Testimonial: Miraculous recovery of a young woman from Spine Tumour

Tell us about yourself

My name is Ruby Ebini Zufa. I am from Lagos, Nigeria and I am 36-year-old. I work as a Management Consultant in Nigeria.


What medical problem have you been suffering from?

I have been suffering from a tumour in my spine, known as Neurofibroma. For 5 months I could not even walk properly and have been bed-ridden for a month. It started with my left leg arm and left foot. My hands and feet were so weak I couldn’t even move them. The ailment grew so severe that after sometime I could only move my head and my whole body was numb.

Ruby Zufa with Vaidam Health team in India


How did you come across Vaidam Health?

My brother looked for medical help and was doing a lot of research on the internet. It was at this time that he found out about Vaidam Health. He contacted them and sent them an enquiry. They were very prompt in their response. Because I had such a painful ailment, I was very skeptical of the care I would receive. When my brother and I spoke to the Patient Manager, doctors from different hospitals and checked other available details on Vaidam’s website, we gradually started to trust them.


How did you select the hospital and the doctor?

Well, after getting a response from Vaidam, my brother shared my medical reports and details regarding my ailment. After a day or two, we were recommended some doctors and hospitals. Though we went through their profiles, I personally wanted to talk to Dr. Sandeep Vaishya of Fortis Hospital in Gurgaon over phone. Vaidam arranged a telephone conference for me and after talking to the doctor twice over phone, we chose him. He even spoke to my family doctor so that he could know about my past medical condition. He was very reliable.


How was your experience in getting the VISA and flying to India?

I faced some difficulty in getting my VISA to India. Though I could not move in any way, I had to go to the India High Commission twice as some papers were still incomplete.

Travel Experience

I and my younger sister were travelling with Etihad Airways and had to wait for 17 hours at Abu Dhabi. That was very painful for me. I advise you to check the stopover duration. My flight arrived an hour late at the New Delhi Airport. The team from Vaidam was already there to pick us. The cab that was arranged for us was also spacious and comfortable.


How did you to decide the place to stay in India?

Though we did some research over the internet, Vaidam had recommended me options for hotel. It was near the hospital and was very suitable for me and my sister. The room was on the ground floor, spacious and clean. It even had a kitchen so that my sister could cook for me. 


How was your experience with the doctor and the hospital?

As soon as I reached India, my treatment was started. The patient manager had already pre-booked my appointment with Dr.Sandeep Vaishya. I met my doctor the next day and had to run certain tests. The cost increased as I was diagnosed that I have some other complexities, but my patient manager negotiated the cost of the treatment so that we could afford it.

After the test results I got admitted to the hospital. My sister accompanied me and stayed with me in the hospital. The accommodation for attendants at the Fortis hospital is very good. Both of us didn’t have any problem at all. 


How many days did you stay in the hospital?

I had to stay in the hospital for 6 days. 3 days I was in the ICU and the other 3 days I was in my ward after which I was relieved. 


For how many days did you have to stay in the hotel post-surgery?

After I was relieved from the hospital, I stayed in the hotel for 10 days. Vaidam introduced me to a physiotherapist who would visit me everyday. I visited the hospital thrice within those 10 days for checkups, removal of stitches, and consultation with Dr.Vaishya about the surgery and its recovery. The patient manager was there with me always. He helped me and my sister with whatever we required. They have supported and cared for me a lot and I am very happy. I have finally regained my life!


Do you have any suggestions for the people who want to travel to India for the treatment?

  • It is advisable to get the VISA done sooner. That way you can use the time to plan your travel and finances.
  • Always check the stopover time at the airport. It is necessary that you take your medical condition into account while travelling.
  • Keep a note of the medicines that is prescribed on discharge. Make sure you make arrangements so that your medicines get replenished when they run out of stock.



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Plan Your Treatment in India

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