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Hip Surgery Doctors in India

Has your chronic arthritis problem taken a toll on your hip with time? Have you met with an unfortunate accident that requires you to get your hip replaced? Well, if you are looking for some cost-effective hip surgery options, then India is your choice of a medical tourism destination. 

What kind of treatment in offered in India?

India is the home to many internationally acclaimed and well-trained doctors. With a sound medical training and years of experience, when you fly down to India for your hip replacement surgery, you know that you are in safe hands. There are mainly three types of hip surgery options that are available- Total hip replacement or bilateral surgery, partial hip replacement or unilateral surgery and hip resurfacing. The most common causes that lead one to take recourse to hip surgery are Dysplasia, Avascular necrosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid arthritis, a broken hip socket, Protrusio acetabuli, Primary Osteoarthritis, Hip fractures and Post-traumatic arthritis. All the hip surgery doctors in India are more than competent to deal with and solve these issues, providing you with a wide range of effective treatments. 

Why travel to India for treatment?

Apart from the fact, that some of the best doctors in the world are in and from India. One of the most compelling reasons, which make India the perfect place to get your medical treatment done, is that even the most sophisticated of medical processes are conducted here at a very affordable cost. So, when in India, not only do you get a complete treatment at the best orthopaedic hospitals, but that too at really nice prices.

How can Vaidam help you?

Vaidam is an ISO certified medical assistance company that provides you with all your medical health needs when in India. Right from making your travel plans from scratch to executing it, everything is done by Vaidam. Vaidam operates in Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai- some of the most well-known medical centres in India.

Our motto at Vaidam

It is our motto at Vaidam to provide you with the treatment of your preference. Your comfort and betterment of your health are our primary concerns, and we believe in providing you with the best treatment that one can avail in India. 

How to avail Vaidam’s services?

We like to make it as simple as possible for you. All you have to do is just drop a query in our Enquiry section. You will have to provide your contact details, describe the nature of the problem that you are suffering from and also mention your proposed time of travel. We respond to your enquiry at the earliest and get in touch with you to chalk out your medical treatment plan. 

We know planning out your finances for a medical healthcare trip is really very important, and hence, we provide you with an estimate of the total travel and treatment cost beforehand, so that you can plan accordingly. Vaidam also provides you with a personal medical assistant, who will look after your every need when in the country, right from the time you land. 

If you want to know more in detail about the cost and types of hip surgeries, then you can take a look at the Knowledge Centre section of our website.

India is leading the world Orthopedics treatment and how

The human body is a complicated machine which operates successfully only when all the systems powering it work in harmony, and musculoskeletal system is being one of those systems. And it is orthopedics, which keeps this system in shape. The sub-continental soil is home to some of the best Orthopedics doctors in India, along with the best facilities. A speedy recovery, along with medical tourism, is guaranteed in India.

Is India really a great destination for your Orthopedic treatment?

It is very natural to ask this when the world has many other countries for medical treatment. But India surely comes at par with any other country offering the world class treatment. There are many reasons to support this statement.

 A big number of orthopedic specialists in the country have stamped their foot across the world. Indian hospitals specialize in the most state-of-the-art treatments and techniques such as bone transplantation, minimal invasive surgery, limb sparing surgery, spine surgery, cartilage and a lot more. No matter what your medical issues demands, India has it all for you.

All kinds of musculoskeletal problems – arthritis, major sports injuries, bone tumor, etc. are treated with utmost effectiveness. On a regular basis, a range of spinal surgeries such as stabilization, fixation and fusion are undertaken in Indian hospitals.

Hip/Shoulder/ replacement, along with the bilateral knee replacement operation is done using the most advanced technology. Arthroscopy and endoscopic surgery are done at several hospitals across the country.

Medical Tourism in the country is great. Along with the treatment, you get to enjoy several attractions in the country. Choose from the Kerala Backwaters or Himalayan Peaks; you will have many options.

Is the procedure cost low in India?

Yes, it definitely is, unlike in the US, where the waiting time is between 12-24 months. In India, hospitals are able to fixed dates at short periods. The cost is often one-fourth of the treatment cost in other leading countries like the US. Clinics in India offer surgeries which are still not permitted by the US FDA.

Vaidam Health – are they really good?

Vaidam Health is a leading medical tourism company in India, providing medical travelers with the up-to-date information on everything they should know in regard to health options. It is also the first ISO certified company in India. 

Vaidam’s Motto

Not only do we seek to provide the travelers with the best treatments, but also make their stay enjoyable by offering medical tourism opportunities.

What Does Vaidam Do?

To contact us, you just have to drop your queries in our enquiry section. Once we review your query, we will recommend you the best Orthopedic hospitals in India for your treatment. We will also make you talk to the doctor directly through conference calls. And an estimation of the treatment cost will be given to you. 
We also help in visa application and have pickup and drop facility from the airport. Our ‘patient manager’ will accompany you everywhere on the tour.

Browse through our knowledge center to know more about Orthopedic treatment in India.

Be assured of a quick recovery. 




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If you are looking for medical care in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad or Ahmedabad, Vaidam Health has a network in each of those cities.

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