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Cranioplasty Cost in India

Cranioplasty Cost in India

Medical Travel Cost

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Cranioplasty Cost In India

For A Patient From Singapore

Cranioplasty Price USD 7,000 ( 9,513 Singapore Dollar ) No. of Travellers 2 Days in Hospital 4 Days Outside Hospital 9 Total days in India 13

More About Cranioplasty

Diagnosis for Cranioplasty

Cranioplasty is useful:

  • To repair skull or correct skull deformity after traumatic injury or medical procedure 
  • Correct congenital problem of the skull
  • Cosmetic appearance 
  • To help improve neurological function in some patient


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Before procedure

  • The consultant will guide you about the procedure and note your complete past and present medical history 
  • Perform your complete medical evaluation and scans 
  • Inform the consultant if you have any health problems, including blood clotting conditions or if you are taking blood thinners or anti-inflammatory drugs
  • If you have any allergies to any medications or other substances
  • Will be advised to change few medications, to stop smoking to prevent a slow or irregular healing process

During procedure

  • General anesthesia is administered to patient 
  • The incision area is cleaned and shaved  
  • The incision is made to expose the bone and the bone is removed to allow reshaping and reattachment
  • The surrounding bone edges are cleaned and treated to improve grafting
  • Depending on the specific situation, the removed bone may be reshaped and reattached, or the physician may have to use a prosthetic or other synthetic surgical material to complete the procedure
  • The bone or bone substitute is attached to the skull using special plates and screws
  • The skin is then closed around the skull using fine sutures

After procedure

  • Shifted to recovery for monitoring of vitals 
  • Most cranioplasty patients spend 2-3 days in the hospital after surgery
  • The operated area will be bandaged and drains are used to release fluids 
  • Occasionally external fixators are required to position the skull as it heals
  • You may have headache and will have pain relief pills to make you comfortable
  • You may have a urinary catheter 
  • Before discharge from hospital, you will get a CT scan of your head 
  • The sutures may usually be removed in about a week 
  • Normal activities may be resumed in 2-3 weeks, providing the head is protected from accidental impacts
  • Avoid any heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for 6 weeks


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Complications of Cranioplasty

Cranioplasty as a procedure is not without complications; however, if performed properly and at proper time with an aseptic technique, good results are achieved. Complications of this procedure may include:

  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Brain damage
  • Seizures
  • Blood clots


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Factors Affecting Cost of Cranioplasty

The cost depends on a variety of factors like:

  • The hospital selected by the patient
  • Fee for the team of specialists 
  • Standard test and diagnostic procedures
  • Cost of medications and cost of graft 
  • Cost of the follow –up care required after cranioplasty

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