Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment Cost In Turkey

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What is Neuroendocrine Tumor?

Cancers that start in specialized cells called neuroendocrine cells (these cells have traits similar to those of nerve cells and hormone-producing cells) are known as Neuroendocrine tumors.

These tumors are rare and may occur anywhere in the body. Most of these tumors occur in the lungs, appendix, small intestine, rectum, and pancreas. Some tumors grow slowly, and some grow very quickly. Some produce excess hormones (functional neuroendocrine tumors), and some don't release hormones or don't release enough to cause symptoms.

How is the Procedure Performed?

The treatment options depend on the type of tumor, its location, and the signs and symptoms of excess hormones produced by the tumor.

In Surgery, surgeons remove the entire tumor and some of the healthy tissue surrounding it.

In Chemotherapy, potent drugs given through the vein are used to kill tumor cells. 

Targeted drug therapy blocks the specific abnormalities present within tumor cells. The treatment is usually combined with chemotherapy for advanced neuroendocrine tumors.

Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) combines a small amount of a radioactive substance with a drug that targets cancer cells. It allows radiation to be delivered directly to the cancer cells.

In Radiation therapy, powerful energy beams, such as X-rays and protons, are used to kill tumor cells. It might be recommended if surgery isn't an option.

Who is the Right Doctor for Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment?

A Medical Oncologist specializes in treating Neuroendocrine Tumors.

What is the Usual Success Rate for this Procedure?

If the tumor spreads to nearby tissue or the regional lymph nodes, the 5-year relative survival rate is 96%. If the tumor spreads to distant body areas, the 5-year survival rate is 68%.

What is included in the cost of Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment?

The cost of Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment includes::

  • Preoperative diagnostic tests may include a blood test,MRI and CT imaging test,Tumor biopsy, etc.
  • Surgery cost (Depends upon the type and size of the tumor and the extent to which tumor has spread)
  • Post-Operative cost (there might be a need forRadiotherapy before or post-surgery)
  • Cost of medication
  • Patient's hospital stay

What are the factors affecting cost of Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment?

The overall cost of the procedure also varies based on the patient's condition and preferences. Some of these factors are:

  • Any underlying comorbid condition (obesity, hypertension, etc.)
  • Type of hospital and room opted (General, twin sharing, or single room)
  • The stage and type of tumor
  • Patients may require repeated investigation and related tests Ppst-surgery/chemotherapy/radiation therapy
  • Any additional tests, if required
  • An extended stay at the hospital, if required
  • Cost of accommodation during follow-ups, in case the patient is not a local resident

Cost related to Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment in Turkey

Treatment name Cost range
Radiotherapy USD 5724 to USD 6996

Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment in Turkey

Popular Cities in Turkey for Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment are:

Istanbul, Izmir, Istanbul ,

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Top hospitals and doctors for Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment in Turkey

Showing 17 Hospitals and doctors for Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment in Turkey

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Hisar Hospital Intercontinental, Istanbul
  • The Hisar Hospital’s Oncology department team comprises well-trained specialists such as Medical Oncologists, Physicians, Chemotherapy Nurses, Radiologists, Surgeons, Psychologists, and Diet and Nutrition experts.
  • The Hisar Hospital’s Oncology department offers services such as management of Breast Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancers, Pancreatic Cancer, Liver Cancers, Gall Bladder and Tract Cancers, Lung cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Malignant Mesenchymal Tumors, Brain Tumors, Kidney-Bladder Cancers, Prostate cancer, Melanomas, Lymphomas, Thyroid Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and Uterine Cancers.
Medical Park Group, İstanbul
  • Medical Park is one of the largest hospital groups in Turkey having renowned Onco-surgeons & medical oncologists.

  • The hospital group gained the name of ''center of excellence'' for providing exceptional medical care to the patients.

  • Prof. Dr. Moshe Inbar is one of the renowned oncologists with 40+ years of experience associated with the Medical Park group.

  • He has expertise in the treatment of breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, and urologic cancer. 

  • Medical Park, Istanbul is the first-ever private oncology center established in Turkey.

  • The Oncology center at Medical Park, Istanbul are exclusive as Medical oncology & Pediatric Oncology.

  • There is an entirely separate section for academics and research, which continuously strives to search for new technologies and methods for better treatment options.

  • The services that are offered by them include Radiotherapy (Linac, Hipec), Tomotherapy, Truebeam STx, Gamma Knife, etc.

  • In the case of metastasis, surgeons recommend therapeutic approaches such as chemotherapy, biological therapy, or hormone therapies for efficient treatment.

American Hospital, Istanbul
  • For 70 years a team of dynamic physical engineers, radiation oncologists, nurses, and radiotherapy technicians has been working towards eliminating cancer.

  • Established as the first international satellite clinic and considered one of the largest cancer centers in the world.

  • It is acknowledged worldwide for their treatment plan with the patient's high chances of survival.

  • Well equipped with world-class technologies and follows advanced imaging techniques for better diagnosis.

  • Services offered by them include Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), Breathhold 4 D treatments (ABC device), Stereotactic treatments (SRS and SRT), Brachytherapy., Total body irradiation, etc.

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Doctors for Neuroendocrine Tumor Treatment in Turkey

Dr. Fatih Agalar

Dr. Fatih Agalar

Colo-Rectal Surgeon

Consultant, 26 years of experience
  • Dr. Fatih Agalar is a reputable Istanbul-based Surgical Oncologist with an experience of more than 26 years.
  • He is a member of the European Association of Coloproctology (ESCP), European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists (EUSOMA), Turkish Surgical Association Education Qualification Board Member (2008-2012), Turkish Surgical Association Board Member (2010-), Turkish Colon and Rectum Diseases Association, and Turkish Internal and Surgical Intensive Care Association Education Qualification Board Member (2012-)
  • He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1986 and after completing his General Surgery Specialization Training at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine between 1988-1994, he worked at the same institution until 1998.
  • He also has a Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons, and Fellow of European Board of Surgery - visceral section (honorary member).
  • He has expertise in Cancer Surgery, Breast Cancer Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Endocrine Organ Cancer Surgery, Robotic and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Colon Rectum and Anal Region Diseases and Surgery, Stomach and Pharynx Surgery, Soft Tissue Sarcomas Surgery, Hot Chemotherapy & Cytoreduction, Hepatobiliary Surgery (Pancreas, gall bladder, biliary tract & liver surgery), etc.
  • Dr. Agalar has more than 80 National papers, 35 International papers, 55 National articles, 57 International articles (Access to PubMed), 17 Book chapters, 2 National books, 3 Book editor, and 4 national and 2 international research awards.
Minimally Invasive Surgical Methods (Robotic Surgery) Stomach, Colon and Rectum surgery Thyroid Endocrine and Breast surgery Intensive Care Abdominal wall reconstructions and soft tissue surgery Bile Duct Stones Colon Cancer Rectal Cancer Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Hemorrhoids (Piles) And Cracks Anal Fissure (Breech Fracture) Thyroid Diseases and Surgery
Prof. Dr. Ozgur Kemik

Prof. Dr. Ozgur Kemik

Surgical Oncologist

Senior Consultant, 25 years of experience
Location Kariso International Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Istanbul
  • With over 25 years of expertise, Prof. Dr. Ozgur Kemik is a skilled Surgical Oncologist.
  • His area of interest is Laparoscopic Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal System Malignancy Operations, Endocrinologic Surgeries, Breast surgery, Treatment of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes with Minimally Invasive Surgical Methods, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopic Procedures, Kidney Transplantation, Laparoscopic Hiatal Hernia and Reflux Operations.
  • He is a member of the Turkish Medical Association, the Turkish Gastroenterology Association and the Turkish Society Of Medical Oncology.
  • Prof. Dr. Ozgur Kemik gained his MBBS (1997) from Istanbul University, Istanbul.
  • Prof. Dr. Ozgur Kemik is the author of several publications and articles.




Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Bariatric Revision Surgeries, Gastric Balloon and Gastric Botox.
Prof. Dr. Adem Dervisoglu

Prof. Dr. Adem Dervisoglu

Colo-Rectal Surgeon

Professor, 32 years of experience
  • Prof. Dr. Adem Dervisoglu is a renowned Endocrine and Oncosurgeon. He is associated with Medical Park Group, Turkey.
  • Prof. Dr. Adem Dervisoglu specializes in Endocrine Surgery, Breast Surgery, Colon Rectum Diseases, Anorectal Diseases and Surgery, Oncologic Surgery, Hernia Surgery, Obesity Surgery.
  • Prof. Dr. Adem Dervisoglu has worked with various prestigious institutions and hospitals including  Kelkit Health Center Medicine Gumushane, Medical Park Fatih Hospital, Bahçeşehir University, Ondokuz Mayıs University, and more. 
  • Prof. Dr. Adem Dervisoglu is an active member of Turkish Surgical Society, Clinical Enteral Parenteral Nutrition Society, Hernia Society, Endocrine Surgery Society, and Colon Rectum Society.
  • ​Prof. Dr. Adem Dervisoglu has achieved certifications from prestigious medical institutes. 
Endocrine Surgery, Breast Surgery, Colon Rectum Diseases, Anorectal Diseases and Surgery, Oncologic Surgery, Hernia Surgery, Obesity Surgery

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