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Best IVF Centers In India

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Nova IVI Fertility, Ahmedabad

  Ahmedabad, India   Established in : 2006   Number of Beds : 15   Multi Specialty   Popular For IUI, IVF, ICSI, Embryo / Egg / Sperm Donation, Vitrification, Embryoscope, Blastocyst Culture and Assisted Hatching
  • NABH accreditation
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NOVA IVI Fertility, New Delhi

  New Delhi, India   Established in : 2011   Single Specialty  About Ivf And Infertility at NOVA...
  • The hospital started its operations in November 2012 and is one of the very few centers that conducts the prestigious Nova IVI Fellowship program.

  • It is one of the leading hospitals in India known for using a LASER embryoscope which enhances the technological strength providing the best doctors.

  • The team of doctors is backed by skilled embryologists, who are trained in

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    World Infertility and IVF Centre, New Delhi

      New Delhi, India   Established in :   Number of Beds : 10   Multi Specialty   Popular For Egg Freezing, Fertility Preservation, Male Fertility Care, PGS/PGD and Genetic Testing and IVF
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      Nova IVI Fertility Clinic, Hyderabad

        Hyderabad, India   Established in : 2014   Multi Specialty   Popular For ERA ET (Endometrial Receptivity Array), IUI, IVF, ICSI, Endoscopy, Embryo / Egg / Sperm Donation, Embryoscope and more.
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        Parampara Fertility and Gynaec Centre, Chennai

          Chennai, India   Established in :   Number of Beds : 30   Multi Specialty  About Ivf And Infertility at Para...
        • One of the leading fertility hospital in India with 20 years of experience in the field of infertility.

        • The hospital has done nearly 1250 infertility treatment with approximately 4000 satisfactory patients.

        • The unit is well-equipped with the cutting-edge technologies and routinely performs procedures including IVF, ICSI, IVM, sperm freezing, donor eggs, surrogacy,

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          NOVA IVI Fertility, Mumbai

            Mumbai, India   Established in : 2012   Multi Specialty  About Ivf And Infertility at NOVA...
          • This is a renowned hospital for doing successful IVF procedures with a high success rate; it maintains a record of doing 20,000 IVF procedures so far.

          • Dr. Manish Banker is one of the leading IVF specialists in India associated with hospital having an experience of nearly 22 years.

          • He is one of the pioneers in IVF and has done more than 8000 successful IVF

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            Advance Fertility and Gynaecology Centre, New Delhi

              New Delhi, India   Established in : 2011   Single Specialty  About Ivf And Infertility at Adva...
            • It is one of the topmost fertility hospitals in India having cutting-edge technology and the latest equipment needed to bring the best results.

            • Several major procedures are routinely performed which include In Vitro Fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, blastocyst culture, assisted hatching and many more.

            • The center has achieved an overall

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              Rainbow Children's Hospital, Hyderabad

                Hyderabad, India   Established in : 1999   Number of Beds : 1000   Multi Specialty   Popular For IVF, ICSI, IUI, embryo donor program, neonatology, pediatric neonatology
              • NABH accreditation
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              CK Birla Hospital, Gurgaon

                Gurgaon, India   Established in :   Number of Beds : 70   Multi Specialty   Popular For Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Neonatology & Paediatrics, Fertility, Advanced Surgical Sciences
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                Medicover Fertility Center, Delhi

                  New Delhi, India   Established in : 1995   Single Specialty   Popular For Surrogacy, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), IVF (In vitro fertilisation), ICSI Treatment, Donor Egg Conception, Donor Sperm Conception and IVF with Donor Embryos
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                  Best IVF and Fertility Clinics in India

                  With the advancement of technology in the medical field, the IVF clinics and hospitals in India have gained a lot of significance. It is because the IVF clinics and hospitals of the country incorporate the latest technology, infrastructure and service that are equal to the international standards of medical excellence.


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                  So how is the infrastructure of the clinics?

                  Infrastructure is a very important factor when it comes to choosing a hospital. In India the Infertility Clinics and Hospitals consist of advanced laboratories that maintain an optimum temperature, hygiene and air purity, operation theatres, consultation chambers, injection rooms, modern birthing centers, modernized andrology and culture rooms, a separate medicine unit for post pregnancy care, numerous beds and suites in accordance with the patients’ preferences, cafeteria and free Wi Fi.

                  What kind of medical equipment do they possess?

                  When the infrastructure is so advanced then how could the equipment of the IVF clinics and IVF hospitals be backward? Here is some of the most advanced equipment that the fertility clinics and hospitals of the country possess: CT Dual Energy Discovery, MR 3 Tesla, Mammography (HR with Stereotypic Biopsy), 4D Ultrasound, 128 Slice CT Scanner and Inbuilt Air Handling Unit.


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                  Do they have experienced doctors and specialists?

                  Ofcourse, they do! The fertility clinics and hospitals in India provide you with the best doctors and specialists around. They not only have years of experience but are also qualified and internationally renowned. Some of the clinics are even owned by the best IVF specialists and doctors in the country.

                  What do the IVF clinics and hospitals specialize in?

                  IUI, ICSI, IVF, Blastocyst Culture, Assisted Hatching, Pre-implantation Screening, Surgical Sperm Retrieval, FERC, Donor Gametes, Donor Eggs, Semen Analysis, Hormone Tests, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are the various services that the fertility clinics and hospitals provide to their patients.   

                  With so much to offer do they charge high prices?

                  No, they don’t. Though the IVF clinics and hospitals in India provide with you with the most advanced infrastructure, equipment and facilities, the cost of IVF treatment in New Delhi is totally affordable.

                  What is Vaidam Health?

                  We are the first ISO certified medical travel assistant in the country and are considered to be one of the best.

                  What is our motto?

                  We provide you with the best medical tour packages for any treatment so that you can lead a healthy life again.

                  How do we help you?

                  As soon as we get a query from you in our website’s Enquiry section, we provide you with a list of the best doctors and hospitals in India. Conference calls are also arranged by us where you can talk directly to your preferred doctors in India and also give an estimation of the cost of your medical treatment.   

                  What more do we do for you?

                  We solve the most difficult problem that anyone faces in a new country, which is, finding a place to stay. We recommend you hotel, guest houses and 3 to 5 star hotels in close proximity to the hospital so that you or your loved one doesn’t face any trouble. We also arrange pick-up and drop facilities to the airport, assist in the application of your visa and also look after your recreations during the stay.

                  What does our patient manager do for you?

                  Vaidam’s patient manager stays by your side during the whole treatment procedure. He not only takes care of your medical requirements but also provides you with other facilities like shopping and sight seeing. He makes sure that he is by your side 24/7. 

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                  About Vaidam

                  Patients from 60+ countries have trusted Vaidam


                  Why Vaidam


                  NABH Certified Healthcare Discovery Platform

                  Vaidam is NABH certified healthcare discovery platform that will connect you to top-notch medical experts, hospitals, wellness options, and trusted travel partners in India to help identify and make the right healthcare choices.

                  Researched & Personalized Treatment Plan - Under One Roof

                  You can search for the best hospitals in India to treat cancer and ailments of the heart, bones or kidney, read about them, view photographs of the facilities at the hospitals and the places at which the hospitals are located, and check the cost of treatment.

                  Quality Treatment Within Your Budget

                  As soon as you post an enquiry, the patient relation team will collect details from you, share them with the doctors and hospitals on Vaidam's panel, and get a personalized treatment plan. We research to get quality treatment within your budget.

                  Treatment to Travel

                  Vaidam concierge assists patients, to get medical Visa to travel to India, the best airline fares and arrangements for your stay. Our concierge also helps you with daily travel, language, and food concerns. Vaidam does everything to be your perfect host in India. All of Vaidam’s services are free of cost to patients.

                  Pan-India Reach

                  If you are looking for medical care in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad or Ahmedabad, Vaidam Health has a network in each of those cities.

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                  Vaidam Health gets the prestigious NABH accreditation

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