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  • Dr. Anand Jaiswal

    Pulmonologist, Gurgaon, India

    Director, 30 years of experience , MBBS, MD Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Dr. Anand Jaiswal is a pulmonologist (senior scale, Grade-1 Chest Specialist) with 30+ years of experience.
    • He was awarded with a gold medal for his performance in MD.
    • He has been part of many research works with Indian and overseas trail sponsors including AMGEN (India), Pfizer (India), CSIR-OSDD, ODA (UK), etc.
    • He has completed MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi and MD from Vallabh Bhai Patel Chest Institute, Delhi.
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  • Dr. Manoj Kumar Goel

    Pulmonologist, Gurgaon, India

    Director, 23 years of experience , MBBS, MD Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Currently associated as Director and Head of Department with Department of Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine with Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
    • Renowned Pulmonologists and Critical Care Specialists
    • Interests are respiratory diseases like Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis, Chronic Cough, Respiratory Allergy and Infections, Interstitial Lung Disease, Lung Fibrosis and Environmental disorders
    • Expertise in Advanced Therapeutic Pulmonary Intervention and Sleep Medicine
    • Member of renowned associations such as FCCP, FIAB, FISDA, FISM (Australia) and FICM (Belgium)
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  • Dr. Himanshu Garg

    Pulmonologist, Gurgaon, India

    Consultant, 20 years of experience , MBBS, MD, Fellowship Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Dr. Himanshu Garg is a pulmonologist and Somnologist (Sleep Specialist)  with an experience of 20 years. 
    • He has a vast experience in treating respiratory, critical care and sleep disorders like asthma, COPD, tuberculosis, pneumonia, sleep apnea, respiratory failure sepsis etc.
    • He set up the first Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Department at Medanta- The Medicity.
    • He is also the founder of the South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine.
    • He received the Best Research award by the National College of Chest Physicians and Indian Chest Society – 2002 and the Young Scientists Award by the National College of Chest Physicians and Indian Chest Society.
    • Dr. Garg is the member of Life member Indian Chest society (ICS); Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians (FCCP);Certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine- CBSM (USA);Registered in Polysomnographic technology (RPSGT) and American Academy of Sleep Medicine (ASSM).
    • He is also the member of the governing council Indian Sleep disorders association (ISDA).
    • He has published papers including - “Curnington D, Garg H, Teichtah H, 'Accuracy of an ambulatory device for the diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing' Indian Journal of Sleep Medicine- Vol 4, No.4 Oct- 143-148;” “Sleep and Running: Chapter in book, Running a Sustainable Way of life- Times Group publication, August 2013” and “Running and Pollution: Chapter in book, Running a sustainable way of life- Times Group publication, August 2013”. Apart from these he has few other papers also to his credit.
    • Dr. Garg completed MBBS from Dr. Sampurnanand Medical College, Jodhpur in 1998 and MD in Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases/Medicine from Sawai Mansingh Medical College, Jaipur (SMS College) in 2003. He obtained Clinical Fellowship in Respiratory & Sleep Medicine at the Western Hospital, Melbourne (Australia) in 2007. Then he did his FCCP in Pulmonary Medicine from American College Of Chest Physicians in 2008. He has also obtained CBSM, American Board Certification in Behavioral Sleep Medicine and RPSGT, American Board Certification in Polysomnographic Technology in 2008.
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  • Dr. Pratibha Dogra

    Pulmonologist, Gurgaon, India

    Consultant, 12 years of experience , MBBS, Fellowship Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Dr. Pratibha Dogra is a pulmonologist, respiratory, critical and sleep medicine consultant with an experience of 12 years. 
    • She is extensively experienced in managing all aspects of respiratory pathologies.
    • She has effortlessly dealt with management of interstitial lung disease, sarcoidosis, lung cancer, airways disease, sleep disorders, TB, bronchiectasis, difficult asthma (including new biologic therapies) and all forms of pleural disease.
    • She has the competency to manage critical patients suffering with acute respiratory failure in an intensive care/high dependency setting with non-invasive ventilation (BiPAP/CPAP).
    • She is also adept in interventional respiratory medicine namely bronchoscopy, transbronchial biopsy and transbronchial fine needle aspiration, chest drain insertion, thoracic ultrasound and medical thoracoscopy.
    • Dr. Dogra has been an active participant of various research projects.
    • She is currently involvedin the development of new models of care integrating therapies in insomnia and other fields of sleep medicine.
    • Dr. Dograis the member of Medical Council of India (MCI) and Haryana Medical Council.
    • She has published a paper on Asthma in 2005.
    • Dr. Dogra completed her MBBS from Govt. Medical College at Amritsar in Punjab in 2001. She has done MD in Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases/Medicine from Govt. Medical College and Hospital Amritsar, Punjab BFUHS University at Faridkot in Punjab in 2006 and Post MD (Fellowship in Sleep Medicine) from Medanta, The Medicity at Gurgaon in 2011. 
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  • Dr. Kailash Nath Gupta

    Pulmonologist, Gurgaon, India

    Senior Consultant, 15 years of experience , MBBS, DNB, MNAMS Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Currently associated as Sr. Consultant with Department of Pulmonology and Critical Care at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon
    • Senior pulmonologist and critical care super specialist with extensive experience in treating patients of various areas of chest diseases and critical conditions
    • Seeking senior level assignments in “PULMONOLOGY AND CRITICAL CARE” with a reputed organization
    • Diagnosing and treating all respiratory diseases particularly Pneumonia, Asthma, Drug resistant T.B., COPD, Emphysema, Respiratory Failure and other Chest infections
    • Managing case of organ transplant and other IMMUNE COMPROMISED CONDITION with associated respiratory involvement
    • Treating critically ill case in ICU with Sepsis and Multi-organ failure with good outcomes comparable to the western counterparts
    • Professional experience of over 13 years in Pulmonology and Critical care including Diagnostic, Curative, Rehabilitative and Respiratory Critical Care
    • Member of various renowned societies such as IMA, Indian Association Of Bronchology, Ima Academy Of Medical Specialists, Indian Society Of Critical Care Medicine, European Respiratory Society, American College Of Chest Physician and Indian Chest Society
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  • Dr. Nevin Kishore

    Pulmonologist, Gurgaon, India

    Senior Consultant, 22 years of experience , MBBS, FRCP Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Currently associated as Head with Department of Bronchology and Senior Consultant – Respiratory Medicine at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon
    • Special interest in diagnostic and Interventional Bronchoscopy
    • Awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
    • Member of various renowned organizations such as Association of Oto Laryngologists of India, All India Rhinology Society, IMA-DMA (South Delhi Branch) and Indian Society of Otology
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  • Dr. Neeraj Gupta

    Pulmonologist, Gurgaon, India

    Senior Consultant, 12 years of experience , MBBS, DNB Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Currently associated as Sr. Consultant with Department of Pulmonology at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon
    • A profound pulmonologist and specializes in chest and respiratory medicine
    • Expertise in managing patients who need life support and mechanical ventilation
    • Expertise in Treating Asthma, Snoring and Sleep Disorders
    • Specializes in providing treatment and management of conditions of the chest – Pneumonia, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Emphysema and complicated Chest Infections
    • Developed special clinical protocols for the detection and management of Allergies
    • Member of various association such as ISCCM, ISDA and ICS
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  • Dr. Bornali Datta

    Pulmonologist, Gurgaon, India

    Senior Consultant, 20 years of experience , MBBS, MD, MRCP Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon  Highlights
    • Currently associated as Senior Consultant with Department of Respiratory & Sleep Medicine at Medanta, The Medicity, Gurgaon
    • Extensive experience in the management of all aspects of respiratory pathologies
    • Performed 400 transbronchial biopsy and transbronchial fine needle aspiration procedures till now
    • Interests are management of interstitial lung disease, sarcoidosis, lung cancer, airways disease, sleep disorders, TB, bronchiectasis, difficult asthma (including new biologic therapies) and all forms of pleural disease
    • Expertise bronchoscopy, transbronchial biopsy and transbronchial fine needle aspiration , chest drain insertion (Seldinger and Argyll), thoracic ultrasound and medical thoracoscopy
    • Member of Yorkshire Thoracic Society and British Thoracic Society
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Why is Gurgaon a preferred place for lungs treatment in India?

Gurgaon is coming up as a global medical tourism destination as it is able to provide advanced medical care at low price. Patients from neighboring countries and other parts of the world flock to this place for medical treatment. The availability of space, infrastructure and world-class medical facilities are the reasons behind the development of medical tourism.


Apart from best hospitals, the city also offers various accommodation options such as apartments where the patients and his family can stay for long term treatments. The city has many leisure parks, malls and multiplexes for unforgettable shopping experience.


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What are commonly used ways to commute inside Gurgaon?

The city is well-connected to the capital city of India i.e., Delhi. People traveling from Delhi to Gurgaon can opt to travel in Delhi metro. Additionally, Rapid Metro operates only in Gurgaon and is best way to commute within the city. The other available options to travel are:

  • Local buses: Both AC and Non-AC local buses serves this city. There is a slight fare variation in both these buses,
  • Taxis and App-based Cabs: Ola and Uber are mammoth players and are app-based cabs. One needs to book a seat or cab from the particular app and taxis can be hired on the go.
  • Rental Cars and bikes: Zoomcar and Revv provides car rentals and bike rental on monthly basis. Moreover, there are various other apps and websites serving this purpose such as Mobycy. You can rent an electric bike or e-scooter from this platform.
  • Autos and rickshaws: Rickshaws and autos are three-wheeler vehicles. Rickshaw is a three-wheeler cycle with a driver pedaling in front. Autos are normally yellow, green or black color and have nominal fare price.


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Which are the best hospitals for lungs treatment in Gurgaon?

It has several hospitals accredited from NABH and JCI – Medanta Hospital, Fortis Memorial Research Institute and Artemis Hospital, to name a few. Equipped with advanced technologies, these medical centers are able to deal with complicated cases. All the hospitals employ experienced and qualified professionals to cater the needs of patients.

  • Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon

Accredited with NABH and JCI, Medanta is a multi-specialty hospital. The pulmonology department at the hospital is equipped with the latest technology and has best doctors to treat wide variety of respiratory disorders.

  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

The pulmonology division at the hospital provides comprehensive lung care to patients with lungs diseases such as ILD, COPD, allergic disorders and more.  The department is the first in the nation to introduce non-invasive ventilation and sleep medicine in India.

  • Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

The department of respiratory deals with disorders affecting lungs and respiratory system. It is integrated with the department of critical care to provide specialized care to patients. The facilities include Pulmonary Function Laboratory (PFT), Video-assisted Bronchoscopy, Sleep Laboratory and Pulmonary rehabilitation.

  • Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon

Max Hospital offers best care to patients with fully equipped pulmonary function laboratory. It has team of experts providing ancillary services, including respiratory care and nutrition.

  • Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon

The department of hospital is equipped with a medical thoracoscope, fibre optic bronchoscope, computerized chest X-Ray and an advanced RICU (Respiratory Intensive Care Unit). It has team of doctors who specializes treatment of lung cancer, sarcoidosis and Sleep Disorders.

  • Columbia Asia Hospital, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

The consultants perform bronchoscopies for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes which are mostly done in emergency room or in the ICU. The hospital has a full-fledged sleep lab used by consultants to diagnose sleep disorders.


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How is the air connectivity services in Gurgaon?

The city is served by Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi which is located at the distance of 17 KMs. In 2018, it was the 6th busiest airport in Asia and 12th busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic handling about 70 million passengers.



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