Heart Bypass Surgery Cost In Thailand

Minimum Cost USD10800
Maximum Cost USD13200
  • Days In Hospital 7 days
  • Outside Hospital Stay 10 days
  • Success Rate 82-94%

Cost of Heart Bypass Surgery in Thailand: Detailed Overview

Heart Bypass Surgery Cabg cost in Thailand is between USD 10800 to USD 13200. Patient has to stay in the hospital for 7 days and outside the hospital for 10 days. The total cost of the treatment depends on the diagnosis and facilities opted by the patient.

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery, also known as Heart Bypass Surgery, is a surgical procedure to restore normal blood flow to an obstructed coronary artery.

The procedure aims to bypass narrowings in heart arteries by using arteries or veins taken from other parts of the body, thereby restoring adequate blood flow to the ischemic (lack of blood) heart.

During the CABG procedure, a healthy artery or vein from the body is connected or grafted to the blocked coronary artery. The grafted artery or vein bypasses the blocked portion of the coronary artery.

This Surgery creates a new passage, and oxygen-rich blood goes around the blockage to the heart muscle.

Doctors for Heart Bypass Surgery in Thailand

The right doctor to consult for Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is a Cardiac Surgeon.

Inclusions in the package

The cost of a Heart Bypass includes:

  • Preoperative diagnostic tests cost [blood tests, a chest X-ray, Angiography, an echocardiogram (ECG) and electrocardiogram (EKG)]

  • Surgery cost

  • Post-Operative cost (depends on the number of follow-up sessions)

  • Medicine cost (anticoagulant, antihypertensive, antibiotics, etc.)

  • Patient's hospital stay

Note: Patients undergoing heart bypass surgery should pay special attention to their diet and avoid stress.

Factors affecting cost of Heart Bypass Surgery

The overall cost of the procedure also varies based on the patient's condition and preferences. Some of these factors are:

  • Type of hospital and room opted (General, Twin sharing, or single room)

  • The severity of the disease

  • Post-surgical complication, if it happens (such as wound infection, the prolonged requirement for mechanical ventilation, etc.)

  • Cost of Blood products (if required)

  • Prolonged hospital stay

  • Cost of Accommodation during follow-ups, in case the patient is not a local resident

Cost related to Heart Bypass Surgery in Thailand

Listing approximate price of Heart Bypass Surgery and some related procedures. The prices may change depending upon the centers and condition of the patient.

Treatment name Min. Cost Max. Cost
Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG) USD 10800 USD 13200
Heart Bypass - Minimally Invasive CABG USD 10800 USD 13200
Coronary Artery Surgery USD 10800 USD 13200
Heart Surgery USD 13500 USD 16500

Leading Hospitals for Heart Bypass Surgery in Thailand

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How much does Heart Bypass Surgery cost in different countries?

For patients planning to travel abroad it is useful to know the price in destinations popular with medical travellers. The price for Heart Bypass Surgery in different countries is approximately:

Countries Min. Cost Max. Cost
India USD 3280 USD 4920
Turkey USD 9600 USD 14400
Germany USD 15200 USD 22800
Israel USD 24000 USD 36000
Singapore USD 40000 USD 60000
Malaysia USD 6400 USD 9600

Success Rate

The success rate is usually high and varies between 82-94%. 

Some possible complications include -

  • Bleeding
  • Blood Clot Formation
  • Infection
  • Fever
  • Stroke
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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Heart Bypass Surgery Cost

There are several tests that may be conducted prior to coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery to assess the patient's heart health and determine the best course of treatment. Some of the most common tests include cardiac catheterization, echocardiogram, chest x-ray, stress test, electrocardiogram, Hemoglobin, Blood sugar, Electrolytes, Kidney function, and others. The cost of all the tests is included in the package.

Yes, the cost of medicines is being included in the package but if the patient wants to get medicines from outside then they have to pay for it.

After the surgery, patients typically spend several days in the hospital for recovery. During this time, they will be closely monitored by the medical staff and will receive medications to manage pain and prevent infection. Physical therapy will also be started to help the patient regain strength and mobility.

Recovery after coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) can vary depending on the patient's age, overall health, and the number of bypasses performed. It is important to note that recovery times can vary for each individual and healing process may take longer for some patients. Patients should follow the instructions provided by their surgeon and healthcare team to ensure a safe and successful recovery. The cost of the hospital stay after surgery is being included in the package.

As per the norm the treatment will only be covered if it is under, if the treatment is surgical or if the patient needs treatment for long term.

If your heart function is normal and the blocks in the arteries are lower, the symptoms can be controlled with drugs. But, CABG is recommended when there are multiple blocks in the arteries, you have diabetes, or your heart function is subnormal.

Some patients may consider alternative treatments, such as angioplasty or stenting, which can be less invasive and less expensive than CABG surgery. However, these options may not be suitable for everyone and it's important to discuss the options with a cardiologist or a heart surgeon to determine the best course of treatment.

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