What Age is Common for Brain Tumors?


While brain cancer can affect anyone at any age, it is more common in two age groups—children under the age of 15 and adults 65 and older.  

In the United States, 83,570 individuals are anticipated to be diagnosed with brain and other CNS cancers in 2021 (24,530 with malignant tumors and 59,040 with nonmalignant tumors), and 18,600 will pass away from the condition. 

Because they can press on or spread into healthy areas of the brain, brain tumors are harmful. Additionally, some brain tumors have the potential to develop into cancer. They may be problematic if they obstruct fluid movement around the brain since this may raise the pressure inside the skull.  

What is Brain Tumor? 

A brain tumor is a swelling or mass of aberrant brain cells. Brain tumors come in many different forms. Brain tumors may be benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous) (malignant). Secondary (metastatic) brain tumors develop in other body areas and spread to the brain; primary brain tumors begin in the brain. 

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What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumors? 

The size, type, and location of a brain tumor affect its symptoms. Symptoms may result when a tumor compresses a nerve or damages a brain section. The following signs of brain tumors are most typical:

  1. Headaches (typically worst in the morning) (usually worse in the morning)

  2. Nausea and diarrhea

  3. Speech, vision, or hearing changes

  4. Mood, demeanor, or capacity to focus changes

  5. Difficulties with memory

  6. Jerks or twitching of muscles (seizures or convulsions)

  7. Arms or legs that are numb or tingly  

In most cases, these symptoms are not due to brain tumors. Another health problem may be the cause. If you have any of these symptoms, you must let your doctor know so they can diagnose and treat the problem appropriately. 

Which Age Range is Most Susceptible to Brain Tumors? 

Any age is a potential age for brain tumors. However, the majority of malignancies, including brain tumors, are more likely to strike as we get older. One in five pediatric cancer cases (20%) are brain tumors, making them the second most common type of pediatric cancer. 

Before answering what age is common for brain tumors, it is essential to understand that brain tumors cause most deaths from solid tumor malignancy in children. 

What are the Risks of a Brain Tumor? 

The origin of the tumor is unclear in most patients with primary brain tumors. However, medical professionals have found a few factors that could raise your risk of developing a brain tumor.

Radioactive contamination: Ionizing radiation is a category that increases the risk of brain tumors in those exposed. Ionizing radiation examples include atomic bomb radiation exposure and radiation therapy used to cure cancer.

Family history: A tiny percentage of brain tumors are found in patients with a family history of the disease or genetic abnormalities that enhance the chance of developing brain tumors. 

Who is the Best Medical Professional to Treat Brain Tumors?

A neurologist, neurosurgeon, head and neck surgeon, and oncologist are the best medical professionals to treat a brain tumor. 

Imaging procedures like CT, MRI, and PET scans can accurately diagnose brain cancers. We may occasionally need a brain biopsy to determine the sort of malignant tumor. Hospitals in India, Malaysia, and Singapore are considered the best for brain-related surgery. 

What is the Treatment for Brain Tumors? 

The type, size, and location of the tumor, as well as your general health and preferences, all play a role in treating a brain tumor. Surgery is the most common way to treat such a brain tumor. 

A surgeon will attempt to remove as much of the brain tumor as is safely possible if the tumor is at a location that can be operated on. Some brain tumors can be removed surgically because they are tiny and simple to separate from the surrounding brain tissue. Other successful treatment methods for the brain tumor are Radiation Treatment, Radiosurgery, Chemotherapy, etc. 


All ages are susceptible to developing brain cancer, but two age groups—children under the age of 15 and adults 65 and older—are more likely than others to do so. However, it is important to suspect the symptoms of a brain tumor as soon as possible to achieve maximum recovery. Each person's recovery duration differs depending on how they approach the surgery and post-procedural care. Vaidam will always support your treatment journey as smoothly as possible by providing you with the best hospitals, surgeons, medical visa assistance, etc.  

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