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  • Dr. Anoop Jhurani

    Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Jaipur, India

    Director, 26 years of experience , , Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur  Highlights
    • Dr. Anoop Jhurani is an eminent Indian Orthopedist with extensive experience of 26+ years.
    • He has vast experience in the specialty of Knee and Hip Replacement and has successfully performed more than 8000 joint replacement surgery.
    • He has a professional membership with the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Trauma Society of India, (IGOF) Indo German Orthopaedic Foundation, Indian Society Of Hip And Knee Surgeons, Indian Musculoskeletal Tumor Society, and Bombay Orthopaedic Society. Presently, he is the President of the Indian Arthroplasty Association (IAA).
    • Dr. Anoop is an expert in the treatment of Limb Deformities, Cartilage Surgery, Primary Hip & Knee Arthroplasty, Revision Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, Chronic Pain Treatment, Achilles Tendon Rupture Treatment, Meniscus Injury, Shoulder SLAP (Tear) Lesions, Ligament Reconstruction, etc.
    • He has also performed live surgeries in many parts of the country and abroad and is a frequent speaker at major conferences. 
    • He has research publications and he developed implants and instruments for joint replacement surgeries. He has a book publication named as "Arthritis – Cause and Cures".
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  • Dr. Vivek Sharma

    Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Jaipur, India

    Visiting Consultant, 14 years of experience , , , , CK Birla Hospital, Jaipur  Highlights
    • Dr. Vivek Sharma is a leading Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon with +14 years of experience in the field of joint replacement surgeries.
    • He has completed his MBBS from Adichunchanagiri Institute Of Medical Science, Mysore after which he earned a fellowship from Katharinen Hospital,Stuttgart and a D.Ortho and DNB qualification. He earned yet another D. Ortho and DNB qualification from Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, Shivajinagar, Pune.
    • Dr. Sharma has performed +5,000 primary complex and revision surgeries during his career. He is also the founding member of the Rajasthan Arthoplasty Center of Excellence.
    • He is an expert orthopedic surgeon with specialisation in performing primary & revision hip/knee arthroplasty, knee osteotomy, besides treating osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and pain.
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  • Dr. B R Bagaria

    Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Jaipur, India

    Consultant, 12 years of experience , , , Manipal Hospital, Jaipur  Highlights
    • Dr. B R Bagaria is a leading and pioneer Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon with +12 years of experience in the field.
    • His professional associations include, the Rajasthan Orthopaedic Surgeons Association (ROSA), the Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA), the Indian Arthroplasty Association (IAA) and other medical societies, besides some other overseas fellowships in the USA, Australia, Germany and England.
    • Dr. Bagaria is a graduate and MS qualification holder.
    • He is an expert at joint replacement surgeries, ACL/PCL reconstruction, complex trauma and sports injuries. 
    • He has pioneered joint replacement surgeries in Rajasthan with the highest growth rate in arthroplasty. He has performed +6,000 joint replacement, reconstruction, revision arthroscopic joint surgeries with excellent success rate. He even holds a Limca Book of World Records for performing a total hip replacement surgery on a 100-year old lady. 
    • In his endeavour to train orthopedics in new surgical techniques using live surgery, Dr. Bagaria has founded and is also the course Director of, Jaipur Shoulder & Knee Course” (JSKC).  He also holds 100+ free camps across Rajasthan in small towns to spread awareness of joint arthritis and to provide best possible treatment options to the patients living in far places.
    • Some of his publications have been published in reputed journals.
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  • Dr. Lalit Modi

    Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Jaipur, India

    Consultant, 10 years of experience , , , , CK Birla Hospital, Jaipur  Highlights
    • Dr. Lalit Modi possesses +10 years of experience as an Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon in performing open joint replacement surgeries and arthroscopic surgeries.
    • His professional associations include memberships of the Indian Arthroscopy Society, the Indian Orthopaedic Association and the International Cartilage Society.
    • Dr. Modi completed MBBS from SMS Medical College, MS from S N Medical College, earned a DNB in 2012 and fellowships from Germany, Italy and Japan between 2012-18.
    • Dr. Modi's surgical expertise includes, shoulder replacement, ligament reconstruction, hip/knee replacement and shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff injury, meniscus and shoulder arthroscopy.
    •  He has performed +5,000 surgeries shoulder, knee and hip.   
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  • Dr. Vikram Sharma

    Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Jaipur, India

    Consultant, 17 years of experience , , Fortis Escorts Hospital Jaipur  Highlights
    • Dr. Vikram Sharma is an Indian Orthopedist with a thriving experience of more than 17 years.
    • He is the first in Rajashthan to start Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Medicine and has successfully performed 3500+ Arthroscopic surgeries.
    • His expertise lies in the treatment of Joint Mobilization, ACL Reconstruction, Spinal Therapy, Hip Resurfacing, Hip Replacement, Knee Braces For Osteoarthritis, Knee Osteotomy, Knee Replacement, etc.
    • Dr. Vikram has completed his Arthroscopy training from the UK, attained a diploma in Sports Injuries from the UK, and has done Sports Medicine and advanced Arthroscopy training from the University of Pittsburgh, USA.
    • He is the only doctor from Rajasthan who represents Rajasthan in a national organization and has treated many national and international players and many international patients.
    • Besides his academics, he is also Founder and President of the Association of Sports Medicine and Joint Secretary of the Indian Association of Sports medicine. 
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