Abdominoplasty Cost In Izmir

Minimum Cost USD1800
Maximum Cost USD2200
  • Days In Hospital 1 days
  • Outside Hospital Stay 4 days

Cost of Abdominoplasty in Izmir: Detailed Overview

Abdominoplasty cost in Izmir is between USD 1800 to USD 2200. Patient has to stay in the hospital for 1 days and outside the hospital for 4 days. The total cost of the treatment depends on the diagnosis and facilities opted by the patient.

Abdominoplasty is a procedure to remove excess fat and skin while tightening muscle in your abdominal wall,mainly advised for men or women who are obese.Women who have had several pregnancies may find the surgery useful too.

Abdominoplasty requires a horizontally-oriented incision in the area between the pubic hairline and belly button. skin is lifted, the underlying weakened abdominal muscles are repaired. A second incision is made to remove excess skin and the remaining skin is sutured together. Your tummy tuck will result in a flatter, firmer abdominal contour that is more consistent with your body type and weight.

Doctors for Abdominoplasty in Izmir

The right doctor to consult for is Plastic surgeon /Cosmetic surgeon.

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Inclusions in the package

The cost of Abdominoplasty includes:

  • Preoperative diagnostic tests cost (Blood Chemistry test, Blood tests, urine analysis, etc.)

  • Surgery cost (varies depending on the size of the abdomen) 

  • Type of surgery opted (complete, partial, or circumferential)

  • Post-Operative cost (depends on the number of follow-up sessions)

  • Medicine cost (Anti-inflammatory, Pain Killers, Antibiotics, etc.)

  • Patient's hospital stay 

  • Being an elective procedure, the insurance company may not cover the cost of Abdominoplasty.

Note: If there’s sagging in the abdomen, the patient might have to get a Liposuction and abdominoplasty.

Factors affecting cost of Abdominoplasty

The overall cost of the procedure also varies based on the patient's condition and preferences. Some of these factors are:

  • Type of hospital and room opted (General, Twin sharing, or single room)

  • Any additional testing, if required, after the procedure is approved

  • If any Post-surgical complication happens (such as Fluid accumulation beneath the skin, poor wound healing)

  • Blood products (if required)

  • An extended stay at the Hospital due to any health reason apart from the package stay period

  • Cost of Accommodation during follow-ups, in case the patient is not a local resident

Cost related to Abdominoplasty in Izmir

Listing approximate price of Abdominoplasty and some related procedures. The prices may change depending upon the centers and condition of the patient.

Treatment name Min. Cost Max. Cost
Abdominoplasty USD 1800 USD 2200
Tummy Tuck USD 2700 USD 3300
Mommy Makeover USD 9000 USD 11000
Mini Abdominoplasty (E) USD 2475 USD 3025
Lower Body Lift Surgery USD 1800 USD 2200

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How much does Abdominoplasty cost in different countries?

For patients planning to travel abroad it is useful to know the price in destinations popular with medical travellers. The price for Abdominoplasty in different countries is approximately:

Countries Min. Cost Max. Cost
India USD 2240 USD 3360
Thailand USD 2800 USD 4200
Germany USD 3600 USD 5400
Israel USD 1840 USD 2760
Singapore USD 6800 USD 10200
Malaysia USD 3600 USD 5400

Success Rate

If you suffer from a particular health condition then you need to refer your surgeon before,also If a women is pregnant then this surgery is not advised .Altogether, 86-90 percent of patients reported an improved sense of self-assurance after surgery.
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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Abdominoplasty Cost

All medicines in the time frame that the patient is at the hospital are covered in the package. Medicines taken for recovery are usually not covered in the package price.

You only need to take over-the-counter medicines prescribed by your doctor in case you experience pain and swelling. However, this is normal and subsides with time. The medicines are not covered in the package.

There are different types of abdominoplasty and your stay depends on the surgery you and your doctor decide to go ahead with. Generally, you only need to spend 1 day at the hospital and recuperate outside the hospital for 7 to 10 days to follow up with the doctor and also avoid any fluid buildup around the stomach.

As per the norm, cosmetic surgeries are not covered under health insurance. But you can check with your provider for a suitable plan.

You can choose from a variety of procedures such as Liposuction, CoolSculpting, Emsculpt, etc., which are good alternatives to achieve the same benefits but at a comparatively cheaper cost and without scarring or extended downtime.

Patient's Review

Mrs. Soledad Morinigo

star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating

I am very happy with my liposuction surgery. Dr. Omer Sagir Soledad is a very good doctor; do consider him if you want good results.


Nancy-Lee Cuevas

star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating

My Abdominoplasty and Liposuction done at Medistanbul Hospital and the operation was well executed. The doctors and nurses were perfect. Thank you all!

United States

Soledad Fabiola Morinigo Ayala

star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating

Dr. Omer Sagir was always attentive and caring. He performed my liposuction, and I am extremely satisfied. I highly recommend his services.


Mrs. Soledad Morinigo

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Jing Cao Mcginn

star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating

I want to express my gratitude to Dr. M. Hakan Bulam for doing an excellent job on my facelift and neck lift. The entire process went very smoothly.

United Kingdom

Danielle Philbert

star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating

I am happy I visited Turkey and consulted Dr. Omer Sagir for my breast reduction procedure. The surgery was successful. He is a true expert in his field.

Trinidad and Tobago

Everything You Need to Know About Abdominoplasty: Q&A

Before the Procedure (6 Questions):

Tummy Tuck” refers to the procedure called an “Abdominoplasty.  An abdominoplasty is an operation designed to remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen. It also is used to tighten the abdominal muscles which have become loose and weak with time.

You need to undergo Abdominoplasty if you have excess fat or skin around the area of your bellybutton or a weak lower abdominal wall.

Your abdominoplasty procedure will result in a flatter, firmer abdominal contour that is more proportionate with your body type and weight.

Abdominoplasty can give you a tighter, flatter stomach and remove or reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your lower abdomen. The operation can remove folds of skin left behind after losing a lot of weight, and tighten stretched skin and muscles after pregnancy. 

This surgery is not a treatment for weight control or a substitute for regular physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet. The results of a tummy tuck can be long lasting as long as you maintain a healthy weight after your operation.

An abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck Prices is a great option for those individuals who have gained an excess of fat and loose skin in the abdomen which cannot be treated with liposuction alone.  Women after having children can go for Abdominoplasty because the muscles of the abdomen, which were weakened by pregnancy, can also be tightened.  Men can also go for abdominoplasty who have weight gain or weight fluctuations and would like to get rid of the excess skin and fat.

During the Procedure (4 Questions):

It will take around two to three hours to perform Adbdominoplasty under general anaesthesia.

Abdominoplasty is being done by plastic surgeons.

An incision is made over the pubic hairline and the excessive fat and skin are removed by excision through this incision. A second incision is then made around the belly button, to remove excessive skin in the upper abdomen and free the belly button from the surrounding skin. The upper abdominal skin and the remaining tissues are then pulled down before the incisions are closed.You can go home same day and can resume daily activities within a week.

Abdominoplasty requires a horizontally-oriented incision in the area between the pubic hairline and navel. The shape and length of the incision will be determined by the degree of correction necessary. Through this incision, weakened abdominal muscles are repaired and sutured while excess fat, tissue and skin is removed. A second incision around the navel may be necessary to remove excess skin in the upper abdomen.

Post the Procedure (5 Questions):

The final results may be initially obscured by swelling and your inability to stand fully upright until internal healing is complete. Within a week or two you can see your new profile.

  • Avoid straining activities for 3-4 weeks
  • You have to wear a compression garments for 6 months to support your abdomen.

Abdominoplasty is completely safe there is no long lasting side effect of the procedure but there will be swelling and pain which are temporary. Swelling will subdivide within 3 weeks and discomfort will disappear as well. You will notice a better shape which will continue to improve till 6 months. Within 6 months the scars should become flatter, lighter in colour and less noticeable.

Following your surgery, dressings or bandages may be applied to your incisions, and you may be wrapped in an elastic bandage or a compression garment to minimize swelling and to support your abdomen as it heals.

It takes six weeks for the body to heal after Abdominoplasty. Swelling may last several weeks, but most patients are fully recovered in three months or less.

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