How Successful is ACL Reconstruction?

ACL Reconstruction

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery replaces a torn ACL, a critical knee ligament. The surgery is successful and has a 95% success rate. Sports with abrupt pauses and changes in direction, such as soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball, are where ACL injuries most frequently happen. Today we will discuss everything about ACL reconstruction and mainly how successful is ACL reconstruction. 

Strong bands of tissue called ligaments join one bone to another. The torn ligament is removed during ACL restoration and replaced with a strip of tissue that typically joins muscle to bone (tendon). The donor tendon or another area of your knee is used for the tendon graft. A doctor specializing in bone and joint surgery will conduct an outpatient treatment called an ACL reconstruction (orthopedic surgeon). 

When is ACL Surgery Recommended?

ACL repair, a more traditional procedure changed by contemporary technology, has seen a resurgence of interest due to PTOA risk. ACL repair used to entail stitching the tissue back together with sutures. It also had a significant failure rate and required extended immobilization in a cast.

  1. ACL damage to the anterior cruciate ligament

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  3. The thighbone and shinbone are connected by the ACL, one of two ligaments that cross the middle of your knee, which aids in stabilizing your knee joint.

The majority of ACL injuries occur when participating in athletic and fitness activities that potentially strain the knee:

  1. abruptly reducing speed and shifting course (cutting)

  2. swiveling while keeping a foot firmly in place

  3. landing wrongly after a jump

  4. stopping abruptly

  5. sustaining a direct knee injury

  6. Relatively inactive people who participate in modest exercise and recreational activities or play sports that don't put a lot of strain on the knees may benefit from a course of physical therapy to recover from ACL damage.   

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How is an ACL Reconstruction Procedure Performed?

In ACL reconstruction surgery, a graft of replacement tissue is used to build a new ACL from one of two sources: 

A patient's hamstring, quadriceps, or patellar tendon creates an allograft (tissue from a human organ donor). The type of transplant that will be employed will depend on the particular circumstances of each patient. ACL reconstruction surgery uses minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques, combining fiber optics, small incisions, and tiny instruments. The tissue graft must be obtained, however, through a little bigger incision. An outpatient (ambulatory) operation, ACL repair allows patients to leave the hospital the same day as their procedure and return home. 

How Long Does it Take to Heal After an ACL Operation? 

After an ACL repair, it normally takes a patient six to nine months to resume sports, depending on the level of competitiveness and the type of activity. Depending on the degree of competition and the type of activity, it typically takes a patient six to nine months to return to sports following an ACL repair.

Patients can walk on the day of surgery using crutches and a leg brace. Very quickly following surgery, the patient enrolls in a rehabilitation program to help the knee regain strength, stability, and range of motion. The rehabilitation procedure involves a variety of exercises:

  1.  Strengthening and range-of-motion exercises are started early on in the healing phase. 

  2. Exercises for running start at around four months.

  3. Beginning pivoting exercises occurs about five months.

  4. Sports competitions can resume as soon as six months after the injury.  

What Precautions Should be Taken After ACL Surgery? 

Although a person may face some risks after this surgery, he can reduce the chances of these risks by taking the following precautions-

  1. Painkillers should be consumed by the person when there is a pain in the knee.

  2. Taking physical therapy strengthens his knee muscles and increases their efficiency. 

  3. Pay attention to your doctor's instructions regarding when to stop eating, drinking, and taking other medications and have nutritious food. 

  4. Avoid heavy physical activities as a person's body is fragile after ACL surgery. Getting enough sleep, so your body's cells get repaired gives your body the necessary energy.  

  5. Keeping in touch with the surgeon is an essential thing that everyone should follow. If a person has recently had ACL surgery, they should stay in touch with the surgeon until they have declared him or completely fit. 

The Bottom Line  

Your knee's stability and functionality can typically be recovered with a successful ACL restoration and targeted physical therapy. You should regain a range of motion comparable to your opposite knee within the first few weeks following surgery. Usually, recovery takes nine months.

Each year, up to 200,000 ACL ruptures are reported. Although reconstruction can be pretty effective, it can also present difficulties, including diminished hamstring strength and proprioception loss. Additionally, reconstruction does not prevent subsequent post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA).  

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