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Unilateral Total Knee Replacement Cost In Mathura

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What is Unilateral Total Knee Replacement?

Unilateral Total knee replacement is an operative procedure to improve pain, function, and quality of life in patients with severe grade knee disorders. ... Show More
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Nayati Medicity, Mathura

Nayati Medicity, Mathura Whatsapp Chat Chat

Super Specialty


  • A flagship hospital of Nayati’s Healthcare, Nayati Medicity commenced operations in 2016.
  • The hospital has been awarded as Best Multi Super Specialty Hospital by The Times of India Group.
  • State’s only comprehensive super-specialty quaternary care hospital, it is a 351-bed hospital with seven centers of excellence and 14 specialty departments.


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Answers to frequently asked questions about Unilateral Total Knee Replacement in Mathura

Related to Cost

1. What is the cost of tests for knee replacement surgery?

Patients undergo several tests before the procedure, such as electrocardiography, urinalysis, CBC, X-rays, blood tests, and MRI scans. During a physical examination, the surgeon will check the range of motion of the knee joint and the soft tissues and ligaments condition. All these costs are included in the package

2. Is the pharmacy and medicine cost included in the package?

Yes, the pharmacy and medicine costs are covered in the package when you are hospitalized. If you buy medicines from outside, you have to pay additional charges. 

3. What is the cost of implants in the surgery?

Different types of knee implants are made of metal alloys, ceramic material, and strong plastic parts. The design used by the surgeon depends on your knee problem, anatomy as well as age, weight, and activity level. The costs of all knee implants are different.

4. How long the patient has to stay in the hospital after knee replacement surgery?

After your knee replacement surgery, you have to stay in the hospital for 5-7 days to recover from the surgery. Your stay duration also depends on what type of knee replacement you had. Physical therapy and occupation therapy is needed to ensure that you can easily move around and perform daily tasks. The first follow-up visit should be two weeks post-surgery to evaluate to ensure that the recovery is proceeding as expected. The follow-up visits continue after six weeks, three months, and one-year post-surgery depending on the surgeon’s preference. 

5. Is there any post-treatment expense after the procedure?

You should take physiotherapy sessions for around 2 weeks after the surgery. The session can be longer depending on your situation. It is vital to follow your exercise and rehab program without overexerting yourself. You can resume your day-to-day activities within around 3 months. 

6. Does insurance cover the treatment?

Thankfully, many insurance companies provide coverage for knee replacement surgery. Make sure to buy a health insurance policy covering your knee replacement surgery with a sufficient sum insured.

7. Is there any alternative to knee replacement surgery?

You can go for continuous physical therapy, which can help increase muscle strength, support the knee, and reduce the pain. But if your knee joint is worn or damaged and you feel pain even when you are resting, you have to go for knee replacement surgery.

Pre Procedure

1. What if i wait for some time and then proceed with the surgery?

Weight gain, decreased endurance, cardiac and pulmonary conditions are all concerns for people who put off joint replacement for too long.In patients who wait too long, the osteoarthritis deteriorates their function.

2. For how many days do i need to stay in the hospital?

Typically, knee replacement patients are able to leave the hospital within 5 days depending upon the procedure, whether one knee or both the knees are getting replaced.

3. I have heard that a revision surgery would be required. Is that true?

Usually the life of an implant is 20-25 years, hence, the concern of revision surgery is not that bothersome.

4. What is the latest technology in knee replacement?

Four recent technology includes computer-assisted total knee replacement, minimally invasive surgery, painless surgery, and stitchless surgery.

5. Do i need to stop my current medication before I come for the surgery?

Consult your doctor one week before the surgery. You can also let the case manager know about the medications, they can double check with the treating surgeon.

6. What type of implants are used in this procedure? .

US made FDA approved implants are used.They are of two types coated and non-coated made up of cobalt.

7. What are signs that you need a knee replacement?

Some signs which shows that you need to go for knee replacement surgery are if your knee pain is getting more intense and frequent, you are having limited mobility and your are noticing swelling in your knees and it becomes difficult for you to do your daily activities.

8. What is the most common age for knee replacement surgery?

The most common age to undergo knee replacement surgery is 65 years or above.

9. How much painful is the surgery?

Having pain for the first two days after surgery is common, maximum pain which you will have after surgery is from surgical incision and dissection and you will be prescribed with strong painkillers.  Surgery is usually painful in the first 48 hours and then the patient will be more comfortable.

10. Will a knee replacement get rid of arthritis?

Total knee replacement surgery is the solution for arthritis and it is done with the aim getting relief from pain and resumption of activity.

11. How should you proceed for Knee Replacement?

Before proceeding for the surgery you will be advised to do some blood and urine test to make sure that you are fit for the surgery.  These all tests should be completed seven to ten days before surgery. If you got any infection or you are under any medications then you should inform your doctor regarding it.

During Procedure

1. How long will the surgery be?What are its different types and what kind of incision is given during the surgery?

The surgery lasts less than an hour. Its is of three different types.The standard incision most widely used in total knee replacement surgery is the midline incision.

2. For how many days do i need to stay in the hospital?

Typically, knee replacement patients are able to leave the hospital within 5 days depending upon the procedure, whether one knee or both the knees are getting replaced.

3. Would I require a blood transfusion during or after the operation?

The blood loss during the surgery is minimal, during the surgery there is no need of blood transfusion but sometimes it is needed after surgery. In some cases there can be a need of blood transfusion considering hemoglobin level.

4. How many hours does it take for a total knee replacement surgery?

Total time taken for knee replacement surgery is one to three hours, in this surgery a cut is being made in the front of your knee  called knee cap and then the damaged ends of your thigh bone and skin bone are cut away.

5. What kind of anaesthesia would be used for operation?

Two types of anesthesia is most commonly being used for the surgery first is spinal anaesthesia with epidural analgesia which works by numbing the legs and second is general anaesthesia. You are also given medicines to relax.

6. How Knee replacement surgery is being done?

  • Ans. The surgeon makes an incision across the front of your knee to gain access to the patella, once your knee is open, the surgeon rotates the patella outside the knee area.
  • Once the surgeon has opened up and exposed your knee joint, they will carefully measure your bones and make precise cuts using special instruments. The damaged bone and cartilage from the end of the femur is cut away
  • The surgeon attaches the metal femoral component to the end of your femur and uses bone cement to seal it into place.
  • The surgeon removes damaged bone and cartilage from the top of the tibia and then shapes the bone to fit the metal and plastic tibial components.

7. How long does it take to walk normally after knee replacement?

It will take some time before you can walk on your own after knee replacement surgery, you will need 4 to 8 weeks to walk. You have to do physical rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery, this will help in strengthening the muscles of your knees.

8. What is the most commonly reported problem after knee replacement surgery?

You may have pain, swelling, infection and bone fracture after knee replacement surgery. The most common complication after surgery is pain.

9. How long does knee replacement surgery take to recover from?

The average recovery time from knee replacement surgery is approximately six months, but it can take roughly 12 months to fully return to physically demanding activities.

10. Will I need to go for physiotherapy and how painful is that?

Physiotherapy will not be an unpleasant or painful experience for you. Physiotherapy is sometimes needed to strengthen the weak muscles near your knee joint and to also improve the movement of new joint so that you can also learn walking.

Post Procedure

1. I am diabetic, hypertensive and a heart patient so what precautions do i need to take?

Diabetes doesn't seem to raise risks after knee replacement.Increasing age and history of cardiac disease increases the risk of cardiac complication after TKR.

If you have high blood pressure and if it is under control, there is no reason to worry about not having a safe and successful surgery.Even if your blood pressure becomes elevated during surgery you will be given intravenous medication to reduce it.

Consult your cardiologist if you are planning to undergo the surgery beacuse some medicine doses are modified accordingly.

2. Why physiotherapy sessions are required post surgery?

It is not mandatory but if the patient is willing for physiotherapy he/she can take it for 2-3 weeks post-surgery. The physiotherapy is provided to the patient during hospitalization and the patient learns the exercises to be done post-discharge.

3. When can i do namaz post surgery?.

It is recommended after 6 weeks of the procedure.

4. Will i go home with a bandage?

No, the bandage is removed after the surgery and a waterproof dressing is applied for 24 hours.

5. When can I start walking, climbing stairs and resume driving?

A person can start community walking within 2 weeks and can climb the stairs after 4-5 days and driving after 4-6 weeks.

6. What can I expect during recovery and rehabilitation from knee replacement? .

Patient is independent and ambulant within 4-5 days of surgery. Within 24 hours of surgery the patient is made to stand.

7. Will my implant be a problem if i am travelling because of the metal detection in airport security check?

All implants are MRI compatible. An implant card is given to the patient that can be shown at airport check.

How much does Unilateral Total Knee Replacement cost in different cities in India?

The price for Unilateral Total Knee Replacement in different cities in India is approximately in the range of:

  • New Delhi: Rs. 176,335 to Rs. 275,805
  • Gurgaon: Rs. 180,856 to Rs. 271,284
  • Noida: Rs. 169,553 to Rs. 282,588
  • Chennai: Rs. 180,856 to Rs. 259,981
  • Mumbai: Rs. 185,377 to Rs. 275,805
  • Bangalore: Rs. 176,335 to Rs. 266,763
  • Kolkata: Rs. 169,553 to Rs. 255,459
  • Jaipur: Rs. 158,249 to Rs. 253,198
  • Mohali: Rs. 162,770 to Rs. 384,319
  • Ahmedabad: Rs. 151,467 to Rs. 250,938
  • Hyderabad: Rs. 174,074 to Rs. 264,502

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What is the price of Unilateral Total Knee Replacement in other countries, compared to India?

Approximate price of Unilateral Total Knee Replacement in other countries compared to India is:

  • Turkey, USD 4,000 to USD 6,000, approximately 6% higher than India
  • Thailand, USD 8,400 to USD 12,600, approximately 123% higher than India
  • Thailand, USD 5,600 to USD 8,400, approximately 49% higher than India
  • Israel, USD 15,200 to USD 22,800, approximately 304% higher than India
  • Singapore, USD 13,600 to USD 20,400, approximately 262% higher than India
  • Germany, USD 12,000 to USD 18,000, approximately 219% higher than India
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