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Chemotherapy Cost in Mumbai

Chemotherapy is a vigorous form of medication therapy that helps in the destruction of rapidly growing cancerous cells. It is often used in combination with other therapies including surgery, radiation or hormonal therapy. The prime objectives of chemotherapeutic drugs are:

  • Prevent cell division
  • Targeting the energy source of cancerous cells
  • Stimulating apoptosis of cancerous cells


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Chemotherapy is usually advised where there is a need to:

  • To cause shrinkage of the tumour before surgery
  • To remove remanent cells left after a surgery of radiotherapy.
  • To slow down the progression and spread of cancerous cells. 


chemotherapy cost in Mumbai



The chemotherapy drugs are usually administered in the form of pills, intravenous injections, or IV. Some other ways the administration are:

  • The drugs are injected directly into the tumour if the location is accessible.
  • Topically applicable creams with chemotherapy drugs can be used to treat some skin cancers.
  • Localised chemotherapy can also be given to the affected part of the body.
  • The drugs can also be taken orally or in the form of single shots.
  • Sometimes, a needle is inserted during each session through which the drugs are administered into the bloodstream.


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Chemotherapy cost in Mumbai

Usually, the average chemotherapy cost in India ranges between 650 USD to 1100 USD (46569 INR to 78810 INR) for each cycle. However, the exact cost depends on some other factors such as, 

  • Stage of cancer
  • Location of the tumor
  • Type of drugs used
  • Number of sessions needed
  • The expertise of the doctor
  • The reputation of the hospital
  • Cost of living
  • Cost of investigations

Each session may last for half to two hours. A standard of 6 cycles is usually followed, which may vary with an individual. Investigations will include blood tests, x-rays, physical examination, HIV, Hepatitis, and PET scan.


Top doctors for cancer treatment in India

Dr. Rajesh Mistry

  • One of the most renowned oncologists with an experience of more than 25 years.
  • He is currently working with Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and has performed more than 1000 surgeries so far.  
  • He has also done Surgical Oncology training at Tata Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Boman Dhabar

  • Currently associated as Consultant Medical Oncology with Fortis Hospital, Mulund – Mumbai
  • Extensively experienced on immune-compromised patients, inserting and care of central venous lines, administration of chemotherapeutic agents for haematological and solid tumours.
  • Treated a good count of patients suffering from cancers and tumours in India.

Dr. Anil Heroor

  • Currently associated as Head, Surgical Oncology at Fortis Hospitals, Mulund – Mumbai
  • Special interests are - Breast Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer and Minimal access surgery (MAS) for gynaecology and G.I. Cancers
  • Interests are Thoracic surgery like lung cancer surgery, Mediastinal Tumours, Breast cancer including breast conservation therapy, Oesophageal Cancer
  • Key interests in Minimal Access Surgery and started Minimal Access (Laparoscopic) Surgery Unit in Fortis Hospital for Colorectal Cancer 


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Best Cancer Hospitals in Mumbai 

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

  • The hospital is amongst top cancer hospital in India and recognized as “a designated centre for integrated oncology and palliative care” by the European Society of medical oncology.
  • There is a distinct provision for Daycare chemotherapy unit as a part of which the patients can go home the same day of the treatment.
  • Cutting-edge technologies like minimal access surgery, robotic surgeries, Trilogy for radiotherapy, Edge ™ and Novalis ™ for radiosurgery are used routinely used.
  • A well-equipped comprehensive breast care unit is available, which has highly qualified experts to guide the patient for the best treatment plan related to the breast issues.  
  • This is one of the topmost hospitals in India with the biggest bone marrow transplant unit in Western India.


Fortis Hospital Mulund

  • The hospital is the pioneer of robotic dissection of the neck across India.
  • It is also known for conducting the largest number of successful robotic surgeries and minimally invasive surgeries in cases of oesophagal and thyroid cancers.
  • Specialized types of equipment including central vascular access devices like PICC line, Hickman Line and Portacath for blood sampling and injecting IV medications especially in pediatric patients who are afraid of need sticks.


Global Hospital, Mumbai

  • The hospital is a part of Global Cancer Institutes, out of which Mumbai is one of six approaches dedicated to the treatment and complete recovery of cancer patients.
  • The surgical oncology unit is known for organ-preserving surgeries, partial and complete resection of afflicted tissue, ablation of liver tumours, oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery and treatment for liver and pancreas cancer treatment.
  • The radiation oncology is consists of modulated radiosurgery, image-guided radiosurgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, rapid arc, intensity-modulated radiotherapy etc.
  • A special well-equipped team for breast care is available which is highly experienced in treating conditions like breast cancer, fibroadenoma, fibrocystic breast, intraductal carcinoma etc.


What makes Mumbai a preferred place for cancer treatment?




This is one of the most prominent cities in India. The place is a nucleus point when it comes to establishing business and other events in the healthcare system. Mumbai is a vivacious city with sociable people and warm hospitality. Since the city is densely populated, there are numerous hospitals both in private and public sectors. Most of the hospitals match international standards. Most of the staff is well-versed in English. 

Mumbai is not only a significant destination for business and tourism, it has a fair representation of the urban healthcare sector in India due to high standards of healthcare facilities. The city falls in the category of the topmost places providing the latest treatment facilities in India. Top hospitals in Mumbai include Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Neurogen Brain & spine Institute, Fortis hospital and Nanavati super speciality hospital. 

Airport connectivity - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai is the second-busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic after New Delhi. There are three operating terminals spread over the land of 750 hectares and 950 aircraft movements per day. It has also won the “Best Airport in India and Central Asia” award in 2016.

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