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  • Prof. Dr. Med. Martin Strik

    Colo-Rectal Surgeon, Berlin, Germany

    Chief, 23 years of experience , , Helios Hospital, Berlin  Highlights
    • Prof. Dr. Med. Martin Strik is a surgical oncologist with 23+ years of experience.
    • His clinical interest lies in Surgical Oncology, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Oncologic Surgery of Upper and Lower GI, Pancreatic and Hepatic Surgery, Esophagus and Stomach Surgery, Colorectal Surgery (malignant and benign), Abdominal Soft Tissue Tumors (Sarcomas), Coloproctology, Endocrine Surgery, Thyroid Surgery and Incisional Hernia surgery.
    • He graduated from the University of Wurzburg, Germany and post-graduation from the University of Bern, Switzerland.
    • He also did a surgical residency at the University Hospital, Freiburg.
    • Dr. Strik is certified by the German Cancer Society, German Hernia Society and German Society for General and Visceral Surgery.
    • He has authored many scientific papers and publications for national journals.
    • He is a speaker of the German HNPCC-Study group and secretary of the CAMO.

    Surgical Oncology, Minimal Invasive Surgery, Oncologic Surgery of Upper and Lower GI, Pancreatic and Hepatic Surgery, Esophagus and Stomach Surgery, Colorectal Surgery (malignant and benign), Abdominal Soft Tissue Tumors (Sarcomas), Coloproctology, Endocrine Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Incisional Hernia Surgery
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  • Prof. Dr. Med. Frank Kolligs

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Berlin, Germany

    Chief, 17 years of experience , , Helios Hospital, Berlin  Highlights
    • Prof. Dr. Med. Frank Kolligs is a gastroenterologist with 17+ years of experience.
    • His areas of expertise include gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy, ultrasound and functional diagnosis.
    • He is a recognized expert in the treatment of liver cancer and colorectal cancer.
    • Dr. Kolligs is engaged in scientific activities at the University of Marburg and the University of Michigan, USA.
    • He also participates in conferences of specialized societies.
    • He completed his graduation and post-graduation from eminent universities in Germany.

    Endoscopy, Ultrasound and functional diagnosis
  • Dr. Rainer Porschen

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Bremen, Germany

    Director, 37 years of experience , , Bremen Ost Clinic, Bremen  Highlights

    • Dr. Rainer Porschen is an ace Oncologist and a Gastroenterologist based in Bremen with a rich experience of 37 years in the field.  
    • He is among the best-rated gastroenterologists in Europe and was ranked among the top 100 doctors of Germany by FOCUS magazine for the treatment of GI lesions. 
    • He is a professional member of several medical societies of Germany that deal with the treatment of rectum and cancer, ulcerative colitis, pancreatic cancer, Barrett’s syndrome and reflux disease.   
    • In 1973, he completed his graduation from the National University of Aachen and in 1980 received his doctorate from the Institute of Medicine of the Nuclear Research Center, Jülich.  
    • His area of expertise is in the treatment of tumours of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, X-ray diagnostics and in conducting colonoscopy.  He has also performed gastric bypass and Colectomy procedures. 
    • He has authored several papers for various publications. 

    Pancreatic cancer Stomach cancer Pancreatitis Cholelithiasis Ulcerative colitis Cirrhosis Polyps of the gastrointestinal tract Crohn's disease Gastrocele
  • Dr. Huseyin Bektas

    Colo-Rectal Surgeon, Bremen, Germany

    Chief, 20 years of experience , , Bremen Ost Clinic, Bremen  Highlights
    • Dr. Huseyin Bektas is a Surgical Oncologist. He is Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences. 
    • Dr. Bektas is a member of The Association of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, German Society for Surgery, Association of Northwest German Surgeons, Association of German Surgeons, International College of Surgeon, Regenerative Medicine and Experimental Surgery (ReMediES).  He is also a   Board Member of SAZ Children’s Fund.
    • Dr.Bektas studied medicine at Medizinische Hochschule Hanover (MHH, Hanover) where he teaches too.
    • His areas of interest are, performing liver resection procedures and treating pancreatic cancer and transplant, Hepatocellular carcinoma and Gastric cancer.
    • He has contributed significantly to many scientific publications. 

    Stomach Cancer Small Intestine Cancer Sigmoid Adenocarcinoma Rectal Cancer Colon Cancer
  • Dr. Johann Ockenga

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Bremen, Germany

    Colo-Rectal Surgeon HOD, 20 years of experience , , Bremen Ost Clinic, Bremen  Highlights

    •  Dr. Johann Ockenga is a Surgical Oncologist and a Gastrointestinal Surgeon at Bremen-Mitte Clinic with an experience of 20 years. 
    •  He was the Secretary of the German Society of Nutritional Medicine (2012). He has worked on several projects to develop guidelines for nutritional medicine. He has also contributed to the review of the World Journal of Gastroenterology. 
    •  He possesses expertise in treating Sigmoid adenocarcinoma, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Hepatitis B, Liver Diseases, Immunology and Colon cancer. 
    •  He has contributed several papers to various publications over his career of two decades.  

    Sigmoid adenocarcinoma Hepatocellular Carcinoma Hepatitis B Liver Diseases Immunology Colon cancer
  • Dr. med. Skander Bouassida

    Surgical Gastroenterologist, Berlin, Germany

    Colo-Rectal Surgeon Head of Department, 18 years of experience , , Vivantes Hospital Group  Highlights
    • Dr. med. Skander Bouassida is a Surgical Gastroenterologist with 18+ years of experience in the field of Coloproctology.
    • He is a member of the German Society of Coloproctology (DGK), German Continence Society (DKG), European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP), and German Society of General and Visceral Surgery (DGAV).
    • He has been honored by numerous awards and Gold Medals including an Award of the German Society of Coloproctology (DGK) for work about anal fistula (LIFT-Procedure), etc.
    • He completed his medical education at the University of Leipzig, Germany in 1997, and he was a Fellow of the European Board for Surgical Qualification – section Coloproctology (EBSQ-C) in 2014.
    • He has authored more than 100 publications in various scientific national and international journals.
    • Dr. Bouassida is well-versed with procedures such as Laparoscopic minimally invasive colorectal surgery, Robotic-assisted minimally invasive colorectal surgery, Transanal minimally invasive surgery, no scar surgery, Laser surgery in proctology, Reconstructive anorectal surgery, D‘Hoore robotic rectopexy with bioimplant, Botox-supported technique proctology, etc.

    Laparoscopic minimally invasive colorectal surgery Robotic-assisted minimally invasive colorectal surgery Transanal minimally invasive surgery, no scar surgery Radical colorectal & extended resection in high-grade cancer Laser surgery in proctology Sacral neuromodulation for fecal incontinence, constipation, overactive bladder & neurogenic urinary malfunction Reconstructive anorectal surgery D‘Hoore robotic rectopexy with bioimplant Botox-supported technique proctology Surgery of colostomy Artificial hydraulic anal sphincter substitute Minimally invasive proctology Hereditary colon cancer Minimally Invasive Surgery Robot-Assisted Surgery (DaVinci) LASER surgery Treatment of fecal incontinence and defecation disorders

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