Cyberknife Treatment Cost In Bremen

Minimum Cost USD9900
Maximum Cost USD12100
  • Success Rate 92-94%

Cost of Cyberknife Treatment in Bremen: Detailed Overview

Cyberknife Treatment cost in Bremen is between USD9900 to USD12100. The total cost of the treatment depends on the diagnosis and facilities opted by the patient.

The cyberknife procedure is a radiation therapy device used for delivering high-frequency radiation to treat tumors.

It can be used for benign tumors as well as malignant tumors and other malformations.

It is non-invasive and can be used in a lot of cancers like the lung, spine, liver, pancreas, head and neck, and prostate.

The cyberknife radiosurgery is the only radiation delivery method that involves LINAC (linear accelerator) which is directly placed on a robotic device to deliver the high energy X-rays and photons to the target.

It uses image guidance for setting the target and delivers radiation precisely to the area.

It minimizes the dose for surrounding tissues and causes less damage.

Doctors for Cyberknife Treatment in Bremen

The medical specialist who can perform cyberknife radiosurgery is Neurosurgeons and Oncologists.

Inclusions in the package

The cost of Cyberknife includes:

  • Preoperative diagnostic tests cost (blood tests, CT scans, MRI, etc.) 

  • Procedure cost (depends on the number of sessions required)

  • Post-Operative cost (depends on the number of follow-up sessions)

  • Medicine cost 

Factors affecting cost of Cyberknife Treatment

The overall cost of the procedure also varies based on the patient's condition and preferences. Some of these factors are:

  • The severity of the disease (tumour size, location, and shape)

  • Post-surgical complication, if it happens (such as Skin rash, changes in bodily function like salivary function or urination)

  • Any additional tests may require knowing the status of the disease during the course of treatment

  • An extended stay at the Hospital

  • Cost of Accommodation during follow-ups, in case the patient is not a local resident

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How much does Cyberknife Treatment cost in different countries?

For patients planning to travel abroad it is useful to know the price in destinations popular with medical travellers. The price for Cyberknife Treatment in different countries is approximately:

Countries Min. Cost Max. Cost
Turkey USD 8000 USD 12000
India USD 5600 USD 8400
Malaysia USD 11200 USD 16800

Success Rate

The usual survival rate for a low-risk patient is around 97%-100%, however, the patients with high risk show a survival rate of 92-94%.

Its use is quite superior to conventional radiotherapy.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cyberknife Treatment: Q&A

Before the Procedure (5 Questions):

It is a non-invasive treatment for cancerous and non-cancerous tumors with the help of radiation therapy. It is used to treat conditions throughout the body, including the prostate, lung, brain, spine, head and neck, liver, pancreas, and kidney.

It is non-invasive, does not require a headframe or painful Immobilization device, and is able to reach areas of the body previously thought untreatable.

Yes, you can eat or drink before your treatment because it will not affect your treatment at all.

The CyberKnife System is based on radiation technology that has been proven for more than 30 years, and thousands of patients have received CyberKnife treatments worldwide.

Before your treatment, you will undergo a CT scan which helps in determining the shape, size, and location of the prostate. You will also go for an MRI scan to fully visualize the prostate.

During the Procedure (5 Questions):

Generally, each CyberKnife treatment lasts between 30 to 90 minutes. The number of treatments varies depending on the tumor size, location, and shape.

No anesthesia is required for the treatment because these sessions are completed on an outpatient basis.

CyberKnife has local control and effectiveness that is equivalent to surgery. However, due to its non-invasive nature, the risk of side effects is significantly lower with CyberKnife.

The Cyberknife always hits exactly the tumor - the healthy tissue is optimally protected. A precision robot accurately places the high dose of radiosurgical drugs from many directions in the tumor.

CyberKnife uses an approach called stereotactic body radiation therapy, delivering precise doses of radiation with extreme accuracy and accounting for a tumor or patient movement in real-time.

Post the Procedure (5 Questions):

Treatment with the CyberKnife System is a non-surgical and outpatient procedure that does not require hospitalization.

The majority of patients can continue normal activity during and immediately following treatment. The ones who have traditional prostate cancer surgery should limit normal activity for three to five weeks.

Almost all patients can drive after their CyberKnife treatment. However, with some types of cancer, driving may not be recommended due to strong pain medication or fatigue.

You should eat a variety of protein-rich foods that are low in fat, such as seafood, eggs, soy products, beans, etc.

Yes, you can do exercise but make sure to consult your doctor and explain the exercises you plan to do

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