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Knock knee or bowleg deformity of the lower leg creates abnormal stress on the knee, hip, ankle, and to correct this type of defect Knock Knee Surgery is performed.

Knock knee surgery procedure involves the implantation of small metal devices that tether the inside part of the growth centers around the knee, allowing the outer part to grow and straighten the knee.

Cost related to Knock Knee Surgery in India

Listing approximate price of Knock Knee Surgery and some related procedures. The prices may change depending upon the centers and condition of the patient.

Treatment name Cost range
Revision Single Knee Replacement Rs.310800 to Rs.414400

List of Centers for Knock Knee Surgery in India

Popular Cities in India for Knock Knee Surgery are:

Leading Hospitals for Knock Knee Surgery in India

Doctors for Knock Knee Surgery in India

The right doctor to consult for Knock knee surgery is an Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon.

Listing popular specialists:

Dr Jayant Arora

Dr Jayant Arora

Director, 20 years of experience

Location Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

Orthopedics Joint Replacement Shoulder Hip Knee Trauma

Dr. Yatinder Kharbanda

Dr. Yatinder Kharbanda

Senior Consultant, 32 years of experience

Location Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

Hip Replacement surgeries Trauma surgeries Arthroscopy Spine Surgery Sports Injury surgeries Hand and Elbow Surgery Foot and Ankle Surgery Accident and Emergency care Fracture care Shoulder Surgery Back pain Children Fracture care

Dr. Prithvi Mohandas

Dr. Prithvi Mohandas

Director, 20 years of experience

Location MIOT International, Chennai

Hip Replacement, Hip Conditions

Success Rate

The success rate varies between 80-82%. Possible risks after Knock knee surgery may include infection, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Knock Knee Surgery

Before the Procedure (12 Questions):

Knock knee surgery is the surgery which is used for correcting the deformities of leg which do not get better with time. This procedure is used for straightening the legs by changing the angles of the bones. This is done by cutting and relining bone above or below knee.

Yes, knoxk knees can be corrected in adults there is no age limit for it. The surgical technique varies according to the age, adults can get benefit from the surgery by correcting their deformity.

Knock knee is a deformity in which knees angle touch each other and the legs are straightened. People who are having this deformity are not able to touch their knees together simultaneously.

Any major surgery in which general anaesthesia is needed has some risks along with it. This surgery has minor risks such as blood clots and deep vein thrombosis which affects only a small percentage of people.

For older people this treatment involves stretching or exercise but in older adults your doctor may recommend you for surgery.

Symptoms of knock knee are difficulty in walking, knee pain, reduce range of motion, foot pain, feet not touching and difficulty in walking and running.

knock knee is diagnosed as physical examination of legs and gait. X ray and EOS examination will help in diagnosing this .The radiological image will help in diagnosing this deformity of the leg from hip to ankle which helps the doctor in locating the exact location and the axis of deformity.

Knock knees remains outside the developmental growth which is caused by disease, infection or any other condition. If the angle of legs from hip fall outside the normal pattern with time it becomes worse and present on only one side of the body and this can be more serious.

In most of the cases it treats by itself when the child grows such as using medications, following weight loss regimen, regular exercises nad use of orthotics.

Knock knees can be caused due to variety of conditions such as metabolic disease, renal failure, physical trauma, arthritis, bone infection, rickets, congenital conditions, growth plate injury, benign bone tumors and fractures which heals with a deformity.

A physical examination of legs and gait is needed, standing alignment x ray or EOS image will help to confirm the diagnosis. Radiological images of the leg from hip down to ankle help the doctor to locate the exact location and mechanical axis of deformity.

Yes it can be corrected with surgery and there is no age limit for correcting knock knees. In children minor surgery is being done to guide the bone and in adults ostetomy is being done to correct the knees.

During the Procedure (6 Questions):

knock knees surgery slows the growth on the side which bend on the bone so that other side can catch up a small metal device is implanted on the inner side of the knees while the outer side of the knees continues growing and causes legs to grow straight.

Surgery for knock knees is not necessary in every case in some cases surgery is recommended if it is severe. Two procedures are mainly opted for surgery which are:

  1. Guided growth-In this surgery a small metal plates is being placed on the inner side of the knees which helps in correcting the growth with a time period of around 12months. After completing the treatment the plates will be removed.
  2. Osteotomy- In this surgery a thin wedge of bone is removed from legs so that they can be realigned in proper position and after that plates and screws are being used to fix bones in their new position.
  3. Knee replacement- In case of an knee replacement an artificial knee that has been aligned correctly will be used in replacing the knock knee.

This surgery is done mainly under general anaesthesia

The surgery typically takes one to two hours to complete.

The mild cases of knock knees bracing will help in repositioning the knees, when this does not work or the patient is adult at the time of diagnosis then knee- realignment osteotomy is being done to prevent or delay the need for knee replacement.  In severe cases surgery is done on which the bone is cut and then realigned which is needed to straighten the leg.


This surgery is being done by making only a small 1 cm cut under general anaesthesia and through that small window the deformed part of bone is weakened inside with the help of a tool called osteotome.

Post the Procedure (8 Questions):

It will take around one to two hours to complete the surgery

You will need around three to six months to heal from osteotomy and around a year before you can participate in any vigorous activities such as Jogging.

There can be infection in the bone and the surrounding soft tissue and in some cases the pieces of bone fails to tie together.

Your recovery will take around six months, you can start doing your physical activity after six weeks. Healing of the bone is necessary before the treatment.

You can drive after 2 weeks of the surgery if you are not taking any pain medications.

Knock knee surgery is not painful you may experience some pain swelling and discomfort after surgery which can be managed with taking proper medications.

It will take around three to six months to recover completely after surgery.

Any surgery is risky because it has some risk of blood clot, pain, swelling, bleeding and some other complications but it is only going to affect only a small percent of patient.

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