Medical Park Group, Istanbul

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Medical Park Group, Istanbul
Medical Park Group, Istanbul
  • JCI accreditation
  • Istanbul
  • 5600 Beds
  • Established in : 1993
  • Multi Specialty

About Hospital

As Istanbul is gearing to become one of the world’s preferred destinations for medical treatments; it has raised the choices amongst several hospitals and clinics. Hence, doctors and specialists have gathered to form Medical Park Group for successful medical outcomes with healthcare solutions. Patients from Middle East, Europe, Asia, North America entrust Medical Park doctors for their treatments.

Continuously serving patients with their healthcare services since 1993, irrespective of socioeconomic status, the hospitals boost the quality and quantity of services meeting higher service standards following the principle “healthcare for all”. 

Medical Park Hospitals provides qualitative therapeutic and diagnostic services in all hospitals, with three accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) with specialists, patient-oriented service approach using technological intelligence under one roof. The hospitals ensure to serve and heal patients for a ‘healthier’ Turkey.


Over 40 Languages Spoken!

Help desk section is setup at each of the complex to guide medical tourists and provide translation services in over 40 languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish and more!

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Hospital Address

Otakcilar Cd. No:78 Flat Ofis Aqua Court E Blok 3. Kat Eyup

Istanbul 34050


Top Doctors At Medical Park Group, Istanbul


Medical Park, with its modern infrastructure and advanced technology certified with Joint Commission International accreditation, provides medical services to its patients across the globe.  Medical Group Hospitals continue to spread its wings in more than 760 thousand square meters, 200 operating theatres, and 5,600 beds since its inception in 1993. 

An Insight of Key Medical Specialties & Procedures at Medical Park Antalya!

Medical Park Antalya is the first Joint Commission International accreditation in the Mediterranean region. Equipped with the advanced, cutting-edge technologies, such as Nuclear Medicine, LINAC (Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Unit) and PET/CT, the complex shines out in the crowd in different specialties including Bone Marrow Transplantation, Organ Transplantation, Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Immunology, Medical Oncology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Psychiatric & Psychological Counselling and more! 


The largest group hospital in Turkey, Medical Park Hospitals Group, which got into the act of the Turkish business hospital in 1993, provides healthcare services in 28 hospitals across 17 cities.

Istinye University Bahcesehir Liv Hospital

Academic approach of Istinye University, when combined with patient-oriented service approach of Liv Hospital, makes Istinye University Bahcesehir Liv Hospital. With an aim to achieve ‘excellence’ in healthcare services, it holds a perfect combination of dedicated physicians and modern infrastructure. 

The hospital started operating in December 2016 catering tertiary care services in all departments, including Transplantation Center, Vascular Health Center, Medical Oncology, Oncologic Surgeries, and more. It is a 21-storeyed hospital covering an indoor area of 62,500 square meters, equipped with smart, latest technology for treatments. The hospital provides 5-star hotel comfort to all the patients and relatives. The lounge has a Cafe, where visitors enjoy amiable service. 


Istinye University Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital

With its services since 2015, the hospital continues to serve patients in a capacity of 197 in-patient beds and 15 operating theaters covering an indoor space of 67,000 square meters. 

Due to innovative technologies and advanced treatment, the hospital is able to make a distinguished name in every field from infrastructure to medical staff to academic title. The hospital strives to deliver healthcare services meeting the highest standards in all departments and is especially known for the management and treatment of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cancer. 


I.A.U VM Medical Park Florya Hospital

The hospital started its operations in March 2017 which houses regional healthcare academic professionals, technological infrastructure and dedicated specialists. Being the first hospital introduced under ‘Value Added Medicine’ (VM) in Istanbul, the hospital excels in providing healthcare services with its patient-oriented approach, expert staff and advanced technology. 

The hospital holds a capacity of 300 beds, 13 operating theaters, and 92 outpatient clinics with in area of 51,000 square meters. As it is a university hospital housing all medical and surgical branches, it prioritize patient comfort and pioneers in all departments, such as oncology, bariatric surgery, gynecology, etc. meeting international quality. 


BAU Medical Park Goztepe Hospital

BAU Medical Park Goztepe Hospital complex is a Joint Commission International accredited Hospital which holds a capacity of 293 beds, 9 operating theaters, 64 intensive care beds under the supervision of 150+ doctors and 1,000 employees. 

It is the first cancer hospital owned in Turkey, equipped with advanced diagnosis and treatment units, such as PET-CT and Linear Accelerator device. Patients receive anti-cancer treatment in all kinds of required departments including Medical Oncology, Cancer Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Genetics, Psychology, etc. The hospital also has a well-known Dental Department with qualified dentists who are well-versed with a full spectrum of dental services from tooth whitening to implant. 


Altınbaş University Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital 

Starting its operations since 2007, the hospital complex provides healthcare services meeting international standards, pioneers in bone marrow transplantation, performs cardiac surgeries using minimally invasive surgery techniques, handles pediatric services, and is amongst the limited Neurostimulator centers! 

The healthcare services follows 360-degree service approach giving 5-star hotel comfort to the patients. Services like Wi-Fi access, ATM, parking lot are available for patients and relatives. 


VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital

The hospital complex spreads over 62 thousand square meters, holds a capacity of 400 beds, 10 operating theaters, and 63 intensive care unit beds under the supervision of 100+ physicians. It renders healthcare services in 57 departments ranging from neurology to cardiology, orthopedics to gynecology. 

The hospital offers the ‘Liv Concept’ service in 19 outpatient clinics, where highly-qualified physicians use the advanced medical treatment for successful outcomes. 


VM Medical Park Kocaeli Hospital

This hospital is being the largest privately owned hospital in Kocaeli, adopts patient-oriented superior service approach with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. With an indoor area of 48 thousand square meters, this hospital has 101 outpatient clinics, 10 operating rooms, and 151 beds. 

VM Medical Park Kocaeli Hospital brings a new face in the healthcare field with advanced, cutting-edge techniques and well-experienced physicians. 


Medical Park Silivri Hospital

Medical Park Group of Hospitals has extended its qualitative healthcare services to Silivri. The hospital spreads in an area of 12,230 square meters with 45+ doctors and dedicated nursing staff. 

Being equipped with the latest, cutting-edge techniques, the hospital has 115 patient beds, 37 intensive care unit beds, 21 General Intensive care beds, 6 Neonatal Intensive care beds and 10 coronary intensive care beds. The hospital complex renders medical services in 17 departments in a capacity of 32 outpatient clinics and 4 operating theaters.


Medical Park Ankara Hospital

Medical Park Ankara Hospital follows patient-oriented service approach with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic modalities that prioritizes their policy ‘Health for Everybody’. 

The hospital offers qualitative medical services in an area of 22 thousand square meters, 158 beds, 52 intensive care beds, 6 operating theaters and 80 outpatient clinics. The hospital complex also follows the ‘VM concept’ based on healthcare services meeting the demands of guests in terms of quality and quantity. 


VM Medical Park Mersin Hospital

Adopting the ‘VM concept’, VM Medical Park Mersin Hospital provides healthcare services in many departments such as interventional radiology, gynecology, bariatric surgery, metabolic surgery, pediatric surgery, etc. to patients in Turkey and across the globe. 

The hospital complex provides flawless services giving 5-star hotel comfort to patients and family members. Some of the rooms have exclusive services, such as television, Wi-Fi access and personalized menu. Prayer rooms, parking lot, valet services are some of the specialized services offered. 


VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital

Named after the slogan ‘Value Added Medicine’, the hospital spreads in an area of 55,000 square meters with a capacity of 270 beds, 10 operating theaters, and 83 intensive beds. The hospital offers heliport services for emergency cases and transfers

The hospital is known for providing flawless service enabling 5-star hotel comfort. Some of the exclusive services provided are television, internet access, specialized diet menu, newspaper-magazine services. One of the features of this hospital is world-class service approach of LIV (Leading International Vision) hospital using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods. 


Medical Park Izmir Hospital 

Being the largest private hospital of Aegean region, the hospital complex houses a wide range of Oncology services due to availability of advanced, cutting-edge devices, such as PET-CT, Gamma-Knife technology and LINAC devices. 

Covering an area of 46,000 square meters, the hospital holds a capacity of 301 beds, 88 intensive care beds, including 29 Internal-Surgical Intensive care beds, 7 Cardiovascular Intensive Care beds, 7 Coronary Intensive Care beds, and 35 Incubators for Neonatal Intensive Care unit. This hospital is well-known for various departments, such as Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Organ Transplantation and Microsurgery.  


Medical Park Gaziantep Hospital

This healthcare facility is built on an indoor area of 30,000 square meters serving in 34 different departments, including Internal Medicine, Surgery, Diagnostics, and Rehabilitation departments. 

Since its opening in 2008, the hospital caters medical services using advanced, cutting-edge equipment, technological intelligence under the supervision of medical personnel. The complex comprises 9 operating theaters equipped with Laminar Flow and HEPA filtered sterile ventilation systems. The hospital is well-known for performing successful oncologic surgeries. 

The hospital has specialized Oncology center, where physicians perform operations meeting international standards in several fields, such as Oncologic surgery, Radiation Oncology, medical surgery and oncologic rehabilitation. 

Rheumatology department is one of the departments which is not available in any other private hospital, is put into service over here. It has experienced physicians who treat several diseases such as Osteoporosis, Gout, Lupus disease, Vasculitis, etc. 


VM Medical Park Samsun Hospital

VM Medical Park Samsun Hospital is the only private hospital that has an entire floor for Adult, Neonatal and Coronary Intensive Care Units. The hospital performs 250+ angiographies and 50+ open heart surgeries every month. The complex has fully-fledged angiography laboratory aside from neurology, radiology and nuclear medicine departments. Additionally, there are 8 operating theaters equipped with special instruments for cardiovascular surgery providing 24/7 healthcare service to the patients. 


Medical Park Yildiz Hospital

Being the twenty-eighth hospital of Medical Park chain, this hospital excels in offering healthcare services in an indoor area of 12,000 square meters, including 107 beds, 17 ICU beds, 12 Neonatal ICU beds, 6 operating theaters implemented by 45 physicians and 350 nursing personnel.


Medical Park Karadeniz Hospital

Spread over 8,000 square meters, this hospital serves healthcare services in a capacity of 87 patient beds, 26 intensive care beds, 2 operating rooms run by 40 doctors and 332 personnel.

The hospital specializes in several departments such as Cardiology, Neurology, Gynecology, General Surgery, and more. The hospital is designed with a 24/7 cafeteria for patients and their relatives.


Medical Park Ordu Hospital

Being the 13th hospital of the Medical Park chain, this hospital has been providing qualitative, budget-friendly medical services in the Black Sea region since it has started operating. The complex comprises 47 intensive care beds, 19 general intensive care unit beds, 10 coronary intensive care unit, 12 neonatal intensive care unit, and 206 inpatient beds. 

It serves healthcare services in all branches including Cardiology, Cardiovascular surgery, Gastroenterology, Medical Oncology, Psychiatry. The hospital premises is equipped with the advanced digital imaging modalities, magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray, computerized tomography, mammography, bone densitometry, mobile X-ray scanner, ultrasound for diagnostic and treatment processes. 


Karadeniz Eregli Hospital

Being the first private hospital of Eregli operating since 2007, the complex spreads in an area of 9,000 square meters holding a capacity of 113 beds with a workforce of 226 personnel and 30+ medical professionals. 

The hospital continues to provide healthcare services in several departments. It has Physical and Rehabilitation center, intensive care unit, operation theaters, radiology unit, emergency room and a sleep laboratory. 


Canakkale Hospital

The hospital started its operations on February 22, 2006. It fulfills healthcare needs under the capacity of two operating theaters, 75 beds run by 186 medical personnel. The hospital provides 24/7 emergency service which admits patients round the clock. The emergency department is equipped with the advanced diagnostic methods supported by healthcare professionals and nursing staff.

The complex has six incubators in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which provides advanced care to infants with high risks such as premature birth, multiple pregnancies, babies with health problems. The staff closely monitors the patients under the supervision of pediatricians. 


Medical Park Batman Hospital

The hospital complex spreads in an area of 14,800 square meters and achieved the highest admission of patients across Turkey in 2007 and 2008. The hospital has a workforce of experienced doctors providing healthcare services meeting international standards. It has general and neonatal intensive care units equipped with modern, state-of-the-art technology, sterile operation theaters with Laminar airflow and HEPA filtered ventilation systems.

The hospital is preferred by international hospitals especially Northern Iraq. It has advanced digital imaging techniques including magnetic resonance, computerized tomography, 4D ultrasonography, digital mammography, fluoroscopy, and bone densitometry.


Medical Park Elazig Hospital

Having a total of 206 inpatient beds along with 79 intensive care beds, 13 operating rooms, 3 delivery rooms, the hospital provides healthcare services at international standards promoting health tourism in the near future. 

The hospital uses high-tech, advanced equipment like 1.5 Tesla  MRI, 128-slice CT, 4D ultrasound and virtual angiography unit. The complex has 66 outpatient clinics in 28 different departments including cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, ENT, urology, medical oncology and more.


Medical Park Tokat Hospital

The hospital conducts its medical activities in an area of 14,000 square meters within a capacity of 100 beds and 6 operating rooms. The hospital is designed with suite rooms and single rooms keeping in mind the socioeconomic status of the patients. 

The hospital holds expertise in several departments including Neurology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Urology, ENT, Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Psychology. 


Medical Park Antalya - “Health for Everybody”!

Medical Park Antalya, the largest private hospital of the Mediterranean region, excels in providing medical services across 33 departments with a capacity of 84 outpatient clinic rooms, 228 inpatient beds and 10 operating theaters, ensuring a convenient location and caring atmosphere for international and domestic patients. 

Crowned with the title ‘Organ Transplantation Center’, more than 600 organ transplants are performed annually. It has been consecutively ranked 1st for the 3rd time for delivering the best transplant services. Patients receive all the required treatment services within the complex and that too without leaving the hospital. 

The hospital complex also has dedicated international patient supervisors who assist in travel, .insurance coordination, visa assistance, accommodation, language translation and interpretation. It has rooms and suites with WiFi, telephone, TV, safe, catering and minibar.

Easily, Accessible Location!

Medical Park Antalya is at a distance of 13.2 Kms from Antalya International Airport. The drive takes about 20 minutes. Taxis or shuttles are easily available from the airport to the hospital. The airport is facilitated with numerous ATMs at all terminals, wide range of bars, cafes, fast-food restaurants & shopping complex including duty-free options, lost & found offices, children’s playground, a well-organized medical staff, four mosques, change rooms and more!


Comfort During Stay

  • TV in room
  • Private rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Phone in Room
  • Mobility accessible rooms
  • Family accommodation
  • Laundry
  • Welcome
  • Safe in the room
  • Nursery / Nanny services
  • Dry cleaning
  • Personal assistance / Concierge
  • Religious facilities
  • Fitness
  • Spa and wellness
  • Café
  • Business centre services
  • Shop
  • Dedicated smoking areas
  • Beauty Salon
  • Special offer for group stays
  • Parking available

Money Matters

  • Health insurance coordination
  • Medical travel insurance
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • ATM
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Netbanking


  • Diet on Request
  • Restaurant
  • International Cuisine
  • Self-Cooking

Treatment Related

  • Medical records transfer
  • Online doctor consultation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pharmacy
  • Document legalisation
  • Post operative followup


  • Interpreter
  • Translation services


  • Airport pickup
  • Local tourism options
  • Local transportation booking
  • Visa / Travel office
  • Car Hire
  • Private driver / Limousine services
  • Shopping trip organisation
  • Air ambulance