Lumbar Laminectomy Cost In United Arab Emirates

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Lumbar Laminectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the lamina, the rear portion of a spinal bone in the lower back, thus creating more space in the spinal canal.

In this procedure, an incision is made in the lower back, pulling the muscles aside to expose the spine.

Then, the surgeon will remove bone and bone spurs pressing onto nerves and cut away thickened ligaments to decompress the area.

Frequently asked questions related to expenses that most patients have when planing for Lumbar Laminectomy.

What tests are performed before Lumbar Laminectomy spine surgery, and how much do they cost?

Blood tests, cardiac monitors to check heart rate and rhythm, and vital sign assessments to monitor for infection and pain management are all required for Lumbar Laminectomy spine surgery. The cost of tests is included in the treatment package. 

Are the pharmacy and medicines cost included in the Lumbar Laminectomy spine surgery?

The cost of pharmacy and medicine is covered while the patient is in the hospital. Self-paying patients who agree to prepay or pay within a particular time period may be eligible for discounts from some hospitals. If the patient purchases any medicines outside the hospital, they have to pay for them separately. 

Is there any post-treatment expense after Lumbar Laminectomy spine surgery?

 Most people who have had Lumbar Laminectomy spine surgery recover within a few days to a few weeks. The Lumbar Laminectomy spine surgery may cause complications such as neural tissue damage, injury to the dura of the spinal cord, cauda equina syndrome, nerve roots, and scar tissue formation. If you are experiencing such problems, please contact your surgeon. The package does not contain any treatment other than Lumbar Laminectomy spine surgery.

Lumbar Laminectomy - Frequently Asked Questions

List of Centers for Lumbar Laminectomy in United Arab Emirates

Popular Cities in United Arab Emirates for Lumbar Laminectomy are:

Leading Hospitals for Lumbar Laminectomy in United Arab Emirates

Doctors for Lumbar Laminectomy in United Arab Emirates

An Orthopedic Surgeon is the right doctor to consult for Lumbar Laminectomy.


Listing popular specialists:

Dr. Imtiaz Hashmi

Dr. Imtiaz Hashmi

Consultant, 36 years of experience

Location Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital, Dubai

Minimally invasive surgery of the spine, Spinal stenosis surgeries, Primary/complex revision spine operations

Dr. Fadel Fouad Gendy

Dr. Fadel Fouad Gendy

Senior Consultant, 34 years of experience

Location Prime Hospital, Dubai

Low back pain Prolapsed intervertebral disc Spinal trauma Spinal tumors Spinal fixation Brain tumors Head trauma Brain hemorrhage Stroke Epilepsy Congenital anomalies of the brain and spinal cord in children

Dr. Muhammed Chishti

Dr. Muhammed Chishti

Visiting Consultant, 35 years of experience

Location King's College Hospital, Dubai

Brain tumors Aneurism and AVM Hydrocephalus Craniosynostosis with all type of cranial trauma Degenerative spinal disease Spinal tumors Infections and spinal dysraphism

Success Rate

Usually, the success rate varies between 85-90%.

The associated risks of Lumbar Laminectomy may be -

  • Bleeding
  • Infection 
  • Blood clots in the legs
  • Nerve damage
  • Spinal fluid leak
  • Worsening of chronic back pain.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Lumbar Laminectomy

Before the Procedure (9 Questions):

Once the nerves are getting compressed and the spine is unstable, there are some symptoms that eventually start appearing such as - loss of urine and stool control, sharp pain while walking which in the extreme case can lead to paralysis.

If the patient is doing surgery once these symptoms have started appearing, some of these changes in the body are irreversible. Hence, once the diagnosis is made, the patient shouldn't wait unnecessarily for the surgery.

It is between 95-97%.

50-year life expectancy.


Depends upon each individual, usually pain because of the surgery goes away in 1-2 weeks and pain from pre-surgery goes away in 3 - 6 months (in worst case)

Spine surgeries have become extremely safe since the onset of the latest techniques like Neuronavigation. Even then the risk to life is less than 1 % and the chances of surgery to fail will be between 2 - 5%.

Lumbar laminectomy surgery is being done for treating the symptoms of central spinal stenosis or narrowing of the spina canal. This surgery removes all or posterior part of the vertebra or provide more space for the compressed spinal cord or nerve roots.

Lumbar laminectomy is done to relieve pressure on spinal nerve treats problems related to disc or to remove tumor from spine. One of the most common reason for going for  laminectomy is the presence of herniated disc in the spine. The disk may be damaged or displaced because of presence of injury or some wear and tear.

There can be damage to the neural tissue in lumber spine this is one of the complications of the open lumbar laminectomy which can also injury to the spinal cord, formation of the scar tissue etc.

During the Procedure (5 Questions):

1-2 hours.

You may stay in the hospital for about 4-5 days generally

Lumbar laminectomy takes around two to three hours to complete. You will be in hospital for 3 days after surgery.

Lumbar laminectomy is being done by an orthopaedic surgeon.

The patient is positioned in downward direction on the operating table, incisions are being made depending on the number of levels to be treated. In single level laminectomy only a small incision is needed while in multilevel laminectomy 3-4 inch incision is needed.  In traditional surgery a retractor is needed to spread the muscles apart to expose vertebras. Then a portion of lamina is removed to uncover the elastic like ligament. Next, the surgeon cuts an opening in the to reach the spinal canal. Once the compressed nerve can be seen, the cause of nerve compression can be identified. The surgeon gently retracts the nerve, and the source of the compression is removed—the pressure on the spinal nerve or nerve components is relieved.

Post the Procedure (6 Questions):

By 4 to 6 weeks after lumbar fusion surgery, most patients are cleared to return to work.

Yes after the duration of 6 months it is possible.

No,it will not get affected.

Pain is there in the lower limb 2-4 days after surgery and pain can also be seen 3 weeks after surgery. This pain is usually less than the pain you experience before surgery but in some cases it can be severe or  can be traumatic.

You have to stay in hospital for few days after surgery and then  ypu will be discharged. Till then you have to limit your physical activity. You can walk 2-3 days after surgery but with precautions.

You should avoid strenuous activities such as bicycle riding, jogging, lifting heavy weight, and aerobic exercises till doctor says you can do it. You should not drive 2-4 weeks after surgery.

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