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Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure in India

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure in India

Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure of butt augmentation, performed on individuals who are unsatisfied with how their buttocks look. During a Brazilian butt lift, the surgeon uses liposuction to remove unwanted fat from other body. 
This will be in areas with maximum fat accumulation such as the thighs or abdomen. This will add volume to the buttocks creating a lifted enhanced look for buttocks. It can be customized to meet individual asthetic needs.

Medical Travel Cost

Daily Commute

lift Cost In India

For A Patient From United States

No. of Travellers 2
Days in Hospital 2
Days Outside Hospital 20
Total days in India 22
Treatment Cost USD 4,000

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Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Diagnosis for Brazilian butt lift procedure  

  • Indicated in individuals who want to  augment i,e  add volume to  buttocks 
  • Are at a stable weight, since fluctuations can  reverse results.
  • Have tried with exercise and nutrition  to tighten and enhance the  butt but with no result. 
  • Have excess fat deposits elsewhere in your body that surgeon can remove with liposuction, and use for fat transfer during Brazilian butt lift. 

Types of butt lift
There are two basic types of butt lift surgery. 

  • Traditional procedure - the surgeon lifts the  buttocks by removing excess skin, fat, and tissue, pulling the skin taut and repositioning it 
  • Brazilian butt lift - less invasive requires only very minor incisions and a fat transfer.

Butt lift Procedure 

Before Procedure 

  • The team of doctors will examine whether you are right candidate for the procedure 
  • Discuss your expectations for your surgery and inform you about the procedure and its outcome.
  • Consultant will note complete medical history including any past  and present health problems , ongoing medication , and any allergies you may have.
  • You may be advised to stop taking certain medicines as also  advised to stop smoking
  • Detailed physical examination  particularly of hips, abdomen, and buttocks as also Photographs of  buttocks for future reference . 
  • For performing Brazilian butt lift, the surgeon will look for an appropriate area to perform liposuction. 
  • Tests are performed such as blood tests, X-ray examinations or an Electrocardiograph (ECG) to check fitness before surgery 

During procedure 
A Brazilian butt lift enhances the size and shape of a patient's butt .

  • This procedure  usually takes  approximately two hours.
  • In order to perform Brazilian butt lift surgery, fat from areas of the body such as the back, abdomen, hips, and thighs is removed through liposuction. 
  • After being removed, the fat cells are purified using a centrifuge and used for injecting into the buttocks at various depths for a natural look and feel.
  • The final result is a rounder, fuller butt that looks natural because, unlike butt implants or synthetic fillers, it uses your own tissues. 

After procedure 

  • There may be swelling and soreness in buttocks , which typically goes in few days and can be managed by pain killers . 
  • There may be temporary numbness  ,sensation will gradually return.
  • Advised to take proper care to avoid infection 
  • It is important that you must sit or lie down without putting pressure on your buttocks, as this could interfere with your recovery and results. 
  • You will be prescribed painkiller and antibiotic medications. 
  • Adviced to wear  compression garment
  • Surgeons typically recommend being active  taking short walks around your home to decrease swelling and keep up circulation
  • For the first 5-7 days only gently wash your buttocks alternate days. 
  • Two to three weeks after procedure, you may be able to resume normal activities, except for squatting, strenuous exercise.
  • After 7-10 days  depending on healing ,Sutures if required will be removed.

Complications of Brazilian butt lift procedure 
While Brazilian butt lift is a safe procedure , all surgeries have certain risks, which  may include:

  • Infection. If your surgeon's instruments were not properly sterilized or if you fail to clean your wounds 
  • Scarring minimal in Brazilian butt lift
  • Reabsorbed fat- some of the injected fat may be reabsorbed, thus  diminishing your results
  • Prolonged loss of sensation
  • Fluid accumulation 
  • Excessive bleeding
  • DVT
  • Revisional  surgery

Factors affecting cost of procedure 
Cost of procedure depends on the following factors

  • Whether or not you decide to combine your butt lift surgery with other cosmetic procedures.
  • Your surgeon's expertise and experience. 
  • Cost of team of doctors 
  • The hospital you choose , type of room 
  • Cost of medication
  • Cost of medical test
  • Cost of follow up care 

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