Hair Transplant in India

Hair Transplant in India

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, i.e 'donor site', to a bald or balding part of the body i.e 'recipient site'. The technique is used to treat male pattern baldness. ... Read More

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  • Hair Transplantation Start from INR 96200
  • Hair transplant FUE Start from INR 86580
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Frequently Asked Questions related to Hair Transplant

Beard Transplant

How long after beard transplant can you shave?

After 10 days of the procedure you can shave the signs of the procedure will not be visible after one week. Your new beard hair will fall out after two to three week of the procedure.

When can I shower after beard transplant?

You may wait around 48 hours before washing your beard you can take shower from your body but you have to keep your head and beard dry.

How much time is needed for beard transplant?

It will take around 2-3 hours for beard transplant depending on the amount of graft needed for transplantation.

At what age can you get a beard transplant?

There is no fixed age for undergoing beard transplant but you can go for the till 25 years of age, till your beard growth has completed.

Do the transplanted hair grows?

Your transplanted hair will begin to fall out after 15 to 30 days of the surgery but new follicles are ready for growth. About 90 days your beard growth will be completed and follicles have settled in their place.

What are the procedure and technique of beard transplant?

In the process if beard hair transplant hair is usually taken from the scalp and then they are transplanted to the facial region.  Beard hair transplant give thick density of hair in the beard and moustache. In the process of beard hair transplant hair is transplanted from the scalp to the beard.  Men will go for the procedure of facial hair transplant and to make their beard thick and to partly cover the area of baldness. The newly transplanted hair can be  shaved and hairstyles can be made out of it. The technique used in transplantation of beard hair is follicular unit extraction technique. In this technique hair is taken from the back or posterior side of the scalp. The newly transplanted hair is then re-implanted with the help of implanter.

How long does beard transplant take to heal?

It will only take around 10 days for beard transplant to heal the result is quick and the result will subside within a week.

Do beard transplants leave scars?

The scar of beard hair transplant is very small it is not visible. The scars will only be visible when you shave your beard.

How many grafts are needed for beard transplant?

The number of grafts needed for beard transplant depends on the bald are in the beard  and the density required. The number of grafts may take around 300 to 600.

Do beard transplants work?

Yes, beard transplant definitely works as long as you have hair on your face and other body part hair transplant is definitely going to work.

Is fue beard transplant safe?

Yes, beard transplant is completely safe procedure there are only some temporary side effects of the procedures which subsides with time.

How painful is beard transplant?

Beard transplant surgery is done in an outpatient procedure using local anaesthesia  you are not likely to experience any pain and discomfort during the procedure. You may have some swelling and redness for some days.

What are the risk and side effects of beard transplant?

As this procedure is done under local anesthesia there will be no side effects and the pain is also very minimum. You will have some swelling after the procedure which will go within some days

What are the advantages of Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant  can hide the facial scars, cleft chin or the damage done by any burn or low density of hair. The transplanted  hair will grow naturally within some months which result in thicker density of hair and full beard.

Does beard transplant look natural?

Yes, beard transplant looks natural it gives natural looking result for loss hair. Hair transplanted from the beard doesn’t grow thick as beard hair but it grows like thin hair.

Hair Transplantation

Is Hair transplant procedure permanent or will transplanted hair also fall off?

Besides, the original non-transplanted hair can also shed from the recipient area. This does not mean that the original hair has been permanently damaged. This is rather a result of 'shock' from the surgery, since the transplanted hairs may push out the natural ones as they set in a new place.

What are precautions to take after hair transplant?

Avoid hard work and exercising for one week after the procedure. Avoid weight lifting, or carrying high weights for 10 to 14 days after the procedure.

What is the nature of hair growth after Hair Transplantation?

It's normal for the transplanted hair to fall out two to three weeks after the procedure. This makes way for new hair growth. Most people will see some amount of new hair growth 8 to 12 months after surgery.

Any specific age to get an hair transplant?

The most suitable age for a person to have a hair transplant is when their hair loss has stabilized, this is the age when you notice that you no longer have active hair loss, and that your balding pattern is evident.

How long is the recovery period ?

Most people can return to work several days after surgery. It's normal for the transplanted hair to fall out two to three weeks after the procedure. This makes way for new hair growth. Most people will see some amount of new hair growth 8 to 12 months after surgery.

What is ideal number of graft for Hair Transplantation surgery?

In the average case, hair grafts can range from 500 to 2,500. If the patient requires more than 2,500 grafts, the procedure should be divided into 2 sessions that are 6 months apart.

Is Hair transplantation painful procedure ?

Postoperative pain in most of the patients occurs after hair transplantation surgery. Patient is advised for pain killers and anitbiotics for 4 days post surgery.

What are the number of grafts that can be transplanted in single session ?

The number of grafts that can be transplanted during a single session will vary depending on the patient but each session typically involves a range from 600 grafts up to 3,000 grafts

Does Hair Transplantation require hospital stay ?

Hair transplant is a day care procedure. Patient goes back to their accomodation, the same day post procedure. However, the patient is advised to stay nearby the hospital for next 4 days minimum.

What is the duration of the surgery?

The process will take about 4 to 8 hours.

Hair transplant FUE

How much time is needed for FUE hair transplant?

It usually takes 6 to 8 hours to perform the surgery but if the required number of grafts are more than one or two days may also be needed.

When you can cut your hair after FUE hair transplant?

You should wait till your scabs are completely fallen off. The safe period of cutting your hair is after four to five month from the day of hair transplant for better result. If your healing process is slow and you are having some redness, swelling then you should wait for more time to get new haircut.

Does FUE hair transplant require any anaesthesia?

Yes, FUE hair transplant is done in local anaesthesia.

How FUE hair transplant surgery is done?

In FUE hair transplant procedure first the donor area is trimmed to a length of about 1mm so that doctor can estimate the angulations of the follicular units.

In FUE hair transplant procedure grafts are extracted with the help of automated FUE machine which doesn’t cause any damage to the grafts. In FUE hair transplant procedure within a single day up to 4000 grafts can be used for covering the bald area. If more grafts are needed than 4000 then it will need more than one day. FUE hair transplant procedure is done under local anaesthesia, in which anaesthesia is given in the donor area.  After extracting the follicles, local anaesthesia is given in the recipient area. Then the grafts are transplanted with the help of an automated machine has a small round punch which rotates and make a circular incision of about 0.7 to 0.9mm. Each graft consists of mainly of 1 to 4 hairs which are transplanted

What should you do after getting FUE hair transplant?

  • You should avoid swimming for at least 1 month after surgery.
  • Be careful while getting into the car.
  • Drink water as much as you can.
  • For the first 2 weeks avoid bending your head down, otherwise, you will face the problem of swelling.
  • Avoid scratching or any string rubbing your head.
  • You should protect your head from hard sunlight and heavy rain.
  • The most important thing is the PRP injection that should be taken on time.
  • Avoid using any kind of chemical shampoos or oil from the markets.

When can one start exercising after a FUE hair transplant?

1-3 days after your hair transplant you should not do any activity. After 4 to 9 days you can do some light exercise and after 10 days you can do cardio and after one month you can do weight training.

When you should cut your hair after FUE hair transplant?

You should wait till your scabs are completely fallen off. The safe period of cutting your hair is after four to five month from the day of hair transplant for better result. If your healing process is slow and you are having some redness, swelling then you should wait for more time to get new haircut.

Is there any maintenance needed after FUE hair transplant?

You will have an antiseptic dressing applied to the donor area of your scalp. Medication such as painkillers and anti-inflammatories has to be taken post surgery. In some cases you may be given antibiotics to prevent infection. Surgeons also prescribe a medication to improve hair growth afterwards .

How do I protect my natural hairs after a hair transplant?

After the hair transplantation healing process is completed, normal hair care will be sufficient to protect your hair. Again, please remember to act according to your doctor's instructions at this point.

How effective is FUE hair transplant?

FUE Hair Transplant is the best solution to your hair loss problem because it is a permanent solution to hair loss problem . FUE hair transplant is a long-term, natural-looking hair restoration treatment. During FUE hair transplant removes hair follicles from one part of your body, known as the donor area and transplants them to the balding area. This method is totally painless, no scars, less risk and get natural-looking hairline after hair transplant

Is an FUE transplant successful?

Yes, FUE hair transplant is successful. This is a method of Hair Transplantation where the follicular units are extracted individually by means of an FUE machine from the back of the head and are implanted where they are required. There is no need to take the strip of scalp technique, hence there is no need for stitches. The recovery is hence much quicker, is less painful and leaves no linear scar at the back of the head.

Is a FUE hair transplant painful?

Follicular unit extraction technique donor area is trimmed to a length of about 1mm so that doctor can estimate the angulations of the follicular units. Grafts are extracted with the help of automated FUE (Follicular unit extraction)within a single day up to 4000 grafts can be used for covering the bald area. The grafts are transplanted with the help of an automated machine has a small round punch which rotates and make a circular incision of about 0.7 to 0.9mm. FUE is done under local anesthesia you will not feel any pain during the procedure because the area is completely numb. But it is more uncomfortable and the ability to withstand pain is different from person to person while some person doesn't feel ant pain while some patients feel slight pain. Giving local anesthesia is somewhat painful mainly in temple region. After the surgery you will not have any pain and you will be prescribed with medications for controlling your pain.

What are the advantages of FUE hair transplant?

  • FUE hair transplant procedure doesn’t give any scars like it does in strip extraction method
  • FUE transplant is very less invasive and it doesn’t cause any pain or bleeding
  • FUE transplant doesn’t leave any scar in the donor area
  • FUE transplant gives very faster result because of the number of unit which are extracted.
  • During extraction the grafts are not much damaged
  • You can go back to work early and this technique gives faster recovery
  • FUE transplant gives natural result with densely packed hair

Which hair transplant is better FUE or FUT?

Although, both have almost the same procedure, FUE has more advantage over FUT method. FUE is outright the better option for those who do not want obvious scars. FUE scars are small and round, as compared to FUT method which provides long and linear. Moreover, number of graft depends upon the patient donor site, and there is some specific number of grafts in both procedures. But somehow, FUE provides greater number of grafts as there is no need to leave some hair to hide the scar. FUE hair transplants acquire much less time of recovery compared to FUT methods. The reason behind this involves that only individual follicles are isolated leaving only small penetrate wounds. The FUE method will leave you with approximately no post-surgical pain and has a standard recovery time of fewer than 7 days, compared to FUT transplants, which require much longer for recovery. The cost of FUE will appear much higher than FUT because most FUE variants require a lot of time. After all, FUE surgeons remove and transplant follicles graft-by-graft. However, the cost per hair with FUE is often lower than FUT because you can expect 0.3 to 1.0 more hairs with each graft.

Does FUE hair transplant look natural?

Yes, FUE hair transplant looks completely natural. It gives look just like your existing hair with good density.

What should a person know before going for FUE hair transplant?

  • your requirement of grafts
  • donor area capacity
  • treatment of existing hair fall if any
  • doctor and there team who will be doing the procedure . there experience , past satisfied results etc
  • option for body hair transplant in case of insufficient donor area
  • donor graft quality
  • which area need to be covered
  • how many session required
  • future availability of donor hair
  • risk , side effects, duration of the procedure, timeline of transplanted hair, the  final results time, pre and post procedure precaution

Hair transplation DHI

How direct hair implantation works

DHI is a modified version of FUE, during this procedure your surgeon will remove hair follicle from your scalp usually from the back side of your head and then they are implanted into the bald part of the scalp.  It is done under following steps:

  • Your head will be shave and local anaesthesia will be given for numbing the area.
  • Using a fine tip, your surgeon will extract hair follicles from your back of your head.
  • In a pen shaped tool the hair follicles will be loaded and then they are transplanted into the bald area of your scalp.
  • Antibiotic and bandages will be applied to it.

Which doctor performs DHI hair transplant?

In DHI all the procedures are performed by MCI registered and highly trained professional surgeons.

Who needs a DHI procedure?

You can go for DHI if your age is more than 25 years and your hair density is very less and you want to get thicker hair.

Is it safe to do hair transplants?

With the invention of modern techniques like DHI the process of hair transplant has become very safe, it can e completed within few hours and it gives permanent and lifetime result.

What is DHI?

Direct hair implantation (DHI) is a modification of the FUE technique created by the company DHI Global Medical Group

Direct hair implantation (DHI) is a modified technique of FUE, as in FUE a surgeon makes holes in your scalp before implanting the hair follicles, in DHI a specialized pen shaped device is used for both making holes and transplanting the hair follicles.

How much time is needed for DHI?

It will take around  six to eight hours to perform the procedure depending upon the number of grafts.

Is DHI better than FUE?

In FUE hair transplant procedure surgeon makes holes in your scalp for inserting your hair follicles. In DHI incisions are made and hair are transplanted at the same time. There is no long scar which is made in this procedure.

What you should do after your hair transplant?

You should wash your hair after 36 hours of the procedure. You should go to the clinic for hair washing. After washing your hair drying should be done using a soft clean towel, you  should not scab your scab. The scabs will be removed in 10-15 days. Protect your hair from direct sunlight and take medicines as prescribed by doctor.

What is the success rate of DHI?

The success rate of DHI is 90 percent. It is only done by DHI hair specialist the desire depth and angle can be adjusted easily. It gives natural appearance of hair.

What are the side effects of DHI?

Some of the temporary side effects of DHI are negative reaction of anaesthesia, infection, pain, swelling, undesired appearance and dizziness.

What are the things you need to do before DHI?

You should need to follow some instructions before your hair transplant such as:

  • Wash your hair and scalp
  • Don’t use any hair styling product like hair spray and gels
  • If you are taking any blood thinner medicines then avoid it one week before the procedure
  • Wear loose shirt or any clothes that can be easily removed from your head.
  • Don’t smoke and drink alcohol before one week of the procedure.

Is DHI Hair Transplant permanent?

Yes, DHI hair transplant gives permanent result.

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