Delighted with the Medical Services Nigerian Businessman Hopes to Return to India for his Parents’ Treatment

“It was a very pleasant experience to come to India and have our complete health check-ups done,” said 40-year-old businessman, Waziri Shettima. He came to India with his parents from Nigeria on October 2, 2016 for a full body check-up. His parents being totally dependent on wheelchairs required extra care which they duly received in the country.

Shettima planned for his and his parents’ medical tour to India but he did not know where to start from. It was at this time that he came across Vaidam Health’s website and dropped a query.  “I didn’t expect to get such a prompt reply after I had submitted my query,” said Shettima. According to him, the patient relations executive recommended a list of hospitals for his check-up and also provided him with the correct budget estimate.


Both of his parents are quite aged and were on wheelchair. They went through a lot of check-ups at Artemis Hospital, New Delhi. “My parents consulted a lot of doctors at Artemis. They went for orthopedic, neurology and heart consultations and also general medicine consultations,” said Shettima.

The doctors of each department told them go through certain tests like ultrasound, MRI, TFT and eye tests. “Based on the test results and our previous medical reports, the doctors told us about the problems we had. My mother is diagnosed with shoulder problems and both my parents required a knee replacement”, said he.

When asked about their experience at Artemis hospital, he said, “It was really nice. The doctors were very warm and forthcoming. Dr. M.S Sandhu and Dr. IPS Oberoi were very good in their diagnosis. The doctors didn’t mislead us into going for surgeries and prescribed for a medicinal treatment first”, said he. 

Waziri Shettima with his parents

Happy as they were with the doctors and the hospital, they didn’t forget to thank Vaidam Health for their constant support. “We are very happy with the whole team of Vaidam Health. They are very helpful and punctual. They have provided us with the best doctors and hospital in India. Vaidam’s patient concierge was there for us all the time, pre-scheduled our appointments with the doctors and even took us out to some of the best shopping destinations in the city,” smiled Shettima.

Contented with the diagnosis, the doctors, the hospital and the services of Vaidam Health, Waziri Shettima and his parents went back on October 15, 2016, via Ethiopian Airlines, hoping to come back soon for their treatment.



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