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Prostate Cancer-Surgical Cost in India

Prostate Cancer-Surgical Cost in India

Medical Travel Cost

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Prostate Cancer-Surgical Cost In India

For A Patient From Singapore

Prostate Cancer-Surgical Price USD 4,900 ( 6,708 Singapore Dollar ) No. of Travellers 2 Days in Hospital 3 Days Outside Hospital 14 Total days in India 17

Prostate Cancer Surgery

Types of Prostate Cancer

  • Localized cancer –contained within the prostate
  • Locally advanced cancer
  • Recurrent cancer comes back after previous treatment
  • Metastatic cancer – when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.


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Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer

  • Age– the chances of having prostate cancer increase with advancing age.
  • Ethnicity- Black men more  likely to get prostate cancer.
  • Family history– having a first degree relative with prostate cancer increases the risk.
  • Diet, obesity are also important contributing factors.


Signs and Symptoms

Clinically the patient presents with symptoms of:

  • Urination troubles like frequent urging, difficulty in commencing urination, blood in urine
  • Excess level of PSA (protein specific antigen) in blood
  • Bone fractures seen in metastatic cases of cancer prostate
  • There may be urinary /fecal incontinence in advanced cases


Tests and Diagnosis

  • Medical health  history of the patient taken into account
  • Prostate cancer is commonly detected  by PSA (prostate specific antigen) test of blood
  • DRE– Digital Rectal Examination and  Trans rectal ultrasound also performed which aid diagnosis
  • Biopsy is usually performed to confirm diagnosis
  • To determine the stage of cancer, imaging studies like bone CT scan or MRI  scan



  • Depends on the spread of cancer in the prostate gland
  • In early stages the aim of treatment is cure
  • In advanced stages the aim is to expand life and relieve symptoms
  • Health and age of patient


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Active Surveillance

Screening at regular intervals to closely monitor the state of patients prostate, without immediate treatment.



The main benefit of surgery is the prostate with the cancer is removed .

Prostatectomy : Usually performed for:

  • Clinically Localized cancer.
  • If age young and fast growing tumor.
  • Here the surgeon removes the entire prostate gland and may remove surrounding tissues, lymph nodes and the seminal vesicles.
  • Taking out lymph node reduces the risk of cancer recurrence.
  • It may be performed laparoscopic ally or by open approach.

After Surgery

  • Monitoring in recovery
  • Drain put for excess fluids
  • Catheter put in
  • Stocking and pumps to reduce the risk of clot formation
  • In 7-10 days cystogram performed and catheter removed
  • Within 2-4 weeks return to normal activities
  • Medication given to help erection


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Risks associated with surgery

  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Damage to nearby organs
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Urinary incontinence



 This therapy uses high energy beams of X- rays to treat prostate cancer by damaging the cells. It is useful in cases when:

  • When cancer is low grade and limited locally to the prostate
  • As treatment of choice along with hormonal therapy for cancer that has grown into surrounding tissue
  • For cancer that recurs
  • For metatstatic advanced cancers for palliative relief

Types of Radiation Therapy

  • Brachytherapy– also called seed implantation, herein small radioactive pellets are placed on prostateand they give off their radiation at low dose over several weeks or months.
  • External Beam Radiation also known as EBRT in which beams are focused on prostate from outside the body.

After Effects of Radiation

  • Bowel problems– diarrhoea, blood in stool
  • Urinary symptoms– radiation cystitis, urinary incontinence
  • Erection problems
  • Fatigue
  • Lymphedema


Hormonal Therapy

  • Does not cure, it’s a temporary therapy and  just slows the cancer growth or used as palliative therapy in metatstatic cases.
  • It  aims to decrease production or block action of  hormone, which leads to destroyed prostate cancer cells and shrunk prostate tumor.
  • Hormone therapy can be given alone or combination with other treatment.

Types of Hormone Therapy

  • Orchiectomy : Surgical removal of testicles.
  • Drug therapy : block signal from brain thus lower hormone, effects may be reversible.
    • LH-RH Analogue therapy- blocks the production of hormone.
    • Anti Androgen Therapy- blocks action of  hormoneused before LHRH therapy to prevent androgen flare.

After Effects of Hormonal Therapy

  • Hot flushes
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Decreased ability to have erections
  • Fatigue
  • Decresed muscle strength
  • Can cause bone thinning
  • Can lead to dyslipidaemia


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Factors Affecting Cost of Prostate Cancer Surgery

The cost to the patient depends on a variety of factors like:

  • The hospital, the patient chooses
  • Room– Standard single room, deluxe room, super deluxe room for the number of nights specified (including nursing fee, meals, room rate and room service)
  • Fee for the team of doctors
  • Medicines
  • Standard tests and diagnostic procedures
  • Type of surgery performed
  •  Cost of Radiation /Hormone therapy
  • Cost of the follow–up care required after the procedure

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