When I came to India, I couldn’t feel my legs but in few days of this treatment, I was able to stand on my feet,” she said. Millions around the world have the same story to tell.


India has emerged as a global hub for quality medical care. Offering the best deals to individuals and insurance groups, providing them with better value for their money. According to the Medical Tourism Market Report 2015, India was "one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations". India offers a variety of procedures at the one-tenth cost of treatment in the US and that too with advanced technologies.

The most popular areas of medical tourism in India are cardiac surgery, organ transplant, spine care, joint replacement, cosmetic and orthodontic surgery, neurosurgery, bariatric surgery, besides IVF and surrogacy. Bone marrow transplant, stem cell therapy and hair transplant are also popular treatments for patients coming from abroad.

Having an ailment is a huge problem on its own. The anguish of the problems faced to cure it just adds to the stress. Finding one place to get all they need and that too at a reasonable price is what everybody needs. Going away from one’s home is never easy but India is trying to give a medical tourist everything he needs to make him feel at home. India is the right choice for anybody seeking treatment for a number of medical conditions and that too while solving the major problems the patient faces. The expertise and success rates of our doctors are extremely promising to anybody looking forward to curing their ailment in India. You can see the things falling into their right places automatically, while you will feel right at home.

There are a number of problems one faces while going through treatment and to find the solutions to the problems seems impossible. India offers a quick fix! The advantages that India gives to its patients:


1.   Cost

India offers quality treatment at low cost. A complicated surgical procedure is done here at a tenth of what it costs in the US.

Compare the costs between India and other countries:

 Treatment Cost Comparison
ProceduresIndia ($)US ($)Australia ($)Thailand ($)Malaysia ($)Korea ($)Singapore ($)
Heart Bypass$4,500$40,000$38,000$8,500$20,000$26,000$17,000
Heart Valve Replacement$5,500$160,000$100,000$13,000$10,000$39,000$17,000
Hip Replacement$6,000$40,000$38,000$17,000$8,000$21,000$14,000
Knee Replacement$4,000$35,000$30,000$14,000$8,000$17,000$16,000
Spinal Fusion$5,000$100,000$35,000$10,000$6,000$17,000$13,000
Dental Implant$1,000$4,000$3,000$1,700$1,500$1,300$2,700
Breast Implants$2,200$6,400$6,000$3,500$3,800$3,800$8,400
Face Lift$2,800$11,000$11,000$4,000$3,500$6,000$9,000
Gastric Sleeve$5,000$16,000$11,000$9,000$8,000$9,900$12,000
Gastric Bypass$6,000$25,000$18,000$11,000$10,000$11,000$14,000
Tummy Tuck$3,500$12,000$10,000$5,500$4,000$5,000$5,000
Lasik (both eyes)$1,000$4,400$3,700$2,000$3,500$2,000$3,800
IVF Treatment$3,50012000$10,000$4,000$4,000$4,500$6,000
Radiation Therapy$3,500$8,600$8,000N/A$10,000N/A$8,000
Heart Transplant$50,000$800,000$140,000N/A$300,000$400,000$800,000
Liver Transplant$38,000$500,000$150,000N/A$75,000$128,000$300,000

* These rates are indicative of approximate costs. The actual rates will vary depending on case to case basis

"Medical tourism in India is picking up as an attractive option for Non Resident Indians and foreign patients and nearly five lakh of them came here in search of treatment in the last one year," said Pradeep Thukral, executive director of Indian Medical Travel Association (IMTA).

"CABG which can cost as much as 30,000 pounds in the UK and up to USD 40,000 in the US, and a hip replacement that can cost over USD 45,000 in America, costs between USD 3,000 and USD 10,000 and USD 15,000 respectively in India," Thukral said.

"As a result, the foreign patients arrival is growing at 40 per cent plus rate annually", says a McKinsey report.


2. Quality of doctors and nursing staff

Indian surgeons operate on 10 times more cases than a similar surgeon in Europe or US. Hence even surgeons conform to Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule. Indian surgeons get there faster than their western counterparts. Indian doctors are brilliant at making do with less resources and this is a USP. Even before the patient arrives in India, the doctor has complete history of the patient.


3. World class hospitals 

Well-known Indian hospitals are on a par with international ones with respect to infrastructure, quality of care and clinical outcomes. Over 100 top private hospitals in India such as Apollo Hospitals, Max Healthcare and Fortis are catering to the medical needs of such patients, including complicated operations like hip replacements surgery, spinal work, bypass or valve replacements, plastic surgery and even cancer cure.

The hospitals have been envisioned with the aim of bringing to India the highest standards of medical care along with clinical research, education and training. They are governed under the guiding principles of providing medical services to patients with care, compassion and commitment. Most hospitals in India have become very professional in handling protocols and public relationship.

The top hospitals in India are certified by JCI which is the same organisation that certifies hospitals in USA, etc. This adds credibility due to strict standards and world class infrastructure.

The list of JCI certified hospitals in India are:

4. Indian hospitality

Indian doctors have good access to the latest discoveries in the medical field. Indian hospitals and doctors have taken to internet like fish to water. They are available online in the form of emails/forums/academic groups. When the patients return back to their countries, they heap praises on the dedication, love and care of the nursing staff. Lastly, they love the way people in India go out of their way to talk them and make them feel at home.

India has seen nearly five lakh foreign patients seeking treatment in the last one year, this has boosted efforts to make the country a major health tourism destination. Though the trend of foreigners coming to India for treatment has gained momentum only in the last five years, the country is giving a tough competition to other medical hotspots like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Patients from Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Fiji, Tajikistan, Entire Middle East etc. are mostly seen in India for medical treatments.


5. Food

Food unquestionably connects itself to cordial feeling. Everybody loves to eat good food and India isn’t falling back on that category too. There is a huge diversity of International and regional cuisines found in modern-day India. The interaction of various Indian diaspora communities with the native cultures of their domiciles have resulted in the creation of many fusion, which blend aspects of Indian and foreign cuisines. These cuisines tend to adapt Indian seasoning and cooking techniques to foreign dishes.


6. No waiting time and no language barrier

Many developed countries don’t provide immediate access to medical procedures and have long waiting list. People in developed countries such as Canada, says that it takes more than 4 weeks to see a specialist. In India, patient get immediate access to medical procedures and this is what attracts patients from developed countries.  

There are various languages spoken in India, but English is widely spoken by most people. Since India is an emerging as hotspot for medical tourism, hospitals now hire language translators to make patients feel comfortable.


7. Assistance in Visa Application

Many medical tourism facilitators provide facility of medical visa filing and help to get the medical letter from the hospital. This letter will help patient to get medical visa from the embassy.

Foreign patients can get medical visa to India with two attendants. These attendants should be in blood relation and are allowed to accompany the patient under separate Medical Attendant Visas. There are various serious ailments which are given primary consideration like cardiology disorders, neurosurgery, renal disorders, ophthalmic disorder, gene-therapy, congenital disorders, organ transplantation, joint replacement, plastic surgery and more.

The visa is valid for maximum 3 entries during the one year or the period of the treatment. Medical eVisa in India facility is also available from most of the countries. 


8. Guidance for End-to-End Transportation

Medical tourism facilitators in India provide assistance in organizing pickup and drop facility for foreign patients. A vehicle will be organized for all local transfers within the city such as from airport to hospital to hotel.


9.  Money Exchange Facility

Medical tourism facilitators help patients in currency exchange with zero commission, zero charges and at perfect interbank rates.


10. Post Treatment Follow-Ups

Medical tourism providers keep a regular communication with patients so that they can help in post-treatment follow-ups (if required).


Bonus Point: Climate in India

There are four climatologically seasons in India.

  • Winter (December, January and February): The year’s coldest months are December and January. The average temperature in these months is around 10-15°C and 5-6°C at night.
  • Summer (March, April and May): Average temperature in summer is 32-40°C.
  • Monsoon Rainy Season (June to September): Monsoon begins from North India in October and is humid season.
  • Post-monsoon period (October to November): These months are cloudless with moderate temperature.

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