Penile Lengthening Cost In Egypt

Cost of Penile Lengthening in Egypt: Detailed Overview

Penile lenghening is a technique aimed to increase the size of a human penis.
In children with true micropenis, the first step in management is always the least invasive, which includes the application of exogenous testosterone.Different types of injectable materials have been used for penile augmentation including liquid silicone, polyacrylamide, hyaluronic acid and mineral-oil. but sometimes, there is a significant risk of foreign body reaction and swelling. Autologous fat grafting has been described to increase penile length and girth this is a much less invasive procedure compared to flap reconstruction.Local, regional and free flap options exist to lengthen the penis. These have typically been described for penile lengthening if the penis is shortened due to epispadias and exstrophy.

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Inclusions in the package

The cost of Penile Lengthening includes:

  • Preoperative diagnostic tests cost (blood clotting tests, glucose levels, blood count tests, X-ray, etc.) 

  • Surgery cost [depends on the type of surgery]

  • Types of surgery [Cutting the suspensory ligament, Fat injection, Tissue grafting, Penis implants, etc.]

  • Post-Operative cost (depends on the number of follow-up sessions)

  • Medicine costs 

  • Patient's hospital stay 

Factors affecting cost of Penile Lengthening

The overall cost of the procedure also varies based on the patient's condition and preferences. Some of these factors are:

  • Type of hospital and room opted (General, Twin sharing, or single room)

  • The severity of the disease

  • Post-surgical complication, if it happens (such as scarring, infection, pain, loss of penile sensation, or erectile dysfunction)

  • Cost of Blood products (if required)

  • An extended stay at the Hospital

  • Cost of Accommodation during follow-ups, in case the patient is not a local resident

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Success Rate

Patient needs to wait for a month to 6 weeks before resuming sexual relations. Your sexual performance will not be affected by this surgery nor will the ability to urinate. It can take from 3 to 6 months before you see the complete results of this surgery.
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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Penile Lengthening Cost

For penile lengthening surgery, basic tests are done such as blood clotting tests, glucose levels, and blood count tests. Standard tests are also done such as an x-ray, and an EKG. The package includes the cost of the tests you need to get done before getting the surgery.

Medicines taken before or after your admission to the hospital for the surgery are not covered in the package. However, medicines that you consume at the hospital given by your doctor or nurse are a part of your package. 

It's essential to get your penis examined post the surgery for 1 - 2 months. Surgeons recommend no physical exertion and sexual self-denial for 2 to 3 weeks. Medications that you take during the course of your recovery are not provided in your package.

The duration of the surgery is usually 5 - 6 hours depending on your case and you’ll have to stay at the hospital after your surgery overnight. If you have to stay at the hospital due to uncertain circumstances, it will not be covered in your package.

Cosmetic surgeries such as penile lengthening surgery are not covered under any health insurance. Though you can check with your provider for a suitable plan.

Alternatives for penile lengthening surgery include autologous fat injection, two types of fillers: Acellular dermal matrix(ADM) filler & Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Filler, and dermal grafts. Find the right procedure for you by consulting your plastic surgeon.

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Everything You Need to Know About Penile Lengthening: Q&A

Before the Procedure (5 Questions):

Penile lengthening surgery is the treatment which is used for increasing the length of penis. In this procedure a minor incision is made in the lower ligament if penis. This procedure is used for enlarging the original size of penis by two to three centimetre.

No, penile lengthening exercises does not always work. There is very less evidence which has showed the success of the exercises.

Yes, the success rate of the procedure is high. This procedure is said to be very successful.

Penile shortening is caused due to some medical and surgical conditions such as prostate cancer patient or patient with radical prostatectomy and other congenital anomalies.

Patient should undergone penile lengthening only for cosmetic and psychological reason if they are not satisfy with their penis size. There is no medical reasons for performing the surgery.

During the Procedure (3 Questions):

The procedure of penile lengthening surgery is done under general anaesthesia and it requires hospital stay.

Penile lengthening is best performed by plastic surgeons.

There are different techniques of penile augmentation such as:

  1. Penile augmentation- Different types of injectable materials have been used for penile augmentation including liquid silicone, polyacrylamide, hyaluronic acid and mineral-oil.
  2. Suspensory ligament release-The suspensory ligament anchors the penis to the pubic symphysis and while providing support, acts as the mobile point for the penis during erection. This attachment prevents the penis from moving further outward and creates an arched angle to the penile base. The suspensory ligament is composed of the suspensory ligament proper and the arcuate subpubic ligament that attaches the tunica albuginea to the midline of the pubic symphysis. Surgical release of this ligament changes the acute angle of the penis to the pubic symphysis to an obtuse angle which allows the penis to lie in a more dependent position and therefore gives the perception of lengthening.
  3. V-Y advancement- In this method a dorsal V-shaped incision is made, combined with partial detachment of the crura from the pubic ramis, which were then re-approximated in the midline and the dorsal incision was closed as a V-Y advancement flap. The V-Y incision and subsequent V-Y advancement is commonly used in conjunction with a suspensory ligament release. The incision is typically an upside down V, which is closed in an upside-down Y-shape, which lengthens the dorsal skin by bringing lateral tissue to the midline

Post the Procedure (3 Questions):

It takes around seven to fourteen days to recover completely from surgery.

You have to take rest for 48 hours and till time you should no physical exertion or sexual activity.

Some of the discomfort seen after penile lengthening surgery are discomfort in genital area, inflammation, bleeding or infection or scar formation.

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