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NT Scan Cost


NT scan cost - Vaidam


NT Scan is also known as Nuchal Translucency Scan. It is a part of the ultrasound scan that is done at 12 weeks of pregnancy. The scan reveals the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in infants. It tells us if there is any probability of having Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, or Patau Syndrome. Before getting the NT scan, the doctor measures the size of the nuchal fold at the back of the baby's neck. Read more about NT scan.

What is nuchal fold - A nuchal fold is just a skin fold observed at the back of the neck of the fetus during the second trimester of pregnancy. If the thickness of the fold is increased, it indicates fetal anomalies, which can be detected by second-trimester ultrasound.

Why is the Nuchal translucency test done?

The scan focuses on the thickness of the nuchal fold. The thickness indicates chromosomal abnormalities but cannot confirm it. The test is performed between 11 and 14 weeks of pregnancy.

The scan can be done through the abdomen or sometimes by inserting a probe through the vagina. In some cases, a blood test may also be needed along with the NT scan.

The NT scan is most commonly linked with Down’s syndrome. Down’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by cell division leading to an extra copy of chromosome number 21. This is responsible for changes in the developmental and physical features of the body. Some of the most common signs and symptoms include smaller head, flat face, short hands and fingers, smaller ears, poor muscle tone, short height, etc.

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NT scan cost in India


NT scan cost - Vaidam


The approximate cost of the NT scan in India is around 600 INR to 4000 INR. This cost variation depends upon the city, fees of the doctor, overall medical condition of the patient, type of the hospital and many other factors. For instance, the starting price in Bangalore is around 600 INR, whereas it is 1500 INR in Amritsar. 

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NT scan result chart in India 

NT scan can only bring you results if done between 11 weeks to 13 weeks or when the baby’s crown-rump length is between 45 mm and 84 mm. Before 11 weeks, the scan cannot be done because the size of the fetus is too small. After 14 weeks, it gets late because there may be excess nuchal fluid absorbed in the baby’s lymphatic system. 

The NT scan is able to detect about 77 percent of the babies having Down’s syndrome. However, it may also give a false-positive result where even if there are meager chances of having the syndrome, the result may show you a high probability. 

If blood tests are combined with NT scan, the results may be more accurate. These blood tests include hormone levels, free beta-hCG, and PAPP-A protein. Babies having Down’s syndrome tend to have high levels of hCG and low levels of PAPP-A. There is another screening test known as non-invasive prenatal testing, which has nearly 99 percent accuracy in detection. 

The normal thickness of the nuchal fold at 11 weeks is up to 2 mm and at 13 weeks, 6 days is up to 2.8 mm. Any abnormality in the measurements indicates the risk of Down’s Syndrome. To get a confirmed diagnosis, if there are any abnormalities, another test called amniocentesis is performed. Know more.


NT scan cost - Vaidam


NT scan and double marker test

Both the NT scan and double marker test are used in detecting the chromosomal abnormalities. A double marker test is done in the first trimester, specifically between the 10th - 13th weeks of pregnancy. A blood sample is taken to measure the levels of beta hCG (human chorionic protein)and PAPP- A (pregnancy-associated plasma protein). It is mostly done in women above the age of 35 years as there is an increased chance of having a child with Down syndrome in this age.


NT scan cost - Vaidam


NT scan in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore has a cosmopolitan lifestyle showing rapid technological advancements. This attracts several medical tourists from across the world to the city. A multitude of exemplary services provided by health care professionals. The hospitals also have international accreditation. It has pleasant weather throughout the year. Overall, the city warmly welcomes you once you arrive for any medical treatment.

The average cost of the NT test in Bangalore ranges between 600 INR to 2000 INR. The most common laboratories are:

  • Life Plus hospital
  • Focus diagnostics
  • Trea Healthcare and diagnostics
  • Rmv Diagnostic center
  • NM medical center


NT scan in Chennai

The best cancer hospitals in Chennai have a special desk for international patients. The staff ensures a smooth experience of international patients in Chennai. One can easily approach the international desk for any of the following cases:

  • Assistance in applying for medical visa
  • Extension of the medical visa
  • Special dietary preferences
  • Language interpretation system for the patients such as French, Arabic, etc.
  • Followup services after going back home. 
  • Hospital stay as per the preferences

The average cost NT scan in Chennai is around 800 INR. Some popular diagnostic centers for NT test in Chennai are:

  • VRR Diagnostic center
  • Precision diagnostics
  • Aarthi scans

NT scan cost in Pune 

Pune is known for pleasant weather during most days of the year. It is greener than any city in the nation. It provides excellent healthcare services by highly qualified professionals without much waiting time which is usually spent in completing the formalities. There are many reputed hospitals for complex surgeries like joint replacement, spine-related disorders, etc. Not just this, the treatment is done at an affordable cost. Additionally, when it comes to staying in Pune, you may not want to go back at the end of your treatment.  The average cost for NT test in Pune is 1100 INR. Some of the most popular laboratories in Pune are listed below:

  • Icon Diagnostics
  • Crystal Diagnostics
  • AB Diagnostics center
  • Jagtap hospital
  • Ketkar imaging center


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Vaidam Health an online facilitation company that helps you in getting the treatment in India with a pleasant experience. Right from choosing the best hospital and the best doctor to the drop off to the airport before you leave back to your home, Vaidam is here to assist you with everything. The patients are only required to post a query on the website, and they will receive a call back by a case manager. Thereafter, the case manager will assist in everything. 

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