Fiji Story

Vaidam quite literally saved my life. I got the treatment I much needed while the team took care of everything. They are amazingly professional and more importantly great human beings. I felt comfortable and secure from the time I got picked up from the airport. Thanks guys for all the support!!

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Fiji Story

Quality Medical Services with Personal Care

Our goal is to provide unmatched personal care so you feel at home during your travel and stay in India.

If there is something on your mind, do let us know – we will help set-up priority appointments with doctors, dedicated personnel who will assist you along the way and so much more. Your health is our passion and it shows.

Choose Quality Doctors and High End Medical Facilities

To ensure that you get the best treatment possible, we help you select from top doctors and medical facilities.

Your treatment plans can be customised as per your medical requirements. Get personalised treatment plans from multiple doctors while consulting multiple doctors before you finally decide your suitable doctor. Additionally, you can also speak to other patients who have been through similar experiences to get a taste of what’s to come.

Fiji Story
Fiji Story

Your Steadfast Companion Away From Home

We understand how you must feel when you are away from home. That is why it’s our constant endeavour to ensure you get the most out of your stay in India.

From living accommodation to food preferences we have it covered. We will assist you with the most convenient living options that are near your hospital with food to match your taste buds. Want to do a little sightseeing or need travel assistance? Just let us know, we are here to help.

Hear from Patients

Mr. Deo Raj Medanta Gurgaon, Heart Surgery,Hear Nausori, Fiji. The depth of knowledge found at vaidam is just amazing. The patient relations team was very knowledgeable, providing an abundance of information that helped me access the best surgeon. This was especially true in my case, where I need specialist care. Thanks to Vaidam I was attended by India's#1 cardiologist Dr. Naresh Trehan.

Mrs. Pushpa Kant Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Heart Surgery, Nadi, Fiji. Vaidam helped me every step of the way. This was especially true at the hospital where I needed assistance with numerous things and someone to do the running around. This is one trip I will remember; especially the endearing relationships that were made along the way.

Mr. Joel Trazo Artemis Hospital, Spine Surgery, Suva, Fiji. Vaidam quite literally saved my life. I got the treatment I much needed while the team took care of everything. They are amazingly professional and more importantly great human beings. I felt comfortable and secure from the time I got picked up from the airport. Thanks guys for all the support!!

Frequently Asked Questions

From Medical Travellers from Fiji

What is included in the treatment cost?

Treatment Cost includes surgical fees, doctor’s fees, lab tests, medicine, hospital room fees.

Can an attendant stay with me in the hospital?

During the patient’s hospitalization period, one attendant can stay with the patient in single room at no extra cost. The food and stay of the attendant would be complimentary.

What additional documents and information do you require from my doctor?

Please carry all your previous medical reports including X-Ray, MRI, CT scans (films and reports), ultrasound images, blood investigation reports, discharge summary (If any) etc.

What is the payment policy?

An advance deposit of the treatment estimate is done at the time of admission in the hospital. If the actual cost of treatment is lower than the amount deposited, hospital will refund the amount at the time of discharge.

Does Vaidam charge any fees for its services?

Vaidam does NOT charge any fees from patients. We are Channel partners of the hospitals.

Does the bill that I pay to hospital increase by taking your service ?

By using Vaidam services your medical bills which is paid directly to the hospital does NOT increase. Infact, in most cases we are able to negotiate better prices for our patients.

We assist you in Medical Visa to India. Once you decide on a hospital, please share the passport copy of persons travelling & we’ll get you the Visa invitation letter. Fiji nationals can apply online for Visa (eVisa) which is simple & fast.

Will you assist in airport transfers?

Yes, you will be received at the airport by our dedicated executive. After discharge, you will again be dropped back to the airport or to the hotel accommodation (if requested) in the cab by our executive. This service is available at no extra cost.

How can I contact my doctor for follow up inquires once I have returned to my native place?

We help you keep in touch with the doctors via email and telephonic consultations. If required, we also provide video conferencing with your treating doctor.

After discharge, can I get stay near the Hospital?

The stay is mostly within 5-15 minutes of driving or walking distance of the hospital.

How can I further save on living expenses?

Opt for guest houses or hotels which are non-luxurious, yet hygienic, spacious and near the hospital. Check for kitchen facility for self-cooking. If your planned stay is longer than 25 days, opt for furnished/service apartments near the hospital.