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62-years-old Hamdiyah Al-Janabi from Iraq is on Her Way-up after Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Hamdiyah Al-Janabi, who is in her early 60’s, has been put through the wringer when it comes to her knees. When something unfavorable happens and to brush it off, you think “it could have been worse”. Unfortunately for Mrs Janabi, she has experienced worst-case scenario when it comes to knees problem.


Living an active life of daily chores, Hamdiyah Al-Janabi began to taper down on her daily activities about 10 years ago. She elaborates, “Everything was going great. However, one wrong move was about to set into motion a long-chain of knees problem. One weekend in 2007, I and my family went for boating. This is when I dislocated my one knee and got injured on second one when I stepped wrong in boat and twisted my leg. I had a tendon surgery to keep the kneecap in place but it was never same. I always liked to cook but standing in kitchen started hurting too much the day after.” Although never the same, her knee “worked well” and got her years of service.

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Imaginary Image

“It got really worse about three years ago. I was in a restaurant, after having lunch when I stood up, my knee ‘popped’. Unbearable pain ran through,” explained Janabi. From that moment on, she was on anti-inflammatory. Doctors suggested knee replacement as the next necessary step to fix years of knee problems. As TKR can boggle anyone’s mind, so was with Janabi. Knowing that a replacement was the last option, she didn’t want to run any risks and sought out the best way to stay healthy and improve her odds at a great outcome. She started getting injections in her joints to combat the pain. She even tried her luck in physical therapy to build up her muscle strength and did exercise but no relief from pain.


By the time, her elder son knew that knee replacement is the only option. He wanted her mother to be treated by best doctors whether in Iraq or outside. He searched for knee replacement surgery cost in India and stumble upon Vaidam. He sent his query which was answered by asking the reports of patient. After a few emails and calls, an appointment for 12th April, 2018 with Dr. Jatinder Bir Singh Jaggi from Max Super Specialty Hospital, Gurgaon was fixed.


Hamdiyah Al-Janabi came to India with her husband and one of the members from Vaidam’s operations team picked them up for their hotel. Next day, the duo was accompanied to the best orthopedic hospital in India for knee surgery. After close examination, Dr. Jaggi started the process of knee replacement. The surgery lasted for 4 hours and everything went a whole lot better. Dr. Singh removed damaged portions of bone at the end of the thigh-bone (femur) and shin-bone (top of the tibia) and replaced them with prosthetic components. She was hospitalized for 6 days but was able to walk few steps on the third day after the surgery. Her husband was happy to see that. For the rest of 3 weeks, Janabi would be in and out of the hospital, enduring a handful more procedures.


Light at the End of the Tunnel

Despite all of her challenges, Janabi is both contagiously positive and upbeat after her knee surgery from the best orthopedic doctor in India. Right now she is on path of recovery which will take few months. “I can’t wait until I can start bending and working again. My son love to eat food cooked by me, hope I will serve him with new dish after recovery”, says Janabi.

Janabi also desires to dance at her son’s wedding in December. There is no question that she’ll do it.

Author Name
Manpreet Kaur

Published Date
: 17-May-2018

Manpreet Kaur is an Engineer by education but found her interests in research and writing. Her prolific career spans the world of health, travel and digital marketing. She is a music lover who can be found with headphones on at any time of the day. If not found in office, then it is for sure she had packed her bag and is on trip to quench her thirst for adventure.

Trying to extract the best out of life, she has eclectic mind trapped in a peripatetic body.

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