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Is Oral Cancer Curable in India?

India is best known for the latest, advanced techniques available for treatment, hospitality, fully-structured hospitals, surgeons & experts, success rate and the ‘cost’ factor.

If we talk about oral cancer, then oral cancer surgery cost in India ranges from USD 3200 to USD 4000. The pricing also includes the country of origin, accommodation, daily commute, medicines, nearby sight-seeing, and other medical services.

oral cancer surgery cost in india


What are the first signs of oral cancer?

Oral cancer can develop in any part of the mouth including tongue, teeth, gums, cheeks, tonsils, and salivary glands. Like any other disease, oral cancer doesn’t show any signs or symptoms; however, chain smokers and heavy drinkers should go for regular check-ups. But in some cases, it may show some warnings and they are:

  • Red or red and white patches on the lining of the mouth or tongue

  • Swelling that lasts for over three weeks

  • Jaw pain

  • Stiffness

  • Painful tongue

  • Hoarse voice

  • Persistent pain in the neck that doesn’t fade away

  • A burning sensation in the throat

  • Loose teeth

  • Mouth pain

  • Earache

  • Difficulty while swallowing


How many stages are there in oral cancer?

Oral cancer has different stages based on the size of the tumor, nodes and metastasis, which are described as follows:

  • Stage I: It is the early stage of cancer when the tumor is less than 1 inch.

  • Stage II: When the tumor measures up to 1 to 2 inches.

  • Stage III: When the tumor is more than 2 inches and has grown into the nearby tissue or lymph.

  • Stage IV: When cancer has become fatal and started affecting the mouth, oral cavity, teeth, lips, nearby lymph nodes and extended to the other parts of the body.


What are the risks associated with oral cancer?

Tobacco and excessive alcohol use are prominent risk factors for oral cancer.

Do you know that smokers and heavy drinkers are three times more to develop oral cancer?

Some of the other factors are:

  • Excess exposure to the UV radiations coming from the sun.

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), a digestive disease in which stomach acid irritates the food pipe lining.

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.

  • Regular intake of red meat, processed foods.

  • Exposure to environmental pollutants and other chemicals.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle followed by poor eating habits

  • Genetics


What are the types of oral cavity cancer?

As the mouth has different parts, therefore, the tumor can develop in any part of the mouth and causes cancer.

  • Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC): The throat and mouth are lined with squamous cells. SCC develops when these squamous cells start dividing uncontrollably and abnormally. SCC accounts for 90 percent of oral cancer cases.

  • Verrucous carcinoma: It is a rare type of squamous cell carcinoma. Approximately 5 percent of oral cancers are verrucous carcinomas. It is locally aggressive and happens to those who chew tobacco or snuff orally.

  • Minor salivary gland carcinomas: When the tumor develops on the salivary glands that cover the lining of the mouth and throat.

  • Lymphoma: Lymphoma is a medical condition when the tumor develops in lymph tissue. The tonsils and base of the tongue have lymphoid tissue.

  • Other benign tumors: Other types of non-cancerous, benign tumors that can occur in the oral cavity and oropharynx. Sometimes, these tumors develop into cancer and surgical treatment is required. Granular cell tumor, lipoma, papilloma are some of its types.


What are the conventional treatments for mouth cancer?

Some of the conventional treatments are:

  • Surgery: When the tumor becomes severe and other treatments fail, then surgical treatment is carried out to remove the entire tumor from the mouth. In such cases, a small incision is made in the neck or jawbone for tumor resection or removal. However, once the surgery is performed, reconstruction of the mouth is necessary.

  • Radiation Therapy: It is used to kill cancerous cells. External beam radiation therapy and brachytherapy are two forms to treat cancer.

  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancerous cells throughout the body. Sometimes, if the tumor is severe, then various drugs are combined to attack the cancer-causing cells. In most cases, it is combined with radiation therapy.

  • Targeted Drug Therapy: The drugs used in this therapy affects the growth of cancerous cells at a molecular level. It is often combined either with chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

  • Immunotherapy: It is also known as biologic therapy. The drugs used boosts the body’s immune system to fight cancer. It helps in improving and restoring the functionality of the immune system.


What is the survival rate of oral cancer surgery?

Well, the success rate depends on the stage diagnosed. The early it is diagnosed, the higher the chances of survival. Somehow, the five-year survival rate is 60 percent for all cases. But the five-year survival rate increases up to 70 to 90 percent if it diagnosed at stage I and II.

Final Thoughts:
When you experience relevant signs and symptoms that last for more than two weeks, then it is high time to consult medical help to identify the cause behind your signs. It is crucial to seek advice from an expert to avoid further complications.

Author Name
Neha Jaswal

Published Date
: 21-Jun-2019

Neha Jaswal is a researcher and writer at Vaidam Health. Being a fitness freak, she loves to pen down about health and fitness. 
A writer by day and a reader by night, she likes to expand her pensive thoughts health, travel strategies.

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