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Get up to 10% discount on surgeries and procedures in Turkey and up to 5% discount in UAE  Discount on surgeries and procedures

Available at Hospitals part of the Vaidam Network

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14 March, 2024
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Exclusive to World Elite™ Mastercard®, World Mastercard®, Platinum Mastercard®, Gold Mastercard® and Titanium Mastercard™

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You can get up to a 10%* discount on various surgeries and procedures and also get to choose from a wide network of 500+ hospitals for treatment in Turkey & UAE.
There are certain Mastercards eligible for getting the offer including; Exclusive to World Elite™ Mastercard®, World Mastercard®, Platinum Mastercard®, Gold Mastercard®, and Titanium Mastercard™.
The offer will be available until 14 March, 2024.
Step 1: Go to www.vaidam.com/mastercard-offers
Step 2: Fill up the inquiry form - Name, Email, Contact Number, Country, and a brief about the medical issue.
Step 3: Within 24 hours of receiving the inquiry, Vaidam assigns a case manager for the patient - depending upon the country of the patient, the case manager is chosen so the patient can speak comfortably with the patient in their native language.
Step 4: The case manager connects with the patient via email/phone/WhatsApp (other messengers as available in the country of the patient) and collects more details about the case - medical reports and medical history, treatments done so far, expectations from the treatment, etc.
Step 5: After collecting the data, the case manager connects with top doctors and hospitals in the preferred destination of the patient and prepares a treatment plan that includes the cost of treatment. The patient is given 2-3 choices to choose from. Once the patient finalizes the place of treatment based on the details presented, the case manager helps the patient with other documentation that the patient may need to travel - for eg - an appointment letter, medical visa invitation letter, letter for the employer, etc.
Step 6: The patient then books their flight to the destination country and shares the itinerary with the case manager. The case manager then makes further arrangements for an airport transfer, and hotel reservation - depending on the patient preference.
Step 7: The case manager informs the hospital before the patient's arrival that the patient is eligible for a special discount for Mastercard holders.
Step 8: The patient starts the treatment at the hospital and at the time of discharge from the hospital, the discount is applied.
Existing patients of a hospital will NOT be eligible for this discount. Furthermore, patients using the services of any other medical facilitator agency for hospital logistics shall NOT be eligible for the discount.
Certain treatments that cost > USD 20,000 OR treatment that involves implants with a value >USD 10,000 may NOT be eligible for the flat discounts. The patient will have to check with the case manager for the applicability of discounts for such treatments eg, Liver transplant, Kidney transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant, TAVI, TAVR, Aneurysms, Pacemakers/CRT-D implants, etc.
The offer is only valid for patients traveling from the Eastern Europe , Middle East and Africa (EEMEA).
Download list
  • Derindere Hospital, Istanbul (Multi Speciality)
  • Medistanbul Hospital, Istanbul (Multi Speciality)
  • Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital, Istanbul (Multi Speciality)
  • Bayındır Icerenkoy Hospital, Istanbul (Multi Speciality)
  • BHT Hospital, Istanbul (Multi Speciality)
  • Özel Levent Hospita, Istanbul (Multi Speciality)
  • Eren Hospital, Istanbul (Multi Speciality)
  • Istinye University Hospital, Istanbul (Multi Speciality)
  • Ístinye University Medicalpark Gaziosmanpasa Hospital, Istanbul (Multi Speciality)
  • Medicalpark Florya Hospital, Istanbul (Multi Speciality)
  • Dr. Serdar Zengin, Istanbul (Orthopedic)
  • Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi (Multi-Speciality)
  • Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi (Multi-Speciality)
  • Burjeel Hospital, Dubai (Multi-Speciality)
  • Burjeel Hospital, Sharjah (Multi-Speciality)
  • Burjeel Hospital, Al Ain (Multi-Speciality)
  • Burjeel Hospital, Muscat (Multi-Speciality)
  • Medeor Hospital, Abu Dhabi (Multi-Speciality)
  • Medeor Hospital, Dubai (Multi-Speciality)
  • Medeor Hospital, Al Ain (Multi-Speciality)
  • LLH Hospital, Abu Dhabi (Multi-Speciality)
  • LLH Hospital, Musaffah (Multi-Speciality)
  • Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah (Multi-Speciality)
  • Lifecare Hospital, Baniyas (Multi-Speciality)
  • Lifeline Hospital, Sohar (Multi-Speciality)
  • Lifeline Hospital, Salalah (Multi-Speciality)
  • Thumbay Hospital, Dubai (Multi-Speciality)
  • Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai (Multi-Speciality)


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