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CyberKnife Treatment in India

CyberKnife Treatment in India

Painless and Non-Surgical Treatment for Fighting Cancer

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CyberKnife is a precise, painless and non-invasive radiation treatment that can be an alternative to radiotherapy or to open surgery in certain cases.

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CyberKnife Treatment Cost In India

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No. of Travellers 2
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Days Outside Hospital 10
Total days in India 10
Treatment Cost USD 6,000

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Our Patient Stories

Patient Testimonial

Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Shukia Begum from Bangladesh Returns Home After Successful Cyberknife Surgery. It was minimally invasive, and it didn’t take much time to get back on my feet.

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Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Testimonial: Miraculous recovery of a young woman from Spine Tumour. Bedridden for a month Ms. Zufa walks again after an exceptional spine tumour surgery.

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Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Shiela Boahen from Ghana had a Successful Brain Tumour Surgery in India. After the surgery Sheila felt happy and free. She won't be having headaches anymore.

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Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Agnes Mumbi From Kenya Had a Successful Brain Tumour Surgery in India. Testimonial of a Vaidam guest from Kenya who underwent Brain Tumor Surgery in India

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Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Jamila Finally Starts Breathing a Normal Life after Her Schizophrenia Treatment in India. Diagnosed with Sschizophrenia and OCD at the age of Ten, Jamila finds her way back to a normal life after 15 years

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Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Ofori Atta Konadu from Ghana Got Cured of His Brain Clot in India. Recurrent headaches and diminished eyesight had made Konnadu's life difficult before the treatment

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Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Having been Diagnosed with Brain Tumour, 16-year-old Bibi Zeenat Rashida was Scared but Found Right Treatment in India. What was thought to be brain tumour turned out to be small lesion in her skull

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Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Rokhila Ravshanova / Meningioma Brain Tumor / Uzbekistan. Apart from regaining her balance, a steady improvement is witnessed in her

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Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Gold Agyare / Brain Tumor / Ghana. Distraught, her parents couldn't fathom a proper treatment for their daughter

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Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Jean Cyril / Brain Tumor / Mauritius. Cyril from Mauritius required an immediate surgery

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Patient story - CyberKnife Treatment

Partially Blinded by a Recurrent Brain Tumor 14-Year-Old Mihir Caunhye from Mauritius Undergoes a Successful Craniotomy in India. After the treatment, Mihir flies back home with a smile

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Dr. N. K. Venkataramana


30 years of experience , Bangalore

Doctor for CyberKnife Treatment - Dr. Sandeep Vaishya

Dr. Sandeep Vaishya


20 years of experience , Gurgaon

Doctor for CyberKnife Treatment - Dr Aditya Gupta

Dr Aditya Gupta


21 years of experience , Gurgaon

Doctor for CyberKnife Treatment - Dr. V. P. Singh

Dr. V. P. Singh


30 years of experience , Gurgaon

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More About CyberKnife Treatment

How does Cyberknife Radiosurgery work?

During Cyberknife radiosurgery procedure, the tumour receives a cumulative dose of radiation to control or destroy the tumour cells while radiation exposure to surrounding tissue is minimised. The Cyberknife is able to compensate for patient movement to ensure highly accurate delivery of radiation during treatment.

When patient movement occurs during treatment, the cameras detect the position change, and the robot is able to compensate for the movement by repositioning the LINAC before administering the radiation beam. This process of constantly correcting for beam replacement ensures accurate tumour targeting.

Understanding the Mechanism

The unique mechanism of the Cyberknife provides a non-invasive, surgical-like outcome for lesions of the brain and spine. It is the first and only commercial application of robotic stereotactic radiosurgery for the spine and the spinal cord. Additionally, this technology has the benefit of enabling the Cyberknife system to be used for radiosurgical applications outside the brain as was as for staged radiosurgical procedures.

Cyberknife radiosurgery has also been effectively used to treat selected lung malignancies. The combination of investigational software and hardware with Cyberknife technology can deliver conformal radiation to moving primary and metastatic lung tumours if surgery is not an option. The Cyberknife accommodates lung and tumour motion, enabling modifications to be made so as to deliver a maximal therapeutic dose while minimising surrounding tissues toxicity.

Cyberknife Disease Treatment

The Cyberknife intervention is a great help to patients who are dealing with deadly tumours. Cyberknife is used to treat:

  • Non-Cancerous Tumours
  • Brain Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Cancerous Spine Tumours
  • Lung Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Breast Cancer


Treatment Procedure

Once patients are assessed and evaluated by the multidisciplinary team, the treatment process commences. The process involves the following three steps:

  1. Treatment Setup
  2. Treatment Planning
  3. Treatment Delivery

Each of these procedures can occur either on the same day or on separate visits. Unlike with conventional stereotactic radiosurgery, the Cyberknife treatment planning procedure does not require that the patient be confined in an acute care setting while the plan is formulated. Patients are able to return home in between treatment planning appointments.

#1 Treatment Setup

During treatment setup, the team plans the overall details of radiation delivery. If a tumour is being treated, a custom-fit plastic mask is made for the patient. The patient has a CT scan with iodinated dye contrast with the mask in place. The CT data is then integrated into the treatment planning software, and digitally reconstructed demonstrating various patient positions are correlated with images of the target so that the computer can identify in three-dimensional space exactly where the lesion is located.

#2 Treatment Planning

Cyberknife treatment planning utilizes the clinical experience of both the radiation oncologist and the physicist as well as the power of high-speed computers to determine the volume, dose and pattern of radiation beam target. During the planning phase, the Cyberknife performs millions of calculations to determine the most effective radiation delivery plans.

#3 Treatment Delivery

Soon after treatment planning is complete, the patient returns for treatment delivery. During treatment, the patient lies face upwards on the treatment table and is fitted with the appropriate immobilisation device. At the beginning of the actual treatment, the imaging system acquires digital x-rays of tumour localisation and patient position. This information is transmitted to the robotic arm, which is used to move the LINAC to the appropriate position

As the treatment proceeds, the robot moves and retargets the LINAC at multiple positions around the patient. At each position, a small radiation beam is delivered. This process is repeated at 50-300 different positions around the patient to complete treatment.  

Cyberknife Treatment Benefits

  • Treatment of tumour lesions are far more accurate with targeting tumours
  • Minimal exposure of healthy tissues
  • The technology is non-invasive and involves no blood loss
  • A painless treatment procedure that requires no anaesthesia

Cyberknife Treatment Limitations and Risks

  • One of the major limitations of Cyberknife is the extended delivery time for patients.
  • Short-term side effects include nausea, fatigue and headache

Factors Affecting the Cost of Cyberknife Treatment

Some of the following factors may affect your cost of treatment:

  • The hospital you opt for
  • Type of room –Standard single room, deluxe room, super deluxe room for the number of nights specified (including nursing fee, meals, room rate, and room service).
  • Operating room, ICU
  • Fee for the team of doctors (Surgeons, Anaesthetist, Physiotherapist, Dietician)
  • Medicines involved
  • Standard test and diagnostic procedures

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