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Hair Transplantation and Cost in India

It is a surgical process wherein hair follicles are relocated from donor area to bald area or recipient area, resulting in mimicking natural hair growth. Medications help in treatment of hair fall and thinning of hair but when there is bald spot only transplantation will help.

Hair Transplantation and Cost in India


It is a surgical process wherein hair follicles are relocated from donor area to bald area or recipient area, resulting in mimicking natural hair growth. Medications help in treatment of hair fall and thinning of hair but when there is bald spot only transplantation will help.

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Hair Transplantation Cost In India

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Hair Transplantation Price USD 2,000 No. of Travellers 2 Days in Hospital 1 Days Outside Hospital 5 Total days in India 6

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More About Hair Transplantation

Types of Hair Transplantation

1. FUSS(Follicular Unit Strip Surgery)

  • In this procedure  a strip of hair is taken from donor site usually posterior scalp under local anaesthesia
  • Graft are dissected from the strip and then harvested into the bald area.
  •  Will leave a visible scar in the donor area , which can be  covered by patients hair
  • There will be some pain / tenderness after the procedure .
  • The recovery period is slight longer around 15 days as stitches / staples need to be removed


2. FUE (follicular unit extraction )

  • In this method individual follicular units are removed one by one under local anaethesia .
  • Recovery period is less than 7 days as usually requires very small punches between 0.6-1mm in diameter so no closing or suturing required
  • Painless minimally invasive procedure
  • In FUE surgery body hair can also be used for transplant.
  • But FUE is time consuming method , single long session or multiple small sessions are required for harvesting the hair follicle into bald area .


    Procedure for Hair Transplantation 


    Before procedure

    During initial consultation the  physican  analyses the patients scalp, understands the expectations of the patient  discusses options and advices the best possible approach .

    Overall health status of the patient considered  before procedure .


     During procedure

    Transplant procedure is a day procedure performed as outpatient .

    • The scalp is shampooed and treated with anti bacterial agent prior to harvesting donor scalp
    • Donor hair grafts can be extracted by different methods either by removing a single strip of skin and hair (FUSS)or removing the follicles individually (FUE)  proper extraction of hair follicle is important to maintain viability.
    • After extraction the surgeon prepares the graft, cleans and numbs the recipient area and places each graft .
    • The graft are placed according to their densities , the smallest grafts are placed in front and denser are placed behind.
    • Depending on the size of transplant the process will take 4-8 hours .
    • May involve a single session or more depending on the number of grafts .


    After procedure

    • The scalp may be tender
    • You may have to wear bandage over scalp
    • Initially adviced to  protect scalp from sun   
    • Post operative antibiotics are commonly prescribed to prevent wound or graft  infections .
    • Shampooing is important to prevent scab formation around hair shaft which increase the chances of losing the transplanted hair follicle

    Just as in natural hair cycle, within 2-3 weeks the transplanted hair will shed  but in a matter of few weeks new hair will begin to grow from transplanted follicles , this hair will continue to thicken and grow normally by 6-9 months .


    Tests  for  Hair loss

    It is adviced to consult a Dermatologist , generally male and female pattern hair loss do not require testing , few tests which help to evaluate diffuse hair loss are :

    • The pull test –hair pulled from three different areas of scalp , generally less than 3 hair per area , if more than ten then positive test.
    • The pluck test- conducted by pulling out hair with roots and then examined. Depending on phase we can interpret if there is hair loss.
    • Scalp biopsy-helps differentiate between scarring and other forms.
    • Trichoscopy- helps in examination of hair and scalp with help of dermoscope.


     Diagnosis for Hair Transplantation

    It is the treatment of choice where in there are no chances of re- growth of hair , example  in conditions like

    • Androgenic alopecia
    • Eyebrow transplant
    • Receding frontal hair line


    Complications of Hair Transplantation

    Hair transplantation is a very safe procedure with no side effects but  as with every surgery some risks associated

    • Infection
    • Bleeding
    • Scarring with FUSS transplantation
    • Unnatural looking new hair growth
    • Some may have inflammation of hair follicles called Folliculitis


    Factors affecting cost of Hair Transplantation Surgery

    The cost to the patient depends on a variety of factors like

    • The hospital, the patient chooses.
    • The cost of hair transplantation depends on the number of grafts and type of procedure choosen .FUE procedure is more costlier.
    • Fee for the team of doctors.
    • Medicines.
    • Standard test and diagnostic procedures.
    • Cost of the follow –up care required after the procedure.

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