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Best Cardiac Surgeons in Malaysia

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  • Dr. Kenneth Chin Kin Liat

    Cardiac Surgeon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Consultant, 47 years of experience , Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur  Highlights
    • Dr. Kenneth Chin Kin Liat is a senior and a skilled Cardiac Surgeon with +47 years of experience in the field of cardiac procedures and treating cardiac conditions.
    • He did his MBBS in 1974 from University Malay and in 1978 earned a membership from the Royal College of Physicians, UK and in 1989 a fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons, Glasgow.
    • Dr. Kin Liat is an expert at performing heart transplants, open heart surgery and surgery to remove blockages.  He also treats patients who have suffered heart attack, have advanced stages of heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions.
    • He has co-authored very few research articles on findings from his surgical practice

  • Dr. Dewi Ramasamy

    Interventional Cardiologist, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Consultant, 38 years of experience , , Gleneagles Hospital, Kuala Lumpur  Highlights
    • Dr. Dewi Ramasamy is one of the reputed and well-known Interventional Cardiologists.
    • She has extensive experience of more than 38 years in her field.
    • Her areas of specialization are Acute Myocardial Infarction, Valvuloplasty, Pacing, and Heart Failure.
    • She completed her MBBS degree from the University of Malaya Malaysia in 1978.
    • She received her fellowships from the Royal Colleges of Physicians, Ireland, American College of Cardiology, and National Heart Association of Malaysia.

  • Dato Dr. Mohd Hamzah bin Kamarulzaman

    Cardiac Surgeon, Ampang, Malaysia

    , Interventional Cardiologist Senior Resident, 33 years of experience , , KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, Ampang  Highlights
    • Dr. Mohd Hamzah Kamarulzaman is a cardiothoracic surgeon having vast experience of 33 years.
    • He is adept in performing Aortic Surgery, intra-Cardiac Repair, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery and Grafting.
    • His other expertises are Tetralogy of Fallot, Patent Foramen Ovale, Atrial septal defect (ASD), Ventricular Septal defect (VSD), Valve Repair and Replacement.
    • He is VP of Malaysian association for thoracic and cardiovascular surgery (MATCVS) from 2001-2003 and 2014-2016.
    • He is a training director of Malaysian Board for Cardiothoracic Surgery and CPR Committee member and Instructor, Penang.
    • He is a member of various prestigious associations that include: Malaysian Medical Association, Malaysian Medical Relief Society and Islamic Medical Association Malaysia
    • Dr. Mohd Hamzah Kamarulzaman has completed MD and FRCS from Edinburg, U.K. (1991).

  • Dato' Dr. Simon Lo

    Interventional Cardiologist, Penang, Malaysia

    Consultant, 35 years of experience , , , Gleneagles Hospital, Penang  Highlights
    • Dato' Dr. Simon Lo has 35 years of rich experience as an Interventional Cardiologist
    • He practises in Penang with expertise in cardiology and interventional cardiology, including endovascular work involving peripheral vascular diseases and aneurysms.
    • He holds a Proficiency Certificate in Echocardiography from the British Society of Echocardiography. 
    • He pioneered the introduction of Endovascular Reconstruction Therapy for Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection in Penang.
    • He is a member of the American College of Cardiology, the European College of Cardiology and the Academy of Medicine (Malaysia).
    • Dato' Dr. Simon Lo has several publications, journals, and articles to his name.  
    • He has completed an MBBS (1985) and MD (1995) from the University of Wales, UK.
    • He has obtained FRCP from London, UK and Edinburgh, Scotland.
    • Dato' Dr. Simon Lo is well-versed in English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Cantonese and Hakka.

  • Dr. Ng Wai Kiat

    Cardiac Surgeon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Consultant, 33 years of experience , , Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur  Highlights
    • Dr. Ng Wai Kiat is a respected and an experienced Cardiac Surgeon with +33 years of experience in performing various heart procedures. 
    • He studied MBBS at the University of Adelaide, Australia in 1988 and then in the following years, earned several fellowships from American, European and Australian institutes.
    • Dr. Kiat is a renowned and skilled cardiac surgeon known to perform heart transplants, heart valve surgery, heart bypass, angioplasty and also treat conditions such as, hole in heart, heart attack, and other heart problems.
    • He has only a few papers published in his area of surgical practice. 

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  • Dr Suhaimi Osman

    Cardiac Surgeon, Klang, Malaysia

    Consultant, 31 years of experience , Pantai Hospital Klang  Highlights
    • Dr Suhaimi Osman is a Cardiologist with more than 31 years of expertise.
    • Services provided by him includes Heart Attack, Chest Pain during Exercise, Brugada Syndrome, Restrictive Cardiomyopathy, Atrial Fibrillation.
    • In 2008, he received his MRCP from the Royal College Of Physicians, Ireland, and in 1991, he received his MB BCH BAO from The Queen's University Of Belfast.
    • Dr Suhaimi Osman is fluent in English and Malay.

  • Datin Dr. Ong Mei Lin

    Interventional Cardiologist, Penang, Malaysia

    Senior Consultant, 26 years of experience , , , Gleneagles Hospital, Penang  Highlights
    • Datin Dr. Ong Mei Lin is a skilled and knowledgeable Interventional Cardiologist.
    • She holds +26 years of experience in providing services of all aspects of echocardiography (including transoesophageal, dobutamine and stress echocardiography), permanent pacemaker implantation, coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary intervention.
    • She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom, the American College of Cardiology and the European Society of Cardiology and the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (AMM).
    • Datin Dr. Ong Mei Lin has several publications, journals, and articles to her name.  
    • She has completed an MBBS (1982) from the University of Malaya, Malaysia.
    • She has also done MRCP (1985) from the Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom.
    • She has done FRCP (1996) from Royal College of Physicians, London, UK.
    • Datin Dr. Ong Mei Lin is well-versed in English, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Cantonese and Hokkien.



  • Dr. Arunachalam N

    Cardiac Surgeon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Consultant, 31 years of experience , , Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur  Highlights
    • Dr. Arunachalam N is a leading Cardiac Surgeon with +41 years of experience in the field. 
    • He is a professional member of the, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia, Malaysian Association of Cardiovascular Surgery and the Thoracic Society of Malaysia. He is a fellow of the National Heart Association of Malaysia.
    • Dr. Arunachalam did his MBBS in Madurai and then in 1984, did his fellowship from tne Royal College of Surgeons. He also underwent training in Australia.   
    • He performs some very crucial cardiac surgeries such as, heart transplants, open heart surgery, coronary artery bypass, REDO coronary Artery Bypass, valve repair and replacement, adult congenital repair, video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) and VATS sympathectomy.
    • Dr. Arunachalam is particularly keen in lung surgery for cancer, oesophageal surgery for cancer and VATS procedures and other operable lung diseases.


  • Dr. Chong Wei Peng

    Interventional Cardiologist, Ampang, Malaysia

    Consultant, 26 years of experience , , Pantai Hospital, Ampang  Highlights
    • Dr. Chong Wei Peng is a leading Interventional Cardiologist in Malaysia.
    • He has 26 years of rich experience in treating patients with heart diseases.
    • His special interests lie in interventional cardiology, pacing, and acute coronary syndromes, and he routinely performs coronary angiography and intervention via the radial artery.
    • He did his MBBS from the University of Malaya, Malaysia in 1995, MRCP from Royal College of Physicians, the United Kingdom in 2000, FNHAM from National Heart Association of Malaysia, Malaysia in 2008, and FSCAI from Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions, the United States in 2009.

  • Dr Alfred Charles Poey

    Cardiac Surgeon, Penang, Malaysia

    Consultant, 30 years of experience , , Pantai Hospital Penang  Highlights
    • Dr Alfred Charles Poey is Cardiothoracic Surgeon with more than 30 years of expertise.
    • He has experience with Adult Cardiac Surgery and Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting.
    • He earned his MBBS from the University of Madras, as well as his FRCS from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasglow and his FRCS from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
    • He is registered with 124312 (National Specialist Register of Malaysia,2007), and 21988 (Malaysian Medical Council, 1977).
    • Dr Alfred Charles Poey is fluent in English, Malay, and Hokkien.

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Your heart is unavoidably one of the most critical organs in your body, and it cannot be taken for granted. Your doctor may recommend surgery for numerous cardiac disorders, the outcome of which is dependent on the skill of cardiologists. Malaysia is home to some of the greatest cardiac hospitals in the world, ensuring that you receive not just the best treatment but also the best rehabilitation. To learn about the best doctors for common cardiac procedures in Malaysia, go here.

Why should you get your heart surgery in Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the world's most popular locations for those seeking high-quality cardiology care. Malaysia is a centre for modern healthcare services, high-quality medical treatment, and low-cost cardiovascular care. They have highly qualified physicians and medical personnel on staff. The Cardiology Hospital in Malaysia is one of the greatest medical facilities in the country, providing patients with international quality medical treatment. Malaysia's diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventative health services are on par with those provided by the world's best hospitals. Cardiology hospitals in Malaysia have a sophisticated infrastructure that supports the innovative services they provide.


Is Cardiology a viable option in Malaysia?

Malaysian hospitals provide cost-effective treatment packages that encompass a wide range of services and amenities. This enables the patient to receive modern medical treatment at a minimal cost. This does not imply that the patient will have to sacrifice quality because the facilities have outstanding infrastructure that is backed up by cutting-edge cardiology technology and equipment.


Can you put your confidence in Malaysian cardiac surgeons?

The cardiac surgeons and physicians have years of expertise and have been trained in cardiology at some of the leading medical institutes and hospitals in Malaysia and abroad. They attend worldwide seminars and talks and are asked to offer their rich expertise in cardiology and cardiac science. Malaysian cardiologists have also won a number of prizes for their pioneering work and miracle cardiac therapies. These cardiac surgeons have completed four years of college, four years of medical school, a five-year general surgery residency, and a two- to three-year cardiothoracic or cardiothoracic fellowship.


In Malaysia, which hospital is the finest for heart surgery?

Malaysia is home to a variety of top heart surgery facilities and medical institutes, all of which are well-known for performing effective general operations, particularly cardiac procedures such as artery bypass grafting, minimally invasive heart bypass surgeries, and more. For comprehensive cardiac treatment, these institutions feature a well-equipped 'Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery' department operated by a team of top heart surgeons and committed medical professionals.

Beverly Wilshire Damansara Clinic, Petaling Jaya, Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh, Pantai Hospital Penang, Gleneagles Hospital Kota Kinabalu and Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor are some of the best hospitals in Malaysia for Cardiac Surgery.


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Find out more about Cardiac Surgery.

More information regarding cardiac surgery may be found in our Knowledge Center area. Go to our website's Doctors and Hospitals sections to learn more about the greatest cardiologists and cardiac hospitals in Malaysia. For information on heart prevention, click here.

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