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CT Scan Cost

A CT scan, also called a CAT scan, is an abbreviation for Computed Tomography Scan. It uses a combination of X-rays and computer that helps doctors to produce detailed pictures of the organs, bones and other tissues. It creates detailed pictures than X-rays. It is mainly performed on the abdomen, heart, knee and spine. It is a painless procedure in which the body passes through a tunnel-like machine that circles around one part of the body. This helps in producing a series of pictures from various different angles. 

These series of images are stored in a computer to create an all-round two-dimensional (2D) snapshot of the required part of the body. This 2D scan displays a ‘slice’ of the captured part of the body like a piece in a loaf of bread. In this way, the process is carried out to produce a repetitive number of slices. These kinds of scans are helpful to a surgeon to look at a tumor from all angles while performing surgery. A CT scan is a minimally invasive procedure that can also produce three-dimensional (3D) images if required. The CT scan cost varies depending on which part of the body you want to get scanned.  


CT Scan Abdomen Cost

CT scan abdomen produces detailed series of images of the abdominal and pelvic organs of the body that includes adrenal glands, kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen and the gastrointestinal tract. A doctor generally prescribes this test when he wants to examine the cause of pain or observes an abnormality on other tests such as ultrasound. The CT scan produces more detailed information than a plain X-ray that can help doctors to check any tumor or nodule if there is any. 

The doctor may ask you to go for an abdominal CT scan if there is:

  • Continuous abdominal pain

  • Sudden, unexplained weight loss

  • Infections

  • Abnormal swelling

  • Formation of blood clots

  • Appendicitis

  • Injuries followed by accident or trauma

  • Intestinal obstruction

  • Inflamed intestines, such as Crohn’s disease

In this way, the abdominal CT scan guides doctor further for biopsies or aspiration of tissue from the abdomen. These CT scan results can also be useful to identify the main cause behind the abdominal tumors which may help in further treatment. Depending on which part of the abdomen you want to scan, the CT scan abdomen cost varies accordingly:

Lower Abdomen28 USD (1,950 INR)
Upper Abdomen29.56 USD (2,100 INR)
Whole Abdomen38.01 USD (2,700 INR)
Abdomen Dual Phase63.35 USD (4,500 INR)
Abdomen Triple Phase68.84 USD (4,890 INR)
Abdomen Angiography69.69 USD (4,950 INR)
Abdomen Aortic Angiography90.01 USD (6,400 INR)

The above-mentioned prices may differ according to the city, hospital, and laboratory. 


CT Scan Cost in India

The CT scan cost varies depending on the mentioned parameters:

  • Part of the body such as brain, spine, knee, etc.

  • Contrast or non-contrast

  • Slices (16/32/64)

  • Experience of the Radiologist

  • Other commercial aspects such as laboratory, affiliations, hospital, city, etc.


Above all, a brain CT scan approximately starts from 25.34 USD (INR 1800) while a whole body or an angio CT scan may cost around 253.40 USD (INR 18,000). 


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CT Scan Brain Cost in India

CT Scan is basically an advanced version of a normal, plain X-ray.
An X-ray uses a single beam while CT scan has multiple beams while being performed on the brain. This CT scan produces a detailed three-dimensional (3D) series of images of the brain to examine any injuries in the brain, cause of internal bleeding & headaches, or brain tumors if there is any. These scanned results are useful to evaluate treatment. 

CT Scan Brain Cost in India

The doctor usually prescribes the CT scan of the brain if he observes any of the following symptoms:

  • Bone and tissue damage

  • Paralysis of different body parts

  • Blood clotting

  • Numbness especially in fingers and toes

  • Enlarged brain cavities

  • Vertigo

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Brain tumor

  • Stroke

  • Internal bleeding

  • Dizziness

  • Abnormalities in middle ear bones

The CT scan Brain cost varies according to parameters such as contrast/non-contrast, part of the brain, laboratory, affiliations, city, etc. However, the price may start from 16.75 USD (INR 1,190) and go up to 78.84 USD (INR 5,600). 

Brain without Contrast16.75 USD (INR 1,190)
Brain with Contrast27.87 USD (INR 1,980)
Brain Angiography78.84 USD (INR 5,600)
Brain with Perfusion24.64 USD (INR 1,750)


CT Scan PNS (Paranasal Sinuses) Cost

A CT Scan of the PNS uses multiple beams of rays to bring detailed series of images of air-filled spaces between the bones of the face around the nasal cavity. It includes the upper throat located behind the nose. CT Scan PNS helps in diagnosing complications if there is any, in the human body such as:

  • Injuries in the sinus bones

  • Birth defects in the sinuses

  • Repetitive blood loss from the nose

  • Masses and tumor in the nasal cavity and sinuses

  • To check whether the sinuses become fluid-filled or sinus membranes have thickened.

A CT Scan PNS is usually categorized as follows:

  • PNS Coronal

  • PNS Axial

  • PNS Sagittal

  • PNS Axial & Coronal

  • PNS Coronal Contrast

  • PNS Axial Contrast

  • PNS Axial & Coronal with Contrast

  • PNS Axial Coronal Sagittal

  • PNS with Neck

Therefore, depending on the type of CT scan PNS to be needed, the cost may vary from 21.12 USD (INR 1,500) to 84.47 USD (INR 6,000). 


CT Scan Cost in Delhi

CT Scan is performed on any part of the body under the doctor’s prescription. However, the most common CT scans are:

  • CT Angiography (CTA): It gives a detailed image of arteries carrying blood to the heart. 

  • CT Scan Brain: It examines injuries or brain tumors in the head.

  • CT Spine: It displays detailed series of images of the spinal cord of the human body.

  • CT Chest: It detects any acute or chronic changes in the lungs.

  • CT Scan of Gastrointestinal Tract: It detects any changes in the tissues present in the kidneys, liver, pancreas and spleen. 

The CT scan can be contrast or non-contrast. In the case of contrast CT scan, a contrast dye is used to produce detailed images of the body parts. This contrast dye is injected into the body which blocks the beam of X-rays and appears white in the scan. The contrast CT scan is also known as CECT.

A non-contrast CT scan is a normal CT scan in which no special dye is used to examine the body parts. This non-contrast CT scan is also termed as NCCT. 

As Delhi is a hub of medical treatment, it abodes various laboratories with certified affiliations, hospitals with certified laboratories. These certified laboratories are well-equipped with the latest technology to perform CT Scan procedures. The CT Scan Cost in Delhi varies according to the part of the body you want to get scanned. However, the cost ranges between 19.71 USD (INR 1,400) and 126.70 USD (INR 9,000). 


Chest CT Scan Cost

A chest CT Scan is a painless imaging test that produces various detailed images, called slices, of the lungs and chest. These images are stored in a computer where three-dimensional (3D) images of your lungs and chest takes place. This minimally invasive imaging test is done to follow-up on abnormal findings from previous chest X-rays. A chest CT scan helps in finding the reason behind any cause in the lungs such as chest pain or shortness of breath. It also helps in detecting any major problems in the lungs such as tumor, excessive fluid in the lungs - pleural effusion, tuberculosis, pneumonia, or pulmonary embolism. The chest CT scan costs between 21.12 USD (INR 1,500) to 42.23 USD (INR 3,000) including parameters such as contrast/non-contrast, 16/32/64 slices CT scan machines, affiliated laboratory/hospital, and city.

Chest CT Scan Cost


PET CT Scan Cost

A PET-CT scan is basically a nuclear medicine imaging test that figures any tumor or cancer, heart diseases, infections or neurological disorders. In PET-CT scan, radioactive glucose is injected that is taken up by the tissues. This radioactive glucose helps in detecting any abnormal activity within your body by the PET scanner. The PET CT scan cost starts from 140.78 USD (INR 10,000) and may go up to 492.73 USD (INR 35,000). 

As the CT scan imaging uses multiple-beam of X-rays which produces ionizing radiation and exposure to such radiations for multiple teams increases the risk of cancer. Although the radiation exposure from CT is comparatively higher than that from standard X-ray procedures, however, the risk of development of cancer from a single CT scan is still small. However, these radiations are proven to be dangerous for pregnant women, diabetic patients, and may cause skin damage. Also, if these radiations are exposed for a prolonged time, then they may also lead to severe diseases. Hence, more number of CT scans are not recommended for anyone. 

PET CT Scan Cost


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Final Thoughts:

If you’re planning a full body CT-scan or scanning of a particular body part in India, then consult Vaidam Health - India’s first NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) medical assistant company. It arranges everything from treatment to travel for its patients. All you have to do is send your medical reports and receive quotations from Vaidam within 48 hours. It helps in planning budget-friendly medical journey of its patients to India. For affordable CT-scan in India, a proper research is done according to your city preference in India, laboratory affiliations, and more. Vaidam Health plans qualitative medical treatment with personal care. 

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