Mr. Erasmus Ekpobo was Finally Relieved After Undergoing a Proper Kidney Treatment in India

  • Tell us about yourself

I am 60 years old and live in Lagos, Nigeria

  • What ailment were you suffering from Patient Testimonial - Ekpobo Erasmus - Kidney Treatment - Nigeria

I suffered from Hydronephrosis i.e. kidney swelling due to the failure of normal drainage of urine from the kidney to the bladder. The swelling affected one kidney.

I had to go undergo Nephrectomy - one kidney was to be surgically removed


  • How did you select the hospital and the doctor

I received a call from Vaidam Health after I submitted an enquiry for treatment. I shared my case details and reports with them. Within 2 days I received assessment from 5 hospitals. The treatment plan suggested by the doctors was comprehensive and in line with the recommendations from my consultant doctors in Lagos. However, I wanted to speak to the doctors to be sure. Vaidam Health assisted me with conference calls with the doctors who were very co-operative and willing to answer all questions to allay my fears. Finally I selected BLK Hospitals in New Delhi. The quote for treatment was slightly higher than what I had anticipated but I felt confident of the expertise of the doctor

  • How was your experience in getting the Visa

The Visa invite from the hospital was facilitated by Vaidam patient manager. I applied and got the Visa within one week. I advise you to be careful in selecting the Agent, if you decide to go through them. My wife also travelled with me.

  • How did you decide the place of stay?

I chose the hotel recommended by Vaidam - it was within walking distance from the hospital and the local train station. However I did research hotels around the Hotel near blk hospitalhospital on the Internet.

  • Airport pickup

I arrived at New Delhi early in the morning and was happy to see Vaidam executive standing there with a placard with my name. It took us 45 minutes to reach the hotel.

  • Tell us about your experience with the doctor and hospital

My appointment with the Doctor Aditya Pradhan was pre-booked. On the day of my arrival I met the doctor and after inital checkups I was admitted to the hospital. I checked-out from the hotel. My wife could stay with me in the hospital.

Before the doctor could operate and remove my kidney, they conducted multiple tests. I was anxious on the time it took and everytime wanted to speak to the doctor. Patient Manager from Vaidam stood by my side, got appointments with the doctor, helped me with the billing queries and counselled me.

  • How many days did you stay in the hospital?

4 days. 2 days before the operation and 2 days after the operation.

  • What did you do after the stay

After the operation I checked-in the hotel. I was advised little movement for 3 days as I had stitches on stomach. During this time I visited the hospital twice. Both the times I was accompanied by Vaidam Patient Manager.

On the 3rd day, my stitches were removed and I could move freely.

  • Any suggestion to people travelling to India for treatment?    
  1. Consult with the surgeon/doctor before chosing the the hospital
  2. Research on the internet about the hospital, doctor, hotel and city 
  3. Find a trusted Visa agent. 
  4. Keep some extra time and money with you. 

       Email at hello@vaidam.com or submit equiry. Let us help you...


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Plan Your Treatment in India

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Plan Your Treatment in India

Get a Personalized Treatment Plan & Quote


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