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Best Stroke Hospitals In India

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Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai

  Mumbai, India   Established in : 1970   Number of Beds : 364   Multi Specialty   Popular For Cardiology, Oncology, Neurosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic, Paediatric, Paediatric Surgery, Pain Management, Pathology, Plastic Surgery, Psychiatry, Psychology, Pulmonology
  • NABH accreditation
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Stroke Treatment Hospitals in India

Our brain is made of two types of cells, that is, the neurons and the glial cells. When there is absence of sufficient blood flow to the brain then it experiences cell death that further results in a brain stroke. Undergoing a stroke is not only terrifying but also fatal. In such a case an immediate treatment is necessary. Consisting of some of the best neurology doctors and neurology hospitals, India provides you with the best stroke treatment at a cost that is easily affordable.   

What are the different types of stroke?

Ischemic and hemorrhage are the two main types of stroke. A patient is contracted with Ischemic stroke when there is a lack of blood flow in the brain. Most of the strokes are of the Ischemic kind. The second is hemorrhage, which occurs due to bleeding and the effected part of the brain does not function properly.  Other types of stroke are:

Thrombotic Stroke: Thrombus means a blood clot. In thrombotic stroke, the thrombus occurs around atherosclerotic plaques. As arterial blockade is a gradual process, it is slower than hemorrhagic stroke. 

Embolic Stroke: An embolic stroke is the blockade of an artery by an embolus (a travelling particle or debris in the bloodstream of the artery). The embolus can be fat, thrombus, air, cancer cells or bacteria.   

Cerebral Hypoperfusion: The insufficient blood flow in all parts of the brain is known as cerebral hypoperfusion  which is mostly caused due to heart failure or arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, pericardial effusion, bleeding.  

Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Intracerebral hemorrhage occurs in small arteries and arterioles due to hypertension, trauma, bleeding disorders, amyloid angiopathy and drug abuse. 

Silent Stroke: In case of silent stroke, the patient neither shows any outward symptoms nor are they aware that they have experienced a stroke. But silent stroke pushes the people towards the increased risk of transient ischemic attack and major stroke. 

What are the factors that cause a stroke?

A stroke is caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco smoking, obesity, previous TIA, atrial fibrillation and diabetes mellitus.  

What are the common symptoms of stroke?

Reduced movements, inability to feel on one side of the body, problems in understanding or speaking, dizziness, loss of vision on one side, headache, pneumonia and loss of bladder control are the common symptoms of stroke. 

What kind of medical treatment does a patient with stroke require?

The treatment of a stroke depends on the type of stroke one is having. In case of Ischemic stroke emergency team may provide you proper medication such as aspirin or intravenous injection of tissue plasminogen activator. Doctors may even use a catheter to remove the clot. Surgery options include carotid endarterectomy and angioplasty and stents.   

In case of hemorrhagic stroke the emergency unit would try to control the bleeding and reduce pressure in the brain. Medicines like warfarin, or anti-platelet drugs like clopidogrel are provided.   Surgical clipping, coiling (endovascular embolization), Surgical AVM removal, intracranial bypass and stereotactic radiosurgery are the surgical procedures in the treatment.

Can the Indian neurologists provide the right treatment?

Trained from several eminent medical institutes and colleges, the neurology doctors in India are well experienced and have got much acclaim for their contribution and service in the medical field. They receive several patients from around the world each year and deliver quality medical treatment. As they continue with their research in the different fields of neurology, the Indian neurology doctors have also aware of the many modern innovations and treatment procedures.

What kinds of facilities are available in the stroke treatment hospitals in India?

For the treatment of brain stroke, the stroke treatment hospitals in India are well equipped with 256 Slice CT Scanner, Brain Suite, intra-operative imaging operation theatre, 3.0 Tesla MRI, PET CT, Gamma Camera, digital x-ray, advanced neurophysiology lab that has EEG, EMG, NCS and Evoked Potential Systems like VEP and SSEP. Apply the latest surgical procedures in neurosurgery like intraoperative MRI, computer-assisted brain surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, awake brain surgery, and deep brain stimulation. The stroke treatment hospitals in India also possess more than a 100 beds, blood banks, pharmacy, life supporting ambulances, wifi enabled campus, prayer room, leisure room and ATMs so that the patients do not face any trouble during their treatment.      

Are the stroke treatment hospitals in India well accredited? 

The stroke treatment hospitals are all well equipped with the latest medical technologies and the greatest neurosurgery doctors. The hospitals have been, therefore accredited by JCI,NABH and NABL.

Is the treatment of brain stroke too expensive in India?

The treatment of stroke in India costs around USD 5,000 to 6,000 which is much cheaper than its international counterparts whose price starts from approximately USD 25,000.  

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