Mr Robert from Nairobi Finds the Most Comprehensive and Effective Hair Transplant in India

  • Tell us about yourself

I am 45 years old. I have an automobile business in Nairobi, Kenya

  • What treatment did you undergoPatient Testimonial - Robert - Hair Transplant - Nairobi

I went to India for hair transplant

  • How did you select the hospital and the doctor

I submitted my request for hair transplant. Patient relationship manager from Vaidam contacted me. I shared a picture of the portion where the hair was thin and needed transplant. Vaidam shared a comprehensive treatment plan with quotes and assessment from multiple doctors and hospitals. I chose to go with blk hospital in new Delhi. 

  • How was your experience in getting the Visa

I received the invite for Visa through Vaidam. Getting visa from the Indian high commission wasn't difficult

  • How did you decide the place of stay?

I was presented with options to stay. I could also check the places on the internet to be sure about the facilities.  There were many good options within walking distance from the hospital. 

  • Airport pickup

There was some miscommunication because of which I missed the person from vaidam who had come to pick me. I took a cab to reach to the hotel. I advise you to share the flight details and your picture to your host before flying. 

  • Tell us about your experience with the doctor and hospital

The hospital was very professional. Proper tests were conducted, I was briefed about the treatment and its impact. Since it was hair transplant my total stay in the hospital was for one day. 

  • How many days did you stay in the hospital?

One day. 

  • What did you do after the stay

I had a week before my return flight to Kenya. In that period I had to see the doctor a couple of times. Otherwise I was free. The team at Vaidam kept in touch during the entire duration. I was advised an itenerary for new delhi sight seeing, One day trip to the beautiful taj mahal, shopping trip. I benefitted from vaidam guys local expertise in choosing the mode or time of travel. Saved money. I also got dental treatment done at a fraction of what it would cost  me in Nairobi. 

  • Any suggestion to people travelling to India for treatment?
  1. Having a friendly host makes your treatment experience wondwonderful
  2. Keep your host updated about your plan. It helps them plan the best for you. 
  3. Always keep some extra days in hand.


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