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Spinal Cord Injury Treatment with Stem Cell Cost in India

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment with Stem Cell Cost in India

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Spinal Cord Injury Treatment With Stem Cell Cost In India

For A Patient From Singapore

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment With Stem Cell Price USD 6,800 ( 9,258 Singapore Dollar ) No. of Travellers 2 Days in Hospital 7 Days Outside Hospital 0 Total days in India 7

More About Spinal Cord Injury Treatment with Stem Cell

Causes of Spinal Cord Injury

  • Road Accidents: Road accidents are a major reason for traumatic injuries leading to spinal cord injuries. Around 50% spinal cord injuries take place due to accidents

  • Violent Encounters: Gun fights, knife wounds, fights, etc. also comprise the 10-15% incidents leading to spinal cord injuries

  • Sports Injuries: Athletes encounter a high number of spinal cord injuries due to sports related accidents. Up to 20% spinal cord injuries are sports accident related ones

  • Falls: Aged people suffering from diseases like osteoporosis are also very likely to get spinal cord injuries due to sudden fall. Spinal cord injuries due to fall range from 15-20% of the total injuries

  • Diseases: Patients already suffering from diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, inflammation of spine, etc. are likely to have spinal cord injuries due to their existing illnesses


Symptoms of Spinal Cord Injury

  • Extreme pain and pressure in the lower back, neck, etc.

  • Lack of coordination in the limbs or paralysis

  • Functional loss of movement

  • Functional loss of sensory organs like the ability to sense hot or cold

  • No control over the bladder

  • Difficulty in breathing, coughing, etc.

  • Problem in remaining in the normal posture

  • Neck level Injuries may cause breathing problems if they are high up on the neck

  • Chest Level Injuries may lead to blood pressure issues, abnormal temperature and sweating

  • Lower Back Injuries may lead to loss of control of the movement in both the legs, loss of bladder control, etc.


Diagnosis of Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord injuries are a serious risk and hence some important tests related to brain and nervous system need to be carried out immediately. The tests likely to be advised are:

  • CT Scan or MRI of the spine

  • Myelogram

  • Spine X-Ray

  • Electromyography (EMG)

  • Nerve Condition Studies


Stem Cell Treatment Procedure for Spinal Cord Injury

  • Conventional medicine has done limited progress in terms of spinal cord injuries as the damaged nerve cells can’t be healed through medicines or therapy

  • Stem cell research has opened the doors of new possibilities as stem cell technology doesn’t just try to numb the pain but it also tries to build the damaged cells back to their original state

  • Spinal cord injuries cause severe damage to the nervous system and the brain is not able to communicate properly with the vital organs

  • Stem cell treatment involves correct identification of the affected areas and the type of damaged cells

  • Stem cells are taken from the patient’s bone marrow or harvested allogeneically from the matched donor

  • These stem cells are properly tested and separated as per the need and effectiveness

  • These stem cells are later on enriched and activated before planting them in the patient

  • In stem cell treatment concentrated cells are administered to the target areas

  • These cells colonize in the affected regions and adapt to their properties

  • Slowly and gradually the affected area starts to heal and the patient is able to get back sensory and motor functions


After the procedure

Stem cell therapy in spinal cord injury works like wonders in many cases however, there are possibilities that the therapy might not show any results on the patient as such injuries are highly complicated. The stem cell treatment aided with therapy can help the patients in improving their motor and sensory functions. This therapy does not put any dietary restrictions on the patients. The patients might have to return several times for getting the stem cells in case the treatment is working positively for them.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury

Some of the following factors may affect your cost of treatment:

  • The Kind of hospital you opt for

  • Room –Standard single room, deluxe room, super deluxe room for the number of nights specified (including nursing fee, meals, room rate, and room service).

  • Operating room, ICU

  • Fee for the team of doctors (Surgeons ,Anesthetist ,Physiotherapist ,Dietician )

  • Medicines

  • Standard test and diagnostic procedures

  • Type of stem cells used

  • If the stem cells are being taken from a donor

  • How many stem cell injections are being given and how they are being given meaning intrathecal administration or intravenous administration


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Hillary Kipchumba / RTA Treatment / Kenya. Unable to stand without a support, Hillary started exercising when he flew back! 

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Patient story - Spinal Cord Injury - Stem Cell Treatment

Kenya resident Josphat Chege gets away with a backache and numbness after coming to India. “I really liked the services altogether including the hospital staff behavior”.

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