Laparoscopic Surgery is Safer than Open Surgery, Says Dr. Vaithishwaran of Global Hospital

  • Dr. Vaithishwaran, HOD and senior consultant of the Department of Minimally Invesive and GI Surgery of Global Hospitals, Chennai, has recently told that laparoscopic surgery and bariatric surgery is safer than an open surgery in an interview with ET Healthworld.
  • He says that laparoscopic surgery was introduced in India in 1991 whose popularity has increased on demand and is now performed across India.
  • According to Dr. Vaithiswaran, more awareness should be spread amongst patients about bariatric surgery as it does not only limit to cosmetic surgery procedures but can also cure heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, hypertension, knee pain and other associated diseases of obesity.
  • In the interview he mentions that Global Hospitals consist of a minimally invasive bariatric and GI surgery unit. Minimally invasive techniques are performed and 90% of their colorectal work is performed by laparoscopy.
  • He concludes the interview by saying that for further growth of advanced bariatric treatment awareness and prior knowledge of both the doctor and the patient is required. 


Source: ET Healthworld


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